Sales tips for abundant flow of clients

Sales tips for abundant flow of clients

Every business has one or two basic things that are like oxygen to its living and survival, just like that SALES are oxygen to the business of travel agents. All travel agents want to rock with their sales. The travel industry has become very fast paced and diverse in the recent few years with new travel agencies’ popping up every few weeks. Same is the proportion of the dead ones because mostly when travel agency managers constantly just focus on increasing sales, keeping it their prime focus and fighting for their share of customers, they somehow forget what they are doing it for, the quality of services and coming up with all that they commit to.

 The anxiety of SALES for the travel agents is real but here you can put your anxieties aside by having our TIPS for sales and rock you own sales very easily!

Remember! It is about your customers not you:

Being a travel agent your focus should be on fulfilling the dreams of your customers not your own – by providing your customers with what they want. You should not be thinking as per your own wallet, offer private transfers, ocean-view rooms or an amazing premium cruise line because for you it might be pricey or not worth this much money but probably that is what your customer is looking for. Customer satisfaction is that factor with which any travel agency can pump up its sales. For the satisfaction of its customers, travel agents should regularly demonstrate to its customers “how important they are”. For this purpose many agencies hold certain annual events, like grand dinner, appreciation open house etc, with talks cherishing the travel memories and small thoughtful gifts. The key is to stick to this reminder “The trip belongs to the client; don’t limit it to your own ideas and your own budget”.

Find your niche – Focus on your niche:

Travel niche means to be specialized in certain demographic area. By finding your niche it means to be very clear about what you are selling. You should never try to sell anything that you are not very sure about. So before selling anything you need to do proper research, know the products you sell inside out and then decide on what destinations and products you are selling. For example, if you are expert at holiday plans – stick to it – that is your niche – don’t try destination wedding with new client. One single travel agency can not offer everything. Every successful travel agency is limited to certain niches. “We do not sell travel. We sell our knowledge, experience, and service; and we then provide travel,” said Geoff Millar at Ultimate All Inclusive Travel Inc.

In order to be a successful travel company it is important to develop your business in a specific niche market. The more unique your travel niche is, the more better. “Sell what you know and stay away from what you don’t,” said Lindsay Foerster of Foerster Travel Inc. 

Diverse Audience – Diverse approaches:

Generational differences in your customers will dictate you to have different types of strategies. One strategy that works well with one customer may not be fit for many others. So you need to act and respond accordingly. For Example; you can not just limit your correspondence with your customers to emails, because there might be some age groups who are not much into technology or maybe don’t even know how to check emails. Such differences will dictate you which sales approach works best for any given situation. Thus focusing on target audience is more important than focusing on the type of travel. One good example to understand this concept is that; selling a certain tour or destination to honeymooners is handled differently than selling the same tour or destination to an elderly or retired couple, one common strategy can not be used for both.

Many of your potential clients might feel technologically intimidated and the idea of dependence on technology in many things might not suit them. So you must come up with ways to satisfy them. In travel and tourism the customers always expects promptness in your replies to their queries because they are mostly in excitement of bookings their holidays etc so if you fail to reply in time, there are greater chances they will move to the next available options and you loose one potential customer. Who would want that – NO ONE!

Excessive information flow – NOT recommended:

Your customers should be excited for the trip they are buying from you, you are their cheerleader. It is very tricky as to how much information should be provided, as there is very fine line between the right amount of information and overflow of information. Right number of options and correct limit of information will overwhelm them but certainly overload and abundance of information might confuse them or bore them. It is “know – yet – don’t know situation”. You should provide just enough information to wet the client’s appetite and then they want to discover it themselves. Don’t shower them with everything you know.

Abundance of information may give the vibe that you don't know what your client wants exactly. By dumping a huge load of options on your client, you will stress them out and that is not what they came for to a travel agent. So the tip is to know your clients, know about their requirements and then on the basis of that create a few strong choices rather than a bunch of questionable ones.

Selling Experience, Not A Product:

Remember you are your own billboard and your experience speaks for you more than anything. On social media you can post pictures, videos, etc about your travel journey and share the experience with your followers and friends, the more attractive your posts are from your travel experience, the greater are the chances to captivate audience who wants to experience the same. That is how you can close a sale with your experience and that is how many successful travel agencies are doing it. Most of them have hired a professional social media manager who can keep their profile updated with content from their trip.

Add the personal touch:

Always add a personal touch to your services to stand out from the rest and close a sale with new clients, thus increasing the revenues. Never be afraid to go out and be loud with your services and make it personal by offering something unique that no one is offering in the market. Remember most of the clients do not come to you for cheap rates; they come for wow-worthy experience and something exceptional in peerless comfort and unique style. Your clients need someone who can help them make good decisions not the least expensive options. Keep updating your services as per the market trends. Your aim should be to make each and every trip of your clients an amazing lifetime experience – something great to be remembered with!

 Last but not the least “Think bigger”.

With these amazing tips any travel agent can UP the game of its sales - have abundant flow of clients, close more sales and make 2019 most lucrative year!

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