Inventory management is by far one of the most complex tasks on travel providers’ list. Time-consuming, rigid and fragmented across multiple suppliers and travel services, it is less efficient and transparent when done manually.

In the industry that values fast and relevant service, travel providers have no other option but to automate their inventory-related business processes in order to appeal to this demand.

PHPTRAVEL rose to this challenge and introduced a range of tech solutions to simplify inventory management and to put it under your complete control through automation.

With our specialized inventory management software, you can:

Manage both your own and directly contracted inventory all in a single system

Bring offline suppliers online and add their offers to your inventory easily

Avoid under- and overbooking

Extend your sales channels globally

Cut your manual paperwork and boost productivity

Minimize time-to-market for your product offering

What Travel Inventory Automation Brings to Your Table

We make sure our business travel management solutions are tailored to the teams both on the service providers’ and clients’ sides, and fit into their ecosystems seamlessly:

Centralized Inventory Database

Easy Control of Inventory Availability

Unlimited Configurations of Special Offers

Real-time Product Updates

Hassle-free Inventory Search and Booking

Product Self-management for Suppliers

Product Accessible Reporting

Product Multi-currency Support

Our Inventory Management Solutions

We offer two major options to build your travel inventory management system around. In both cases, our tech consulting team will make sure to tailor the functionality to your specific requirements and assist with user trainings to cut your onboarding efforts.

Adaptation to your business model

Short learning curve for your staff