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Flight Ticket Reservation System

PHPTRAVELS is specialized in building perfect flight ticket reservation system that has every feature that you can dream of.

PHPTRAVELS - Flight Portal

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Beginner’s Short Guide to Flight Ticket Reservation System

The flight reservation system is rapidly gaining popularity amongst travel agencies due to its solutions for airlines centric approach. When you go on a trip can have a lot of travel technologies that need to be sorted out. But, through this booking system developed by PHPTRAVELS, a massive chunk of the process of distribution channels have been smoothed

One can look up all the flights and packages from the comfort of their homes via the internet or go to the airport in person. Moreover, our system is powerful enough to push out the information to the global distribution system (GDS). One can look up all the flights and packages from the comfort of their homes via the internet, or go to the airport in person. Furthermore, PNR can be generated with the system.

Besides it has a complete internet booking engine that gives you the liberty to book tickets for a very long time before the actual flight, extremely useful for travel agencies. This will give you time to figure out the rest of your vacation to the fullest. Planning will most definitely result in an organized, stress-free and exciting experience for you.

The payment gateways of the tickets can be fully integrated, easing your monetary burdens. It offers complete management system and has complete internet booking engines that are the need of the travel agents. Moreover, you can have real time access to reservations.

Affordable payment plans help you to book your reservation within your tight budget. Both the payment plans were made, keeping in mind the comfort of the customers and surely deliver in that regard.

Do you know? Our powerful airline reservation system has been a turning point for our clients to make the whole system smooth for B2C as well as B2B agents, and of course, for passenger service systems. You can also schedule fare with our system. and It has solved complications and ensures the best experience for every customer from customer management to departing control system. Flight reservation system helps a lot in online pre-booking of your flight. Avoiding last-minute hassle can be nothing but a blessing for your airline reservation system business.


  • 4500 travel agencies trust us.
  • We’ve been in the travel sector from 2014 to 2019. We’ve experience that would save you from trouble.
  • We are support oriented that’s why we provide 24 hours support to provide next level support to our clients.
  • Responsive application that can work on mobile, tablet and desktop.
  • No programming knowledge is required to set up. Don’t know? Our support team will help?
  • Open-source in nature that is the best part. It means you can customize as per your needs.
  • User friendly and SEO friendly.
  • Free updates for one year with full support.
  • Complete reservation engine and connected with GDS
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Revenue Procedures

Best Model to make money and drive business.

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Commission setup?

Include percentage-wise or fixed commission rules on your rental platform. For each and every booking happening on the site, Admin can charge a certain commission fee from the hosts. He/she can also earn revenue by setting up adaptable commissions for guests based on the rental space and location.

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Google Adsense?

Admin can also make money with this additional revenue factor in our Airbnb clone that is available as an Add-on. Admin can display ads in the ad spaces on his/her site after creating a Google Adsense account. With more visitors on the page, Admin can earn more from these advertisements.

Additional Features of PHPTRAVELS Flight Reservation System

Flight listing / Last-Minute Deals

Flight listing

Flight listing is a major feature where you can make changes to city, departing city, date, discount offers and more to facilitate your customers.

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Last-Minute Deals

Customers can avail last minute deals because the module simulates the basic concepts of allowing travelers to make a reservation using customized listed destinations. Our module helps travelers to avail the last-minute domestic or international flights with great offers.

booking calendar
Personalize Your Search / Real-time Search

Personalize Your Search

Search can be made personalized to give feelings to your customers they are being treated as humans, not robots. For the same reason, the whole reservation system process is smooth and you can customize as per customer code, flight number, date of travel, and other variables.

booking calendar

Real-time Search

Powerful real-time search is possible with our application where you can integrate any API and XML/JSON and over 400 careers are possible to be connected with the application.

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Popular Flights / Secured

Popular Flights

Popular flights can be added with appealing images to attract more customers.

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Application is anti-hacking. It means hacking is not easy. Even if it’s hacked, that rarely happens in a year, our support team will love to help.

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Payment Gateways / Multi Currency

Payment Gateways

All the major and favorite payment gateways can be added.

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Multi Currency

You can implement any major currency in our application without purchasing any third party.

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Multi Language / CMS Management

Multi Language

Different languages can be added facilitate your visitors.

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CMS Management

Powerful content management system is built into our system to manage anything without any coding knowledge.

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Social Connections / Offers Module

Social Connections

Other platforms limit the social connections, but we don’t. You’re allowed to add as many social connections as you want.


Offers Module

Offers of any kind can be placed on any webpage of your website or mobile app to drive more conversions.

Newsletter / Reviews


Email marketing has made easy with our newsletter feature where you can send unlimited emails to your customers at no extra cost.



Reviews build loyalty towards your brand, that’s why we have inserted it into our application.

Theme Engine / Full Calendar

Theme Engine

Themes can be customized with any color or changes.


Full Calendar

Complete calendar with customized ability to set any offer for any specific day.

Blog / Integrations


Blog feature exists in our theme where you can publish a new post, edit or remove for any purpose from press release to writing articles for search engines.



Integrategration of any XML, API or any external source has been made simple with our tool..

Coupon Code

Coupon Code

Easily coupon code creation for any occasion to generate more sales.


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Test drive demo web and android both.

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