How to Get Corporate Clients for Travel Agency

How to Get Corporate Clients for Travel Agency

When marketing and attracting customers, corporate niche stands out quite a lot from other niches. Reason being their entirely different requirements, needs, tastes and preferences. How do you catch their attention? What makes them tick? How to convert them into customers?

Regular marketing tactics might not work in the corporate sector. While personalised, informal and more straightforward approaches work on most of the niches. Corporate sector doesn’t work that way. They like formal, graceful and impressionable approaches.

At the same time, virtual approaches may work for many niches. But corporate niche requires more tangible and material ways of marketing, along with virtual approaches. They look for the element of substantiality.

The real question is, what do you do to add the elements they seek?

Let’s talk about a few things you can apply that have higher chances of working on a corporate niche.

1. Networking

Networking works best among corporate people. They prefer referrals and connections over ads or distant approaches. 

This is because they are hardwired to choose things they can trust. They trust what’s within reach, responsive, and tangible. Pretty much why referrals work like magic in the job market.

Additionally, good links create an impression of substantiality. It is perceived as roots. The more links you have, the stronger your roots seem.

Build good connections between Business people and corporations. Especially the ones who have the authority to arrange and tweak business trips or corporate tours.

Take things to the next level. Offer incentives in the name of friendship. Be willing to give favours to earn their goodwill. Be sure not to look desperate. Just make the impression that you are resourceful.

Follow up with and renew connection every once in a while. This keeps them from forgetting any significant details about you.

Make sure they know you are a travel agent and can arrange corporate tours. This way, they will remember you when they have a trip coming up. 

You will have to learn several types of sales pitches. Have yourself ready for those who show interest in your corporate packages. It is never too early for a potential customer to be interested in details. 

Who knows, they might happen to have something coming up where they might need your services.

Another benefit of networking is that it can trigger word of mouth among corporate people if done right, which can, in turn, lead to more links and publicity.

2. Marketing

When marketing in the corporate sector, make sure you focus more on physical and real-life approaches. A great chunk of corporate people associates tangibility with substantiality. And substantiality with strength and power. 

But before that, you must know who you are targeting. There are different niches in the corporate sector as well. Make sure you tailor your marketing strategy according to the specific niche you are targeting.

3. Targeting

Different types of corporations have different needs, preferences, organisational culture, tastes and policies. Be sure to know what your niche’s needs are and what they want. 

Some examples of different niches in the corporate sector are:

  • Lawyers
  • Businessmen
  • Directors and corporate executives
  • Local as well as international event managers
  • Firms and international recruitment agencies

All of these have different purposes for travelling. While lawyers are often travelling to meet clients and resolve legal issues, recruitment agencies might be sending candidates overseas for selection.

Businessmen might be going to pitch ideas and get contracts. Directors and corporate executives might be on round to monitor other branches.

Event managers might be going to set up an event such as a destination wedding. Or an international marathon. Or maybe a competition.

The point is, all of these will need different types of accommodation, transportation, venues and facilities.

Some may need an executive pick and drop vehicle. Some might need a limo. Others may just do well with cabs. Many might need buses. 

Some may need a normal stay with peace and quiet while others may need some special arrangements to get by. 

Many corporate people need to book a venue for meetings. They may have different requirements for meeting rooms as well. Some might want to have technological equipment available in meeting rooms while others want a simple setting with good refreshments.

Creating a separate strategy for each ensures you highlight the right things in front of the right people. You can further narrow down and make your targeting more specific. You can target specific corporations separately.

4. Events

Sponsoring corporate events like training programs can help you a lot. You should play major roles in arranging and sponsoring relevant events. This can leverage your results by having people memorised your name. 

The goal is to show your presence at corporate events like dinners, meetings, workshops, conferences and similar events. And have your contact details visible as well as repeated orally several times. 

You have to ensure that people leave the event with your name stuck in their head. And your name should be associated with travelling as much as possible.

If you want to build a stronger brand and have the resources, go ahead and hold networking events. Gatherings and PR development parties can attract executives — especially people who want to develop connections among resourceful and prestigious people.

There, you can have your travel agency and packages marketed. 

5. Starter Deals & Packages

You must introduce packages and deals designed to fulfil corporate needs. Keep every facility that corporate people need in mind while designing these. Pay attention to the details.

To kick start your cycle, you will have to attract customers, even if it means having little to no profit. Introduce travel packages that are economical. Before making bigger deals, corporations are likely to try you out through smaller deals.

To encourage them to try you out, you will have to decrease their hesitation. One way to do it is to reduce the monetary risk factor. Offer services in rates that they feel somewhat comfortable spending on something entirely new. 

Additionally, you can offer other incentives. Like free lunches and dinners at formal venues. Or bookings for meeting rooms and such corporate-related facilities. Have these ready with good vouchers or at discounted rates.

6. Digital Promotion

Digital promotion is as important as the real-life connection. You must ensure that people who see you in real life are able to find your business online. This makes it easier to contact you or get more details about you.

Corporate people use social media, but the channels they use are very different from other niches. While people mostly use Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and similar channels. Corporate people usually use:

  • LinkedIn 
  • Skype 
  • Email 
  • WhatsApp
  • Cloud Storage 

Explore all of these and find your specific niche in there. Once you’ve done that, start making well-targeted content, and promote it.

These are some of the ways you can get customers from a niche as unique as corporate people. And that’s how you get corporate clients.

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