Top 5 Travel Agency Website Builders in 2020

Top 5 Travel Agency Website Builders in 2020

To start a travel agency business is always a challenge for a business person or any entrepreneur, who doesn't have any idea about the process or steps to start a travel agency.  If you already have a travel agency business or want to start a travel agency, then you can't move without setting up a website for your travel agency that will represent your business. 

A travel agency website is one of the best platforms for your potential and new custom where they can easily find all the information about your business or company. You can easily update price, destinations, visa policies and other details related to the travel agency on your website, this will help you to update your customers easily instead of visiting.

So, here we are going to discuss the top 5 travel agency website builders in 2020 that will help you to create a travel agency website plus we will also discuss an amazing platform from where you can easily get a full fledged website for your travel agency including mobile app version too for the mobile users.

  1. Wix

  2. Wordpress



Wix is one of the best website builder platforms, where you can easily create or develop a website easily including travel agencies, Ecommerce stores etc. Wix comes with a lot of features that will help you to create a proper travel agency website according to your requirements but on wix to create a complete travel agency website you need proper skills to develop a website.


  1. Travel Templates

  2. Travel widgets

  3. Wix Booking

  4. Custom reviews

  5. Comment Box

  6. Blogging

After creating a website you need to get their monthly plans according to your requirements to publish your website including the custom domain that you want for your website. Wix subscriptions are monthly base which is starting from 39$ at least. But for business purposes they will charge upto 100$ on a monthly basis.


Wordpress is one of the best and fully trusted CMS for travel and tourism agencies to develop a full featured website according to the requirements of the travel agency. Wordpress helps the travel agencies to develop custom travel websites according to their requirements that they want in their travel agency website. Wordpress come with a lot of features according to the travel agency business.

  1. Website themes & templates (Paid & Free)

  2. Integrable Plugins (WooTour, WooCommerce, Event Calendar, Wp Forms)

  3. Customer Interaction Plugins ( Easy Social Share Buttons, Request Call Back Button, Wp Notification, WP Customer Area)

Wordpress CMS is free for everyone to download. You can test all the features of wordpress, but whenever you want to publish your website you need to pay for the hosting of your website to domain hosting companies according to your selection where you want to host your website. But to develop a full website for your travel agency you need to hire a developer or any company and pay them according to the requirements of your travel agency website which is sometimes costly.


PHPTRAVELS is one of the best platforms for travel agencies to get a full featured website for their travel business according to their requirements plus you can also get a customized website according to your needs and features that you want in your website.


PHPTRAVELS offers different packages with affordable prices that a business can easily afford and get a full feature website. In every package you will get different things for your website. You can check PHPTRAVELS full demo by visiting the Demo Page and all the functionalities offered by PHPTRAVELS.


PHPTRAVELS also provides Mobile application for your travel business in enterprise and Pro package that will help your mobile user to get any kind of information related to your company on mobile.

Here are some pictures of travel websites provided by PHPTravels that include different features.

  1. Hotel Booking

  2. Flights Booking

  3. Tours

  4. Car/Cab Booking

  5. VISA


Hotels Module

In the Hotel module you can search the hotels according to your location and book your room by selecting the Check In and Check Out date and family members who are going to stay in the hotel room.

After entering your requirements, the hotel module will display the available hotels according to your location where you have to stay.

Flights Module

PHPTRAVELS also offers a flight module where a client can book their tickets according to their requirements by entering/selecting the following information like.

  1. One way or Round Trip

  2. Location (From & To)

  3. Depart Date

  4. Family Members (Adults, Child, Infant)

  5. Class (Economy, Business, FIrst)

This Module will display all the information related to flights according to your requirements, and you can easily book your flights according to your favorite airlines.

Tours Module

PHPTRAVELS offer a Tour Module for the travel agencies and for their client so they can easily book their tours online easily without any movement. A client can easily book a tour for his/herself easily just by putting following information like.

  1. Tour Destination

  2. Tour Type (Private, Join in, Education, Adventure, Corporate)

  3. Date of tour

  4. Members


After entering the information you will get the results with full information according to your requirements including full charges.

 Cars/Cab Module

PHPTRAVELS also offers a Cab/Car booking module where a client can easily book a car/cab to reach their destination during their tours, Simply they have to enter the following information to book a taxi/cab.


  1. Pickup Location

  2. Drop off location

  3. Depart Date

  4. Depart Time

  5. Return Date

  6. Return Time



VISA Module

PHPTRAVELS offers a major and one of the most important modules for a travel agency which is called a VISA module, where a customer can apply for a VISA of any country by entering the following information.

  1. From Country

  2. To Country

  3. Date




VacationLabs is one of ideal and famous website builders especially for the travel agencies who want to start their business online from amature level to professional level. This website builder will help you to create different modules for your travel agency business like Online Visa Booking, Payment system, Hotel, Accommodation and other rental modules.

If your customer is a mobile user or any other website, they can easily access your website and easily navigate on your website. Because a website built or developed on VacationLabs is mobile and user friendly.



Weebly Website builder is the same as Wix website where you can easily develop a travel agency website for your travel business in a short time. You just need to drag and drop the elements from the builder that you want in your website, there is no need for coding to develop a website.

Weebly also offers web hosting and domain to their customers, so they can easily create a website that they need and publish on the same platform after buying the domain and hosting .


These are the platforms that you can use to get a website for your travel agency according to your requirements. In above three platforms right now PHPTRAVELS is best for your travel agency website because they are offering websites including mobile apps for your business with a lot of features that you can check on PHPTRAVELS. 

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