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How to Promote a Travel Agency on Facebook (Free & Paid)

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How to Promote a Travel Agency on Facebook (Free & Paid)

How to Promote a Travel Agency on Facebook

How to Promote a Travel Agency on Facebook in 2020

More than 2400 million people use Facebook, it's a great platform to promote your travel agency on Facebook due to massive opportunities it holds for agencies.

Many travel agencies are promoting their businesses with Google Ads but it is expensive for most industries, not a good fit for a startup travel agency, right?

That being the case, Facebook Ads is a great alternative to Google Ads where you can target specific people to reach target people, how? Keep reading.

Let's talk about the ways you can promote your agency.

6 Free Ways to Promote Your Travel Agency on Facebook

Here are the top 6 six ways to gain more visibility:

1. Post Regularly on Your Facebook Page

Posting regularly on Facebook seems the hardest job because you need time and creative power to engage your fans.

But the best way is to make 30 posts in a day in your free time and schedule all the posts for the next 30 days.

How is it possible?

You don't need to learn any sophisticated software; you can do with online tools that are free to use like It's easy to use. You just need to select a template, edit, and export to JPG or PNG or even PDF.


How to get started?

  • Research for two hours what to post by analyzing your competitors and audience.
  • Select one template on Canva that you'll use for all your posts to save time.
  • Schedule for the next 30 days.
  • Enjoy your 29 days.

2. Post in Groups

Posting in a group of 10K members or more is a great way to promote your travel agency, but it's not that easy since spamming is not allowed and you'll be banned.

What's the best way to tackle the problem then?

You need to spend at least one month on providing value in the group.


Write original posts that the members of the group would love to read that can be related to your travelling experience.

Besides you can see the past best posts with the help of the Facebook Group Search and can do the same.

Once people start trusting you, you can promote your agency in a creative way.

How to get started?

  • Create a new Facebook account or use your existing account
  • Join relevant travel agency or travel groups in your city or country
  • Spend one or two months to build trust by posting unique content without any promotion
  • Once people start trusting you, promote your agency without being spammy.

3. Make More Relevant Friends

You must make friends who love travelling or who can become a client of your travel agency. You must be selective since you have a limit of only 5000 friends.

You must write about your experience, help people to select the best destination or any issues that they may encounter when they go for a travel.

The more trust you build, the more revenue you can generate.

How to get started?

  • Join relevant travel groups on Facebook
  • Start making friends who love travelling
  • Impress them with your content and photos
  • Start promote in a creative way

4. Live Streaming

Live streaming has become a new norm on Facebook. People love watching live streaming because fans can connect and communicate instantly and in real-time with the owner.

The brands that live stream regularly on Facebook get more revenue. Moreover, live streaming helps to answer your fans' questions instantly that can help to generate more money and revenue.

How to get started?

  • Watch 100 live streams videos to have an idea what people love
  • Write scripts for your live steams videos
  • Live at that time when people are free
Why travel agencies fail during the covid-19


Why travel agencies fail during the covid-19  101

Why travel agencies fail during the covid-19

Everything in the world gets affected due to Covid-19 exposure. The pandemic has changed everything in a way that the things that were at their peak are now getting failure vastly. The countries all over the world are confused about what to do to bring the lives in the norms from this exposure. The very famous countries regarding food, beauty, and tourism also failed to get any strategy to increase their economy again. The countries are working on vaccines day and night in order to bring the lives to norms. Still, it would not be possible in all economic factors, whether economic and corporate businesses or travel agencies. The travel agencies are in depression due to Covid-19. The economic rate of the travel agencies is decreasing to 58%, according to the U.S Travel agency. Due to this reason, countries are not allowing people from other countries to come to live or instead enjoy themselves. Everyone is uncertain about the situation and wants to be at home to be safe and secure, but for how long? People are getting frustrated for two years; they want to live their lives the way they lived before. Businesses are also getting affected by this pandemic. This pandemic has created a depression in all industries, and states are working on solutions to gain control over this pandemic. Each country is busy saving its people to its fullest. Travel agencies could not develop more until this Covid-19 exposure gone as agencies are strictly prohibited from following rules wherever they are going, and it is decreasing the economy accordingly.   Impact of COVID-19 on Travel AgencyThe travel agency business is the one that was growing economically very fast before COVID-19 exposure. But with this COVID-19 pandemic, everything in the world suffers the way travel agencies suffer. This is affecting the travel agency business, and the economic progress and growth of the country as tourism is the most significant factor in the country's development. The pandemic affects the country's major economy, from the airlines not successfully developing to the hotels closed. The countries worldwide following the lockdown to prevent the COVID-19 spread, which results in closing the flights, hotels, unique places to enjoy, and all. This is somewhat necessary as well to avoid this virus expand across the globe, but the travel agencies are suffering the most in this whole restriction process. We can agree on the fact that COVID-19 has failed the development in the field of travel agency and whether the economy of the travel agency will continue to grow after post-COVID-19. Due to Covid-19, from 2020, the airlines are getting failed in the growth, as the people are scared of traveling from one place to another. Many employees are jobless in these fields as there is no way of development going on. If we talk about travel agencies, they are not investing in buying tickets to the airlines as it is risky at this time. People are more worried about their health instead of exploring new places. So the travel agencies are not making any risky investments. This directly impacts the airlines, when there are no people to travel through their planes, how it would be possible for them to grow. The countries are also not allowing airlines to start working the same way they were working before this pandemic. So this exposure is affecting airlines business as well, and becoming the main reason for not getting development. The travel agencies, airplanes are not getting success during this COVID-19 pandemic in the same way tourism is also getting affected by this. The countries have closed their tourism to come and explore beautiful places worldwide because of this pandemic. In resulting the tourism is also failed, and the country's tourism development is directly connected to economic growth. Therefore, due to pandemics, airlines, travel agencies, and tourism businesses are failed in these two years and decreasing the development of these businesses day by day. Improvement in the businessNo one knows how long Covid-19 will impact the businesses and when the travel agencies will start developing the way they were before. But there is some hope that some consolidations are working to bring development to this business. The fact is coronavirus has impacted the travel agencies, and it is the main reason for the crisis of this business. Travel agencies are only thinking of developing their business and make it as same as it was before. People all over the world are also afraid of traveling and buying tickets to enjoy themselves because the whole world is suffering from this pandemic. Therefore, any marketing strategy could not be able to work at this time. Travel Agencies have to work on the business by paying suppliers such as airlines, hotels, resorts, and rental cars. In this way, this industry could grow a little and create an impact on the development. Taking a risk in the travel agency business is essential in this COVID-19 era by buying airline tickets and investing in hotels and rental cars. Still, payment could be made through the card so that if the strategy doesn't work, the agents can refund money from the suppliers. The government should plan out some strategy in order to boost the economy of travel agency businesses. The Future of the businessNowadays, the outlook of travel agencies is uncertain. No one knows what this industry would have to go through in order to get back into its booming business. According to the research, 80% of tourism has been hit due to pandemic, which means the travel agencies are also going in a significant loss. Countries worldwide are working hard to develop any strategy to grow this business again as it is affecting the countries a lot. The Covid-19 vaccines have increased the hopes of these businesses. After getting vaccinated, people are somewhat ready to come in the norms. In this way, these businesses will also start getting developed. But whether after getting vaccinated, everything will get normal? This is the question every state is thinking about. There is another excellent tip the travel agencies are working on is communicating to the visitors and telling them everything crystal and clear. In this way, those travel agencies are getting successful and going to new heights. So far, no one knows when this pandemic will end from the globe, o taking some strategies will help traveling agencies improve their business. Giving clear guidance to the traveler will help traveling agencies to grow because the visitors and travelers are uncertain about the situation they are going through. They are scared whether they will reach their homes safely or will be in a problem with the lockdown of the area. The travel agencies should work on the customers by providing them information online about the places they love to go to and gaining their confidence. The travel agencies can gain confidence by providing them health and travel insurance, and the place they are talking to them is safe and will they enjoy there to the fullest without any fear of getting affected by COVID-19. The travel agency should aim to assure the travelers that they are going with high-quality safety and precautions. The success of travel agencies can be defined by how they ensure the health and safety of their travelers during the trip, which is the only opportunity for a travel agency to grow and sustain its business in this pandemic.  ConclusionWe could not deny the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic decreases the development and growth of travel agencies. Still, the country's government should take steps in order to promote travel agencies and tourism to increase the revenue of these businesses. Various countries have already taken the initiative to grow and boost their tourism, which would help them develop economic growth. Providing travel agencies with the information will help in gaining tourists, and in this way, travel agencies, tourism, and airline businesses automatically get success. When the travel agencies provide accurate information and guidelines to the tourist, it will help them feel certain and safe, and they will start traveling and come to the norms. As a result, the economic growth of the country would be increase. Firstly, working on domestic tourism will help get the guidelines for how to take on with international tourism. The countries should start working on domestic tourism. The government should also inform travel agencies to avoid crowded places and big gatherings to prevent this virus from spreading. When the travel agencies start working on the government guidelines and policies, the people feel comfortable in traveling, and in this way, they book their tickets for different destinations. This would help airlines business as well due to the fact the people will go to their destination through the airlines. Airlines should also follow all the country's safety precautions to rest assured that the tourists feel comfortable. In this way, the country's tourism will be successfully opened, and the company's economic growth will increase gradually.

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2021-06-12 08:13:47

How to Survive and Increase Revenue during Covid-19


How to Survive and Increase Revenue during Covid-19  190

How to Survive and Increase Revenue during Covid-19

Covid-19’s strike has caused a big blow on businesses and the economy. Many big, small, and medium-sized companies have suffered due to loss of sales, employers, and revenue. One of the most affected industries is the tourism market as the government closed down the borders, international or national travel got banned, similarly social, business and educational events were canceled. Due to these protocols, airlines were forced to cancel the flights. This resulted in a huge loss of revenue for tourism companies and connected organizations. Despite these challenges, some travel agencies have kept up with the on-off travel trend by upgrading their strategies and digitizing their system. PHP Travels is one of them. It supports multiple travel agencies. So what are some ways for a travel agency to survive and increase revenue during covid? Let’s go through some strategies: 1.  Pre-Plan: As a crisis hits, companies should pre-plan their next move keeping in view the current global trend. How to keep up employee productivity, How to go through this period and how to return to normal functioning once it’s over. Then comes keeping customers engaged, and reserving the resources. This time can also be taken to locate your weaknesses and make plans to eradicate them. Study the rival agencies and better plan your future campaigns. PHP Travels has a competent team for market research, they pre-plan their strategies then act upon them. 2.  Proper marketing tactics:Take this time to build brand value. Use smart marketing tactics to spread the word. PHP travels too has kept up with the trend and increased its brand awareness by keeping its website up to date with offers and current events. It has reliable marketing tactics for fellow agencies. Similarly, you should also let people know about your offers and services. Many people will be waiting for flights to open so that they can travel, whether to visit or for business. If they happen to come across your advertisement at this time, they will have time to research and may consider choosing you too. 3.  Go Digital:With covid-19 spreading with contact, consider going digital. Set up your website and social media accounts and start managing them with a user-friendly design. Introduce an option for an online ticket booking system. It will reduce the dangers of spread and people can easily book or cancel flights keeping in view the government’s decisions from the safety of their homes. PHP Travels has specifically designed its website for online travel businesses. With its secure, multi-language, and easy-to-use website, you can get booking services for flight/cruise tickets, hotels, rental cars, etc very easily with a few clicks. 4.  Contactless payment:One of the major causes of the spread of this virus is via the exchange of money. Whether it’s my giving or taking cash or by using an ATM. Reduce this risk by introducing an online payment method. PHP Travels offers secure billing and payment via their website using. You can also use multi-currency to pay. This interaction-free method is thus safe and reliable. 5.  Reevaluate business contacts:As covid affects many small, large, and medium-sized hotels, restaurants, and other companies, It is time to reevaluate business contacts. Keep in touch and up to date with which business will continue when and in which region so that you can spread the word to the right customer. PHP Travels has contact with numerous such companies and they keep their clients informed regarding their offers and services. They have a dedicated tab on their website and apps for their customers to access easily. 6.  Promoting customer confidence:During the time of no travel, promote your old customer’s confidence by keeping them up to date with your offers via email, newsletters, or blogs and keep the new ones engaged by updating reviews and travel stories. PHP travels has a dedicated newsletter and a blog along with the reviews section. You view it on their website and applications. 7.  Introduce Packages:Everyone loves packages especially if they are cost-efficient. Engage customers by planning and giving them attractive offers. Give them a reason to choose you over others. You can check out our multiple offers at PHP Travels on our website including flight tickets, hotel reservations and renting cars, etc. 8.  Adjust Prices:This has been a financially hard time for everyone because of covid-19 but PHP travels stands along with its travel and tourism industry by offering discounts. This is surely a great way to engage customers and business partners. This is a great tactic as more people will choose you over others if you offer reduced prices. 9.  Update social media:Social Media is like the face of a brand. If you want people to know about you and what you offer. Focus on social media marketing. PHP Travels has a dedicated social media management team that updates and tracks the results. Consequently, they have gained many clients and thus revenue. 10.  Spread the word:One of the most effective ways to keep your clients updated is by creating a blog and sharing your success stories through it. This method is properly executed by PHP Travels. It keeps individuals entertained as well as shares reviews and client experiences. Conclusion:While traveling, choosing a dependable partner comes first. PHP Travels is a secure and reliable partner for you. With their updated technology and user-friendly website and applications. You can view their cost-effective offers and pricing of all airlines in one platform instead of going through multiple websites individually. They are also offering discounts for their partner agencies during this financially tough time. Therefore PHP Travels is your best choice.for more details please visit

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CarTrawler partners with Uber to expand car rentals


CarTrawler partners with Uber to expand car rentals  631

CarTrawler partners with Uber to expand car rentals

Following availability in France, ANZ and the UK, Uber Rent service is now available in the US.Partnership with CarTrawler will help make renting a car easy and accessible users will be able to browse and select rentals using the Uber app.Dublin, Ireland, 28th of April 2021: CarTrawler, the leading B2B provider of car rental technology solutions to the global travel industry, has today announced a strategic partnership with Uber to help bring Uber Rent to more customers around the world. Following availability in Australia, New Zealand, UK and France, this expansion will provide all U.S. Uber app users access to quality car rentals at competitive rates set by rental brands.CarTrawlers technology facilitates renting a car through an easy and accessible offering directly in the Uber app and access to special promotions like the Uber Cash back offer, throughout the year.The partnership will play a helpful role in reshaping urban mobility in positive ways. Connecting riders to car rentals represents a key tactic in challenging the need for private car ownership.Speaking from CarTrawler today, Aileen McCormack, Chief Commercial Officer said:We are excited to announce the US launch of this partnership with Uber. CarTrawlers commitment to its customers is one that closely aligns with Uber. Crucially, this is a critical moment for the car rental market, as two of the most innovative travel-technology organisations come together to create a unique car rental proposition. The partnership will bring best-in-market car rental services to its widest audience yet, enabling more people than ever to travel in a way that is cheaper, easier, and more sustainable. And as we see more positive signs of recovery globally and cities opening up, CarTrawler & Uber will set the world in motion by getting people moving again.Were excited to be teaming up with CarTrawler to help facilitate even broader access to rental vehicles when customers use Uber Rent to head out for that next getaway, errand, or adventure. As we partner on this and future endeavours together, were committed to creating a stellar rental vehicle experience defined by more options and less stress. Caleb Varner, Global Head of Uber Rent.The partnership with Uber is just the latest in a long line of partnerships as CarTrawler continues to establish itself as the leading B2B facilitator of car rental solutions within the global travel industry. CarTrawler now works with some of the biggest and most innovative travel brands including most recently Hopper, a booking app that uses data-driven tools to save customers time, money and anxiety when making travel plans.Other partners include American Express, easyJet, Emirates, SWISS, KLM, TUI Group, and eDreams ODIGEO.?About CarTrawlerCarTrawler brings opportunities to life through a global online marketplace connecting partners, customers, and suppliers. Its market leading B2B car rental and mobility platform expands airline and travel partners offering to their customers, while deepening those relationships and creating substantial ancillary revenue opportunities. CarTrawler provides unrivalled breadth and depth of transport suppliers across the globe, including car rental, private airport transfer and ride-hailing services.CarTrawler works in partnership with many of the worlds biggest travel brands, providing mobility services for over a quarter of the top brands globally, including Alaska Airlines, easyJet, eDreams ODIGEO, Emirates, Hostelworld, Jetstar, KLM, and TUI Group. As a B2B company we focus solely on helping our airline and travel partners build their brands, not our own. CarTrawler creates innovative, data-led solutions for some of the largest airlines and travel partners in the world, operating from our headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. CarTrawler is private equity backed by TowerBrook Capital Partners.Source Link

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