Sabre Corporation is a travel technology company based in Southlake, Texas. It is the largest Global Distribution Systems provider for air bookings in North America. American Airlines founded the company in 1960, and it was spun off in 2000. Texas Pacific Group and Silver Lake Partners acquired Sabre in 2007. Sabre began publicly trading on the NASDAQ in 2014. Sabre Hospitality Solutions, an IT solutions provider. phptravel Sabre travel software provides solution to corporate, travelers, airlines, hotels, cars, rails, cruise and the tour operator companies. Sabre travel software operates in the world largest market place, the travel industry. It helps in connecting the buyers and sellers through a software system. The innovating technology that is implemented in Sabre travel software helps in connecting 350,000 travel agents and corporate and leisure, online travel shoppers to 400 airlines, 116,000 hotels, 27 car rental brands, 50 rail providers, 16 cruise line and other travel suppliers operating globally. In total the Sabre travel software helps in making a business of $110 billion each years for the travel agents and the travel companies associated with it.

Sabre GDS is an efficient & cost effective distribution channel that helps airlines, car rental companies, hoteliers airlines to increase their market reach to leisure and corporate traveler. The Sabre system is used by 400 airlines, 175,000 hotel properties, 200 tour operators, 40 car rental outlets, 50 rail carriers and 17 cruise lines. Features include schedules, pricing, availability, reservation and ticketing info. The Sabre Travel network provides a great solution for the travel sector. Sabre Reservation system allows businesses such as travel agencies, airline, hospitality, car rental and travel executors. The travel agencies can use it to explore, rate and booking. Sabre system tutorial Is also available through Sabre app. We at PHPTRAVEL provide the best Sabre GDS integration services to travel agents and tour operators. We are specialised in travel portal development, travel software development, travel website development, travel API & GDS integration and much more.

PHPTRAVEL is one among the leading travel technology service providers, offering Sabre GDS Integration Solution for airlines, hotels, travel agents and travel companies. We are highly skilled in API/XML Integration along with Sabre GDS to allow your users a comprehensive spectrum of travel outputs with 24/7hours presence, details, tariffs, laws and policies. Sabre API integration is, previously recognised as Sabre web services. This gives smoother, speedier and more dynamic access to the Sabre system. The Sabre XML API integration allows you to merge their services to your applications and databases. APIs are perfect for developers who aspire to create or renew a personalized Sabre online booking tool. Sabre login gives you to access their content to apply that in another application.

PHPTRAVEL fully integrated with Sabre to provides a wide range of data solutions to help airlines to serve their customers efficiently and market themselves. Sabre API is the key to the treasure of information which can be used by travel companies in helping their customer. This eventually helps your business to improve air ticket sales. We provide Sabre Flight API Integration which helps you connect with all of the leading airlines. Our Sabre Flight API Integration involves the seats available and flight timings, cheap fare flights, cost revision and online ticketing. Sabre Airline API Integration offers everything that requires real-time flight reservation. Sabre Flight API provides everything that requires from shopping to the booking of flights.



This module allows you to add any API’s and ask your developers to manage the simple and understandable code for any changes needed for your organization by the time.

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