Four Fast-Growing Niches in the Travel Business

Four Fast-Growing Niches in the Travel Business

Four Fast-Growing Niches in the Travel Business

The study by New Mexico-based adventure tourism consulting practice Xola has given good news that there are four niches in the travel business that are tremendously growing with the passage of time. So, if you are looking to invest in the tourism business, you can choose from any of these niches and begin running the agency. The overview of the report provided by Xola says:

  • Tours with adventure tourism components run for about one week or two.
  • The people who take those trips age from 30 to 35, and belong to both genders: male and female.
  • About seventy percent of thrill-seekers focus on expanding their knowledge and they try to generate income more than the norm.

Zipline tours

Zipline-based tourism flies high nowadays. In accordance to the president of AdventureSmith and moderator of ZiplineNirvana, the Zipline tours are catching the attention of more and more people every week. Moreover, these are a way of transporting guests from one place to another. They thus have matchless experience. The costs of zipline tours are based on characteristics of topography and multiple variables, but these usually range from $200,000 to several million dollars.


Another exciting and fun filled niche of the travel business is Trekking. The Europeans have been much into this niche. They love long walks through urban lands and always love to explore wildlife. According to experts, more and more Americans have shown interest in trips to Utah, Arizona and Nevada. The director of Alpine Interface, a Canadian firm, has claimed that the trekking is like a blessing for those who love adventurous walks in far-flung locales such as Tibet. Starting up a trek is not going to be easy; it is because this requires you to be financially strong and you should also have great logistics. The cost per trek depends on the area you choose. It can be something arond $15,000 per participant or even more. Because of increased airfares and steeper price at the pumps, almost all Americans stay close to homes and they love to explore the beauty of their backyards only.

Horseback riding

The Horseback riding is one more very exciting niche of the travel business. You can offer packages to the customers related to this niche. According to the general manager of Los Angeles Horseback Riding, a company that offers trail rides into the Santa Monica Mountains, these days more and more people love location tour packages. The trend of not leaving the country has been increased just due to the reason that the economcal conditions of most of the people have been unstable. The trails are better landscaped, and rides at sunset have now become favorites of all people. Horseback riding is considered to be a way to get physical and mental relaxation. At the same time, its costs are never so high, so every person can afford to become a horseback rider.

Specialty tours

Last but not the least is specialty tours. According to Seattle’s famous Pike Place Market, the specialty tours are gaining fame across Canada, America, and Europe. These are easy to manage, and at the same time they are quite affordable.

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