What is B2B in travel industry and how it works

B2B in the travel industry plays a vital role from local B2B to online travel portals. The explanatory meaning of B2B is Business to Business. And B2B in the travel and tourism sector works the same as any other industry. Such as we have in the ecommerce industry from wholesaler to retainer the connection and relation name is B2B which explains the power of relation very beautifully in terms of business. 

Travel and tourism industry has too many different models to work and make revenue from. B2B is one little part of such a huge multi trillion dollar industry world-wide. Starting a travel services business it is not compulsory to invest a big amount of money for certifications as per law required. One can start selling travel services by having a B2B account. 

Signing up as a travel agency or B2B account is considered the same. In both cases you have to generate sales and add-up your own markup above the cost of travel service yourself. Let’s have a client who is looking to buy a ticket for travelling from Dubai to Malaysia. And the ticket price online is $100.00 . You as a travel agent can find a better price for him by working with different airlines and OTA’s online travel agencies. 

Since every travel portal and platform do offer B2B accounts with pretty much cheap services and low cost packages. Some even provide payments in installments. Some charge up-front and in some cases travel retailers pay at the end of each month to clear their dues.

Now let’s talk more deeply about the concept of B2B for having quick accounts and selling them locally or online by marketing. Below you can find some interesting websites to have your B2B travel retailers account. 

If you are running a travel agency or you are planning to start one soon then you must use the B2B travel portals for  ticketing & other services. Now the question has come which travel portal is best among all so let’s get started and check out some best available travel tools and platforms to start online B2B travel business.

  1. https://www.travelperk.com
    If you are looking to sell travel services to corporates or entreprise companies then travelperk is best choice for you to open your account and start selling. 
  2. https://solutions.travel.rakuten.com/services/travel-agent-portal 
    If you want to sell international travel services as an affiliate or agent then rakuten travel affiliate account is great to have it instantly active. And its super ready to reserve your most required travel services within few clicks. 
  3. https://www.ratehawk.com
    If you are looking best B2B hotels prices to book for your international clients then ratehawk can you take you there in a matter of few clicks. The platform is super user-friendly easy to book and reserve. You can book and pay later or select multiple options to create your bookings. 
  4. https://via.com
    If your client base is in India then via.com can be the best option for you to start your online b2b agent account and sell all travel services located in India within your own website or local office. You can open your account at via.com as a agent from this link https://viaworld.in/agent
  5. https://www.egencia.com
    Another great tool for business or corporate travellers and agents. Agencia is one of the most premium and finest business travel platforms. With agencia you can get better refund rates and cancellations charges. Also it is very user-friendly when it comes to user experience. 
  6. https://www.clicktravel.com
    Click travel is a child company of travel perk but it has a great and hude client base of B2B. They provide all in one platform for booking and managing trains, flights, hotels and car hire with 24/7 customer support.
  7. https://www.tboholidays.com
    TBO is one of the payoneer when it comes to B2B. They are the one who started the early concept of retailership in the travel and tourism industry. They also own the middle-east largest hotels inventory database. 

Benefits of starting B2B 

  1. Lowest markups and best fares prices
  2. Free cancellation and quick refunds
  3. Free tickets from airlines
  4. Recognition as best seller and awards
  5. Free VIP travel events invitations and joinings
  6. Premium support 24/7 response time
  7. Higher chances to grow and establish bigger company

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