If you run a destination management company (DMC), you’ll need software to simplify your entire process. And this is where PHP Travel’s destination management system software comes in handy. Our DMS software helps combine your local knowledge with quality operations.

Our destination management software transforms how you deliver travel services:

  1. Improve your self-operated listing management
  2. Sell the offers of all your local suppliers online
  3. Make your working processes clear and trackable
  4. Allow all your B2C bookings from your website
  5. Increase sales with offline reservation management
  6. Improve your operations with partners/customers
  7. Scale business via enhanced reporting and analytics
  8. Streamline your travel-related operations online
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What You’ll Enjoy With Our DMS Solutions

Your business is important to us, and we’ll cover you with our destination management company software. Our DMC Software can take care of all your end-to-end operations. It’ll help you to manage your travel business effectively. With our software, you’ll get these modules:

Enquiry and Quotation

  1. Users add enquiries for independent or group tours
  2. Build a hierarchy of users to run and allot enquiries
  3. Convert every enquiry to the particular quotation
  4. Convert quotations to bookings and make invoice

Online And Offline Visa

  1. Get all the required visa documents online
  2. Manage and track user enquiries and requests
  3. Manage visa rates based on customer details
  4. Check online visa status updates in real-time

Direct Contracting

  1. Upload hotels, transfers, and activities local contracts
  2. Manage rates, inventory, policies, offers, and discounts
  3. Manage your rates based on seasons and specific periods
  4. Quick process automation via Excel upload for contracts

Dynamic Packages

  1. Book hotels, transfers, and activities all in one place
  2. Get the cheapest inventory put up by the system
  3. Know about the availability and rates in real-time
  4. Enable choosing preferred services by customers

Semi Dynamic Packages

  1. Manage all rates, including service-wise or pax wise
  2. Make multiple destination plans with preset rates
  3. Manage packages with series or fixed departures
  4. Offer lots of options to select from local inventories

Redistribution of API

  1. Redistribute your entire inventory using API
  2. Detailed documentation for all your APIs
  3. Sandbox to see API requests in real-time
  4. Simple flow display for an ideal API use


Connect to Extranet for direct suppliers and via XML with Channel Managers

Connect through XML with travel wholesalers and GDSs for dynamic content of hotels, flights, transfers, tours, car rentals, etc

Access dynamic inventory to generate complex package tours containing combined services

Set-up business rules and accurate pricing and payment arrangements

Distribute content through powerful B2B or B2C Reservation Systems or via Affiliates (B2B2B / B2B2C)

Guarantee to own customers really fast search results and instant availability confirmation

PHP Travels Destination Management Company (DMC) Solutions

At PHP Travels, we offer several solutions to our customers to suit their business needs. With our DMC solutions, we let you get rid of physical documents. We help you run a transparent and cost-effective business.

Our DMC software modules are easily customizable. You can configure it per your specific needs and your customer requirements. We help grow your digital workflows and increase your overall execution in these domains:

Self-operated Inventory Management

The performance of travel inventory management is quite essential for DMC your business. If you run your tours, we provide the right tools to manage them. Our tools can help set the tours up for a deal even if you contract tours from local suppliers.

We offer several modules for managing a range of inventories, from self-operated charters to visa support. Our most standard modules include:

  • Flights
  • Hotels
  • Tours
  • Car Hire

When you adopt a specific inventory tool, you can:

  • Create rule-based offers and discounts
  • Precise and quickly attainable tracking
  • Build native touristic products and itineraries
  • Look at direct contracts with suppliers
  • Put your products for B2B and B2C online
  • Adapt formatting of pricing and taxes
Quotation And Itinerary Management/ Advanced B2B Sales Management

Quotation And Itinerary Management

Our destination management system software lets you create unique, tailored itineraries and quotations:

  • The best option for individual, group, sporting,
  • An ideal choice for ad-hoc itineraries, events, and planned coach tours
  • Chat integration for quick communication between you and customers
  • Fully automatic creation of vouchers, tour plan itineraries, and invoices
  • Let you place repackaged tours with an option to reserve them online

Advanced B2B Sales Management

For the success of your business, your best relationship with your customers is crucial. With our B2B sales management solution, we can help facilitate your sales to a set of users. Our solutions can assist:

  • To automate all your online sales to B2B customers
  • Let users book products and manage their orders
  • Make the booking process easy and speedy for clients
Travelers B2C Online Booking/ Booking Apps For Mobile

Travelers B2C Online Booking

You want to present your product to the audience on B2C websites, right? If so, you can use our most efficient online booking system. We offer you a set of templates or our API to integrate into your booking software. With our DMC software, you can:

  • Create your online booking portals to increase orders
  • Add an automatic booking process to your existing website
  • Earn affiliate commissions from similar partner websites

Booking Apps For Mobile

As the world is now purely digital, most people use mobile phones to order items and buy other products. You can’t miss mobile to allow users to order tickets online using the app. Our team can build Android and iOS apps to enable users to reach you.

  • Set off your online booking with mobile search and order booking interfaces
  • Offer your partner agents one additional platform to help in selling products
  • Create a custom mobile app based on the potential APIs of PHP Travels
Management of Finances/ Reporting & Analytics

Management of Finances

Managing your company’s finances is vital to your overall profit. But how can you make this process hassle-free for yourself? So, our financial management tool can help you with it. With this feature, you can:

  • Enjoy automatic conversion between multiple currencies
  • Connect with financial institutions to get the latest rates
  • Track and process all the invoices and client payments
  • Add over 20 online payment methods to your platform

Reporting & Analytics

Our modules set up in the software can help you get detailed insights into your progress. After combining your own systems, you can get more detailed analytics and improve them. So, using our software and your internal systems, you can check:

  • All reports about booking made from your website
  • Hotel booking lists, tour booking lists, and more
  • Get detailed financial reports to control your budget
  • Algorithm-based business intelligence sales reports
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How To Get Registered For Our DMS Solutions

So, do you want to register for our destination management system software? If so, it’s pretty simple, and you can do this in a few steps:

  1. Visit our plans and pricing page to choose your package
  2. Choose the payment method and purchase the software
  3. Your order will be processed for further installation confirmation
  4. Our team will contact you through email or SMS
  5. We’ll process your order to confirm the installation
  6. After installation, you’ll get video tutorials to start
  7. Your online travel business is now ready to grow

No technical skills are needed to get started with this bus booking system. You only need a passion for your business growth and investment — only $500 for the script. So, you can get started anytime by purchasing the software at a time.

Get Your Quote Now!

Are you excited to get PHP Travel’s destination management software for your DMC company? If that’s the case, contact us now and get your software at the best price!

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