DMCs Challenges

In a busy marketplace loaded with a huge diversity of competitive products, the destination management companies (DMCs) must differentiate themselves by streamlining their travel related operations online.

Stand out from the crowd

The DMCs must keep pace with the competition from OTA websites which become more and more resourceful for the modern tech savvy travelers which have the ability to research and plan their own vacations and take the power of OTAs everywhere they go on portable devices. The DMCs need to start using own travel products together with dynamic inventories of various external suppliers and sell online the resulting travel products either to their own customers (B2B or B2C) or via XML to 3d party companies.

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Our DMC Software Solutions

Our powerful DMC software module allows DMCs to build complex travel products with dynamic inventory availability and price accuracy. They are able to upload own contracted rates (online and offline) into the system or get them from channel managers via push or pull mechanisms. The DMCs can install as many channel managers they want as part of their platforms.

The DMCs can sell their travel products and apply business and pricing rules in order to control their promotions and content distribution.


Connect to Extranet for direct suppliers and via XML with Channel Managers

Connect through XML with travel wholesalers and GDSs for dynamic content of hotels, flights, transfers, tours, car rentals, etc

Access dynamic inventory to generate complex package tours containing combined services

Set-up business rules and accurate pricing and payment arrangements

Distribute content through powerful B2B or B2C Reservation Systems or via Affiliates (B2B2B / B2B2C)

Guarantee to own customers really fast search results and instant availability confirmation

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How to get started?

There are no long processes and wait for years to get your software completed. Only Five steps and you are there.

  1. Choose the payment method and purchase the software
  2. The team will then contact you through email and SMS as soon as possible
  3. Your order will be processed for further installation confirmation
  4. After installation, you will receive video tutorials to get started and if you need,personal assistance is also provided.
  5. Your online travel business is ready to take up a new step

No technical skills are needed to get started with this bus booking system. All you need is the passion for your business growth and investment which is only $500 for the script. So, you can get started anytime by purchasing the software at a time.

Revenue Procedures

Best Model to make money and drive business.

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Commission setup?

Include percentage-wise or fixed commission rules on your rental platform. For each and every booking happening on the site, Admin can charge a certain commission fee from the hosts. He/she can also earn revenue by setting up adaptable commissions for guests based on the rental space and location.

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Google Adsense?

Admin can also make money with this additional revenue factor in our Airbnb clone that is available as an Add-on. Admin can display ads in the ad spaces on his/her site after creating a Google Adsense account. With more visitors on the page, Admin can earn more from these advertisements.

DMCs Challenges / Travel Management Software Solutions

DMCs Challenges

In a busy marketplace loaded with a huge diversity of competitive products, the destination management companies (DMCs) must differentiate themselves by streamlining their travel related operations online.

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Travel Management Software Solutions

PHPTRAVELS provides TMCs a reliable solution for their corporate customers to login to an online self booking tool to plan, purchase, book, manage and record travel products and expenses.

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Travel Agents Challenges/ Online Travel Agency Challenges

Travel Agents Challenges

While the share of online bookings is constantly growing, all travel agents become more concerned about their performance and look for the best travel software solutions to comply to their development strategies, to introduce innovations, to improve their overall services quality and maintain their competitiveness on the tourism market.

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Add unlimited different languages to support multiple languages. Translate CMS into any language of your choice and allow you a wide range of customers to understand your services in their native language.

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Travel Wholesalers Challenges / Tour Operators Challenges

Travel Wholesalers Challenges

In order to increase desired sales and margins the wholesalers need to develop new distribution channels, streamline their operations and offer unrivalled rates so to be able to compete with possible suppliers already working in their targeted markets.

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Tour Operators Challenges

In a busy marketplace loaded with a huge diversity of competitive products, the tour operators must differentiate themselves by streamlining their tour related operations online and combine the benefits of traditional holidays with broadened custom tour packages.

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This module allows you to add any API’s and ask your developers to manage the simple and understandable code for any changes needed for your organization by the time.

Key Takeaway

The script has many more benefits than these features and mainly it is about easing your business for you. The simple and single script can do wonders for your business. PHPTRAVELS is only making your business growth obvious.

Our company has solely designed the script to help people grow their business without any obstacles in their way. So, right now all you need is the $500 to purchase the script and install it to get started. Simple, efficient and reliable for all kinds of business. There are no limitations to the travel booking system, bus booking system or any other booking software that is the current requirement of your business.

We are here to cater to all your needs on time and help you grow your business with enhanced features offering more deals and discounts when you start generating more revenue for it.

What Are You Waiting For?

The investment is reasonable, support is there to help you through the implementation process or editing. What are you waiting for now? Avail the facility within an inexpensive rate and rock the world with your car rental business or any other. Manage your vehicles, drivers, bookings, and customers all through the single app and web portal.

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