How to choose a payment gateway for a travel agency

How to choose a payment gateway for a travel agency

If you are a owner of a travel agency or business, you should know the importance of collecting money online. For this you need to select online payment gateways for your business, who are providing a secure way of online payments and 100% online payment security for your potential clients so they can easily pay online without any online security issues.

It is not enough for a travel agency to find an online payment platform for travel business to collect online payments, you also need different online payments options, online safety and security, and easy integration with online travel agency platforms.

Here, we are going to discuss how to choose a payment gateway for a travel agency that will help you to collect online payment without any security issue and your clients feel safe to pay you online.

How to choose a payment gateway: Key features

If you are in any kind of business like travels and tour agencies, online hotel booking sites or any kind of travel or online business then you need an online payment gateway that values reliability, security, easy to use and easy installation with your online business platform.

While selecting an online payment gateway for your travel business you need to check the following points in any payment gateway.

Customer Service

Customer Service is one of the basic and first things that you need to confirm before selecting a payment gateway for your travel agency business. You need ensure that your payment gayways provider has a trustworthy customer support system with

  1. 24/7 Customer support service teams

  2. Active phone number or email for support service

  3. Online support or query option




As a travel agency business, your customers online payments are very crucial. Hote, Flights and travel bookings must be seamless, safe and secure. This builds trust with your website bookings and this will increase your online bookings too.

Make sure that your payment gateways compile with a bank level security and provide a proper secure encryption process for online payments. These features will help you to secure online payments for your clients. So, they can easily book their tours, hotels and pay online securely.

Easy Integration

As a travel agency business you need to know about the level of online payment gateway like security level. An online payment gateway should be easy to install or integrate with your online travel business.

Setup Fee

Before the installation of any online payment gateway in your travel agency website first you need to know about their charges and compare their prices with other payment platforms that how much they charge to set up their payment gateway on your site.You also need to know that how much time they will take to install the payment gateway on your website it may be one week, one month or one day or just a few minutes to install their application or plugin on your website.


Before the integration of any payment gateway on your travel business website first you need to know about the charges per transaction because you don't want to lose your profit on transaction fee. So, always check payment gateways per transaction charges.



KYC ( Know your customer) and Paperwork

Any travel agency business who is going to implement the online payment gateway for their online system, they need to check the process of the KYC or paperwork process of the payment gateway company and how much time they will take in this process. Any payment gateway company took maximum one week time in KYC or paperwork process.


Different modes of payments

During online payments or transactions of your potential customers want different options for successful transactions, not just debit or credit cards. Most of the payments gateways provide these basic needs in their payment gateways and you should also check their success rate in online transactions. Because you don't want to lose any potential customers.

Here are the following options that are used by top payment gateways for successful transactions.


International Payment Facilities: Are you offering international tours? If you are offering then you need to check in advance that your payment gateway offers a multilingual, multi currency, international payment facility. Then there may be additional fees, therefore it is important to get all the information related to the services that your payment gateway is providing.

Automated Recurring Payments: Many travel agencies or businesses have repeat booking from the same customers. So, you need to select such a type of payment gateway which can store the customers payment credentials securely and then automatically charge the customer whenever they want to book any tour.

This will save a lot of time for the customers and they can easily book their trip in a short time.


How regularly do your payment gateways send you money in your account? This matters a lot because you don't want to run out of funds due to long payout time. The ideal time of payouts from your payment gateways is maximum 3 days after the transaction has been made.


Now as a travel agency owner, we know how to choose a payment gateway for our business and what features that we have to check in any payment gateway before the implementation or integration with our online travel agency business and make our clients transaction safe and secure.

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