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What is B2B in travel industry and how it works

Qasim Hussain

2021-11-01 00:16:09

What is B2B in travel industry and how it works

b2b travel agent

b2b travel business

b2b agency account

b2b hotel reseller

B2B in the travel industry plays a vital role from local B2B to online travel portals. The explanatory meaning of B2B is Business to Business. And B2B in the travel and tourism sector works the same as any other industry. Such as we have in the ecommerce industry from wholesaler to retainer the connection and relation name is B2B which explains the power of relation very beautifully in terms of business. 

Travel and tourism industry has too many different models to work and make revenue from. B2B is one little part of such a huge multi trillion dollar industry world-wide. Starting a travel services business it is not compulsory to invest a big amount of money for certifications as per law required. One can start selling travel services by having a B2B account. 

Signing up as a travel agency or B2B account is considered the same. In both cases you have to generate sales and add-up your own markup above the cost of travel service yourself. Let’s have a client who is looking to buy a ticket for travelling from Dubai to Malaysia. And the ticket price online is $100.00 . You as a travel agent can find a better price for him by working with different airlines and OTA’s online travel agencies. 

Since every travel portal and platform do offer B2B accounts with pretty much cheap services and low cost packages. Some even provide payments in installments. Some charge up-front and in some cases travel retailers pay at the end of each month to clear their dues.

Now let’s talk more deeply about the concept of B2B for having quick accounts and selling them locally or online by marketing. Below you can find some interesting websites to have your B2B travel retailers account. 

If you are running a travel agency or you are planning to start one soon then you must use the B2B travel portals for  ticketing & other services. Now the question has come which travel portal is best among all so let’s get started and check out some best available travel tools and platforms to start online B2B travel business.

    If you are looking to sell travel services to corporates or entreprise companies then travelperk is best choice for you to open your account and start selling. 
    If you want to sell international travel services as an affiliate or agent then rakuten travel affiliate account is great to have it instantly active. And its super ready to reserve your most required travel services within few clicks. 
    If you are looking best B2B hotels prices to book for your international clients then ratehawk can you take you there in a matter of few clicks. The platform is super user-friendly easy to book and reserve. You can book and pay later or select multiple options to create your bookings. 
    If your client base is in India then can be the best option for you to start your online b2b agent account and sell all travel services located in India within your own website or local office. You can open your account at as a agent from this link
    Another great tool for business or corporate travellers and agents. Agencia is one of the most premium and finest business travel platforms. With agencia you can get better refund rates and cancellations charges. Also it is very user-friendly when it comes to user experience. 
    Click travel is a child company of travel perk but it has a great and hude client base of B2B. They provide all in one platform for booking and managing trains, flights, hotels and car hire with 24/7 customer support.
    TBO is one of the payoneer when it comes to B2B. They are the one who started the early concept of retailership in the travel and tourism industry. They also own the middle-east largest hotels inventory database. 

Benefits of starting B2B 

  1. Lowest markups and best fares prices
  2. Free cancellation and quick refunds
  3. Free tickets from airlines
  4. Recognition as best seller and awards
  5. Free VIP travel events invitations and joinings
  6. Premium support 24/7 response time
  7. Higher chances to grow and establish bigger company
Fundamentals of Domain Names


Fundamentals of Domain Names  140

Fundamentals of Domain Names

Website, URL, Domain name. Aren’t they the same? You might have heard them being used interchangeably, but each one has a separate meaning.WebsiteA digital resource, such as a web page, a collection of web pages or multimedia content, which are accessible on the World Wide Web. URLAn acronym that represents Uniform Resource Locator and refers to the particular route to the location of a website. Think of it as GPS directing you to a specific location within an address. An example would be Domain nameAn identifier which is used to locate and access a website. It is essentially a web address. Domain names must be registered and renewed through a registrar service. and would be examples of domain names. HERE’S HOW A DOMAIN NAME MIGHT APPEAR:Top-Level DomainThe top-level domain (TLD), also known as the domain extension, is the ending of the domain name, or the letters that follow the dot symbol. For example, common domain extensions are .com (commercial), .org (organization) and .net (network). There are also country code top-level domains (ccTLDs) such as .us (United States), .ca (Canada), .co (Colombia), .cn (China), .eu (European Union). If you are thinking about securing a domain name for your website, decide which extension you want to use from the very beginning. Unless you are launching a non-profit, or other non-commercial venture, .com is generally going to be the best choice. Your domain name is a crucial component of your brand, and with over 140,000,000 active .com registrations, it is the most recognized extension in the world, which can immediately add a degree of trustworthiness and authority to your website. Second Level DomainThe second level domain is simply the section to the left of the dot symbol. In our example of, "reinvent" is the second level domain. You can get creative, but keep in mind that shorter domain names, which exclude hyphens are better; they are more memorable. Many organizations simply use their brand name for convenience because it is their identity, but others use a keyword which defines their industry, or the products and services they provide. SubdomainIn addition to your domain name, subdomains can be used to organize your website into different sections, such as "" and "". Although subdomains are created separately to the main domain name, they are still referred to as part of the domain.Source 

Qasim Hussain

2021-11-06 17:47:46

How To Discover The Best Travel Agency In Calgary


How To Discover The Best Travel Agency In Calgary  210

How To Discover The Best Travel Agency In Calgary

Finding the right travel agency is essential as it plays a vital role in customer satisfaction. The best travel agencies in Calgary are in high demand nowadays due to their travel booking options and are available at a low price with attractive discounts. They help provide a hassle-free experience for the customers and ensure that their travelers have a smooth and relaxed journey. Most travel agencies in Calgary come with excellent management team experts who help solve customer queries and provide the best traveling experience for the customers. Factors to check before opting for the best travel agency in Calgary: 1. Specialization It plays a vital role as the best travel agencies focus on a wide range of transportation systems. This includes flights, cars, trains, buses, and much more. Due to the increase in demand, most agencies also provide options for booking hotels at attractive prices. Many combo packs are also available where the hotel and transportation package costs are available. This makes it easy and comfortable for travelers.   2. Quality of services It is imperative when it comes to customer satisfaction. Best movers Calgary offers an excellent quality of services with their on-time delivery deadlines. Good quality of services also helps to earn customer trust over the years and ensures a high demand among its competitors. It can create a brand value that is not achievable in a short period but by the goodwill created from a continuous stream of satisfied customers only. For this reason, the reviews should be checked for recent years to pick the best of the lot.   3. Technology Most traveling agencies make use of the latest technological tools nowadays. Make sure that you opt for a travel agency that is technically sound and uses the latest navigation tools to make you stay updated from time to time. Most travel agencies make use of the newest computer software and detection tools. These tools can help them navigate the easiest and the shortest routes, ensuring the travelers reach their desired destinations on time. When you are continually updated on your journey, there is very little chance of any mishap or missed connection on your trip.  4. Online Marketing The best travel agencies have a robust online presence to connect to a wide range of customers. Having an online presence helps to increase agency branding. As most customers are easy to connect online and chat with, it also helps develop brand awareness.  5. Travel Blog support Many travel agencies come with online travel blog support that helps to give a detailed description of the travel. This is of great help to those customers who are traveling or opting for their services for the first time. These blogs come with attractive pictures of the destinations, and their reviews help make the decision process easier for travelers.6. Customer Reviews Customer reviews play a vital role in understanding whether a travel agency is good or not. Most of them provide honest feedback regarding the journey. Also, the ratings help gain insight into the quality of services offered by the traveling agencies. 7. Offers and Discounts Most of the travel agencies come up with great offers and discounts. These perks help attract a large number of customers. Make sure that you opt for the best price and check the features of choosing the traveling agencies’ services.  8. Security and ReliabilityTravel agencies need to provide maximum security and reliability for the customers. Their websites must come with high encryption protocols that will ensure safe and sound payment. The payment gateways must be strictly embedded to prevent any outside interference and prevent any loss of confidential information of the customers. 9. Customer Support The best travel agencies have excellent customer support that helps to solve customer queries on time regarding traveling and booking. This step is done via email, calls, and text messages. It helps keep in touch with the customers and provides alerts regarding exciting offers and discounts related to traveling.  10. Exploring And Comparing The Best Travel Agencies With Their Perks And Benefits It is essential to draw a contrast between the traveling agencies in Calgary that will help to pick up the best one. It helps to analyze the best options available and the perks and benefits of the services provided by the travel agencies. It also helps to understand the world of possibilities associated with the traveling agencies. At the same time, the services provided by them have a comfortable and soothing traveling experience. Customer reviews play a vital role as most of them provide honest opinions regarding their travel experience.  Conclusion It is important to check certain factors like specialization, customer reviews, pricing, etc. before you opt for a traveling agency in Calgary. Most of them come with excellent features and are in high demand nowadays. It is also essential to check the quality of services at it helps to develop customer attraction and direction. Maintaining high industry standards helps to cope with the other competitors and increase customer demand over time.

Qasim Hussain

2021-11-04 00:48:25

5 Tips to Increase Sales in a Travel Agency


5 Tips to Increase Sales in a Travel Agency  173

5 Tips to Increase Sales in a Travel Agency

Increasing sales in any industry can be a challenging task. And in the travel business, it has become even more arduous since the pandemic hit. However, situations now seem to be calmer, and hence it might be the right moment to bring back the 'A' game in your sales department. Constant growth in sales should now be your number one priority.   Creating marketing strategies and gathering new ideas are essential steps for building a reputation for a successful travel business. Hence, below, we bring you the five best tips to help you increase your travel sales in a way that minimizes your sales cost while also maximizing your conversion rates. Target specific audiences uniquely. The customers' demographics should be your first consideration. It will help group your clients as per their searches and requirements, thus optimizing the overall revenue. Also, make sure to look after your existing clients and make it easy for them to travel again or refer you to someone new. When you optimize business with your existing clients, you build a reputation to reach new people. Finally, invite your clients to receive newsletters, updates, and new offers.  Additionally, specializing your services to specific demographics can also help to rise above the competition. For example, for students, you reach out and connect through social media, associations and organize viral contests to make them a unique appeal. Thus, this strategic idea of prioritizing specific appeals through top salesforce partners can significantly impact your different clients.Source: Pixabay Optimize your website Creating and sketching out a noticeable website and optimizing it to appeal to your target audience are effective ways to market your business. Therefore, add a well-written product and service description and programmed photo galleries to make the website well accessible. For example, according to reports, 148.3 million travel bookings are made each year, and around 82% of all travel bookings in 2018 were done online.  Therefore, drafting a professional website is highly important, with an additional focus on investing and optimizing SEO. You can also use software to support different SEO prospects, thus increasing relevant keywords to increase your website SEO value. Moreover, an online booking system also facilitates customers to book tours whenever they want, 24/7, without any intervention. Therefore, optimize your website through professional images with alluring visual components and fresh and regular content that suggest excellent travel possibilities to the clients.  Strengthen your B2B network A sturdy and robust business relationship with partners is vital for any business. This relationship works both ways, and hence keeping an open mind and working together is the only way to move forward collectively in the same industry. Of course, there might be situations where you come across suppliers with better discounts. But you are part of the same network, and hence professionalism should always come first.  Strong B2B relationships help reach new markets and clients, provide new ideas for developing your services and promote a stable working system. Thus, cooperating competently with such partners would only help you gain added sales and profits and create an environment of efficiency for your customers.  Present unique offers and experiences Offer unmissable deals to your clients and guarantee increasing sales for your travel agency. Every customer looks out for unique experiences that you should provide with your exclusive offers and discounts. They can cherish these throughout their lives, and you would be part of that amazing experience.  Explore and experiment to learn what your customers want and utilize travel agency software to track and manage special offers and complementary products effortlessly. Use such information to create exciting and unique packages by combining different products and services. Build your expertise in this field by studying all kinds of offers and customer trends. It can also help you to craft packages that are innovative as well as quickly customized according to each specific client.     Use the power of social media. Social media is now present everywhere and used by everyone, and brand awareness is achievable to the optimal level only through social media marketing. Social media is the cheapest and most effective medium for marketing to get high customer leads, engage them, boost sales, or mark a presence in the industry. With billions of users, platforms like Facebook and Instagram are full of visual content and popular places to share their travel experiences.  So, every social media platform has quickly become an essential part of any marketing strategy. Use them to design attractive official pages and use images, videos, questions, or statuses to ignite conversations and motivate potential clients for more business.  Now that more people are eager to kick off their travel plans, it would be best for travel agencies to grab this renewed opportunity for all their lost businesses. After being confined indoors for so long, people travel again and go more to remote places. The services of travel agencies are what they are all seeking, and you ought to be ready to provide these services. These new prospects have brought some hope to the travel industry, which means that your competition is also about to take a severe hit. Your challengers would be ample and severe. New travel businesses and agencies are coming up every minute as we speak to grab this coveted prospect. Even those who could survive the previous adversities would not leave any chance to boost their sales this new season.   Conclusion Use the tips mentioned above to optimize your sales in a matter of days as the travel season progresses. These are the most accessible and practical tips and strategies that can benefit every small and big travel agency. In addition, regularly engaging with your clients with the best deals and updating with the latest updates of the travel industry will go a long way in promoting your travel organization.

Qasim Hussain

2021-11-03 04:31:03

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