How B2B works in the travel industry?

How B2B works in the travel industry?

How B2B works in the travel industry?

As we know, B2B is growing crazily into the travel industry world. Therefore, PHPTRAVELS is bringing you the opportunity to connect with the most reputable travel agencies. PHPTRAVELS is a travel portal, which provides you with the ultimate solutions for bookings and lodging reservations. It provides a solution to the well-established organizations for their online travelling business. The brands and entrepreneurs can approach their audience and market their business globally through PHPTRAVELS.

So, if you’re a businessman and want to market your business on a huge level then PHPTRAVELS is a perfect source for you. Through PHPTRAVELS, two businesses can make a deal to sell the services that eventually give profit to both of them. It helps the travel agencies to grow and develop their business on the international level.

Services by PHPTRAVELS

PHPTRAVELS provides different services to its consumers, which contain:

  • Easily accessible and more manageable
  • User-friendly and can be managed without any trouble
  • An engine that provides quick and flexible bookings all around the world
  • A multi-language travel technology partner that allows you to customize any language as per your need
  • Customized bookings in relation to your requirements
  • Gives you complete security by keeping your personal information safe
  • Helps you to keep up with the latest trends and tools for marketing your business in the world

There are so many big travel companies as well as small startups, which provide solutions to billions of travellers. They sell their services with the purpose of increasing and marketing their business. For that reason, PHPTRAVELS is a completely secure engine for online bookings, which makes two companies coordinate with one another. It can be used for car rental, house rental, holiday packages, and online reservation systems.

PHPTRAVLES is the ultimate solution to travel around the world with easy reservations. It allows you to make bookings and manage your customers online in a few minutes. It’s a fast and quick way to advertise what you’re selling. PHPTRAVELS offers a variety of transportations not only to the businesspersons but also to the common people.  

Features of PHPTRAVELS

  1. Multi-language

PHPTRAVELS allows you to add multiple languages according to your need. It can translate any kind of content and also helps to make changes to your website page.

  1. Safe and Secured

PHPTRAVELS is a completely secure travel portal, which respects its customers’ privacy. It takes care of your personal information and makes sure to keep it private.

  1. Quick Online Bookings

Make online bookings with PHPTRAVELS at any time you want. You don’t need to worry about the business hours as PHPTRAAVELS provides its online services 24/7.

  1. Coupon Codes

TRAVELPORTALS offers this amazing facility to avail of the coupon codes. You can get different promo codes with a particular booking and get amazing discounts.

Other Portals


There are some other companies, which serve the same as PHPTRAVELS. is one of them. It’s a travel agency based in Amsterdam and arranges online reservations for people around the globe. The travel agencies can make bookings for rentals cars, houses, hotels, and flights on the behalf of their customers.

Moreover, it also offers travel and vacation deals in which travel businesses can secure early bookings for their clients. Different travel agencies operate this portal to promote their services and increase their revenue.

  • Expedia Group

This is an American based online travel platform, which builds up a connection between travelers and businesses. It provides opportunities to travel agencies to reach out to their audience. Moreover, they help to extend their business on the international level. Likewise, Expedia group offers recommendations to their clients for planning their trips and destinations.

  • Travelport

It is a travel technology portal situated in Langley, Slough, United Kingdom. Travel agencies around the world can purchase airline seats for their customers. The travel agents can also get commissions by bringing up the customers to this portal. This portal is mostly used by the travel industry, which includes hotels. The Travelport connects the hotels to the Global Distribution System (GDS) in order to make more reservations and increase the demand for particular hotels.

  • Sabre Corporation

This travel technology company is located in Southlake, Texas. Sabre Corporation provides the Global Distribution System (GDS) to all over the world. They make a partnership with hotels, airlines, travel agencies, and other organizations to sell their services. This is business to business (B2B) policy according to which they link with other companies and make a profit from both sides.


Nevertheless, there are many travel organizations but PHPTRAVELS is one of the most recommended ones. If you want a user-friendly travel portal with great customer service then you must hold on to PHPTRAVELS. It provides amazing services to businesses with different backgrounds and experiences.

PHPTRAVELS cares about its customers and does everything for their satisfaction. It brings the travel companies closer to the travellers and helps to develop their business worldwide. If you need any kind of assistance so, you can directly contact PHPTRAVELS through the email and customer service number

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