What does a good travel CRM offer?

What does a good travel CRM offer?

Technological support is that one thing on which every travel agent is dependent for the success of his business. The lack of technological support hinders success by limiting the growth options, creating more errors, wasting lot of energy and time. Incorporating Travel CRM software into travel business allows companies to deliver differentiated services to the clients. CRM software is an innovative technology platform that serves either for efficient collection and sharing client information or automation of most important daily job activities thus brining ease. CRM or Custom Relationship Management system in travel business helps concentrate services, business processes and staff on the acquisition and retention of loyal customers by responding to their individual needs and values. 

The history of incorporating Travel CRM into business is as old as 1990’s, when business started changing from transactional to rational. CRM directly contributes of the benefits of customers as well as business growth. Good CRM software does three basic things;

  • Developing,

  • Managing,

  • Maintaining, a profitable relation with the customers.

Travel CRM software is a perfect solution to win new clients and better manage the operations, enhancing the company’s productivity overall. Picking up the right CRM for your company is very tricky thing. You need to be sure about what you are looking for in your CRM and what is being offered. Let us help you out in this selection process by giving you list of features or key objectives of good CRM software for your company.

User Friendly:

Good CRM software should be easy to use. If a CRM software is easy to understand and use for a travel agent it won’t be challenging for him to switch from manual work processes to online travel CRM software. Difficulty in understanding and implementation of CRM software will ultimately lead in demotivation of the sales and operations staff to use it. From screen design to the interface everything needs to be user friendly and self understood. Automation of work will save many hours of the employees, making them stress free and improving the overall quality of work.

It should be Affordable:

Cost and benefit analysis should always be done before purchasing the CRM software for your company. Good CRM software should fall rightly into your set budget and offer all that you are looking for in your software otherwise the purpose is lost. In the crowded market of travel and tourism there are a lot of service providers and online travel portals so one needs a proper research and background in formation before the purchase of the software. The provider should offer you free trial of the software so you can get comfortable with it and see what exactly is being offered before making the purchase. Instead of doing one big investment of CRM software, it is recommended for the travel agents to go for the less priced subscription based travel CRM. Smaller price puts travel agents in less risk.

Key Point:

The travel CRM software that you purchase should not be limited to one or certain specific number of users rather multiple number of users should be allowed to operate the account.

Accessible from anywhere and anytime:

It is very important that your CRM software is available anywhere, anytime and you can get access to it. In today’s world the travel business is connected to the internet every time and all day to day processes from bookings to reservations etc are done online. Thus CRM should be online and accessible. Time and location restrictions should not limit the work. The benefit of CRM software online feature and accessibility is that the staff can work from anywhere in the world if travelling or in emergency situations can work from home too. The supervisors can monitor the work and review it. All this makes business grow at a continuous pace when certain things don’t hinder its working.

Increase productivity:

Why do travel agencies incorporate CRM software?

The answer is simple and straight! 

They do it with the aim of easing out the routine activities of the business, reduce operations cost by automating the time tasking tasks so they save up some very useful hours and using them in more productive outputs with better quality and focus. The productivity is boosted with more productive outputs achieved with less amount of manpower.

There are certain other features which good CRM software should offer in order to increase the productivity of the company:

  • customer follow up,

  • best presentable travel package quotation maker,

  • Travel Promotion Graphics, 

  • Newsletters or Bulk SMS system.

These features really help in generating new leads and converting leads into sales!

From start to end – maintain data:

Any CRM software’s key feature is to manage, store and maintain all the data of the company at one place in a proper chronological order so that it can be used later on anytime for marketing or any other purpose. It should have a complete record of each client, starting from the basic inquiry interaction to package details, sharing quotations, important documents of the client, reminders and updates, to the final confirmations and booking details – everything should be recorded in proper order in one common place.  

Maintain Customer Data at one place

Key role of any CRM weather it is for Travel or any other industry or business is to maintain customer or lead data. Start to end. It should record each interaction from the very first point of inquiry to tour package quotations, customer documents, reminders, updates and notes given by customer to final confirmation and booking with vouchers. Having all the data managed and maintained in a chronological order also helps monitoring and evaluation of the staff performance and identifying the gaps. The contact details of all the clients stored centrally in the CRM software helps in retrieving all the data anytime and using it in various marketing activities.

In the crowded market of travel agents and tons of service providers, a smartly picked - efficient customer relationship management software (CRM) is all that you need!

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