How to start travel affiliate website

How to start travel affiliate website

As we know, the travel business is progressing quickly over time. It’s one of the largest and successful industries in the world. The travel business includes all the transportation, accommodation, and entertainment for passengers. Starting a travel affiliate website can benefit your business more productively. A website can help you reach maximum people.

So, if you’re planning to create a travel affiliate then PHPTRAVELS is the best platform. It’s one of the world’s largest online travel portals, which accommodates people for travelling purposes.

How Can You Start a Travel Affiliate Website?

An online travel agency can be operated from anywhere in the world. You can run your online travel business just by sitting at home. PHPTRAVELS provides you with a platform to build your own website and refer to other clients who are looking for a travel affiliate website. In this way, you can not only have your online website but different references from PHPTRAVELS as well.

Here we’re giving some basic and important instructions to launch your online travel affiliate website.

  1. Choose Your Platform

You need to pick a platform where you want to create your travel website. Choose the one, which is most suitable for you. However, PHPTRAVELS is the most useful travel portal to help you create a reliable website for the long term. It provides many great features and functions to operate the website. PHPTRAVELS makes it very easy for you to manage your website content and other tasks.

  1. Plan Everything About the Website

Make plans about your website content and services. Organize everything such as your services, products, and policies, which you’re going to offer to your clients.

  1. Get Your Website a Name

Select a catchy and interesting name and slogan for your travel website. Do not use long and lengthy names, which people can’t even remember. Always choose a short name so that it’ll be easy for your clients to memorize the name. A short and catchy name always grabs the interest of people.

  1. Relevant Name

Prefer a name, which is most relevant to your website and its services. People usually judge from the name so make sure that you select a domain that represents your website in a good way.

  1. Theme for Website

Get an attractive and appealing theme for your website. The theme plays a huge role in representing your website services and functionalities. It must be relatable to your services, features, travel packages, other benefits, coupons, discount offers, and blogs. It should illustrate the goals, purpose, and all the aspects of your travel website. You can also make videos about your website that how your clients can use it for bookings.

  1. Know Your Audience

Having proper knowledge about your customers’ needs always helps. You must know about the issues that travelers have to face. Make solutions for their issues and provide the services, which they want. It will not only enhance your sales but also leave a great impression on your clients.  

  1. Know Your Competitors

Learn about the other travel agencies and companies about what they’re doing and what are their initiatives. Get to know about their services and then see your website if you’re providing the same. You can always improve your services by looking at your competitors. Moreover, you can stand in the market and sell your services confidently if you know about other travel agencies.

  1. Logo

Design an attractive logo to create a nice brand image. As we know, the logo has to be everywhere such as, on the front page of the company’s website, advertisements, and brochures. It’s like the face of your travel website so, it must be captivating.

  1. Online Staff

Make a staff to run your website tasks. There are many functions on the website that can’t be handled by a single person. For instance, you need to hire a graphic designer for logos and advertisements. You will also need a customer operations team to manage the client’s queries and solve their problems.

  1. Promotion

Creating a travel affiliate website is not enough. You need to make people aware of your website. Make advertisements to show the world what you’re serving. It should include all the services, discounts, your clients’ reviews, and everything to make people think about using your website.

  1. Customer Service

This is key to run your business successfully. Making your customers satisfied and resolving their issues can make a great difference. A happy customer will bring more customers to your website. So, make sure that you provide not only travel services but also great customer service as well.

  1. Blog Posts

 Pen down your services and publish them on your website. Make blogs and articles about your services. Write about what people want on a travel website and what they need to experience great tours.  

  1. Rank Your Website

Make your website rank higher in the Google Search Engine by using top-rated SEO keywords. These keywords can take your website from lower to higher. Moreover, they will bring more traffic to your website so that more people will know about your travel services.


So, we’ve elaborated and everything about making a travel affiliate website. All you need is to decide the platform where you want to create and start your online travel business. We would definitely recommend you to join PHPTRAVELS, which not only provides a great stage for your startup but also refers your website to other travellers on its behalf.



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