10 mistakes to avoid while starting a travel agency

10 mistakes to avoid while starting a travel agency

10 mistakes to avoid while starting a travel agency

Starting a travel agency is not a cup of tea. It certainly requires much attention, proper investment, and great planning. In the competitive environment of today, it is really very tough to dominate the hearts of target customers until or unless proper measures are not taken.

If your plan is to begin a travel agency, then you have to be aware of the bright and dark sides of this business. Spend sufficient time with newbies and seasoned veterans to get more and more inspiration.

Here I have put together the summary of the 10 mistakes one must avoid while starting a travel agency.

  1. Not being different enough

In the tourism industry, there are many who work as travel agents and offer their services at cheaper costs. In order to gain success, it is important that you become different. Not being different enough can be risky for your travel agency. Provide the customers with variety of options to choose from. If the area you are operating in has many competitors, make sure the deals you offer are far better than theirs. Do not try to jump into the big things till you have sufficient experience. Also, do not expect to grow by offering inferior quality travel packages.

  1. Choosing an area you don’t know much about

Have you chosen an area/city about which you don’t have sufficient information? It is one of the biggest mistakes start-up travel agency owners make. You need deep knowledge of the subject, be creative, and should develop unwavering stamina. Besides this, you have to setup an office in the colony about which you are confident that the customers will get more and more attracted. Do not care of the competitors. When you are offering something nice, you will surely get flow of clients.

  1. Starting with wrong expectations

Starting with vastly wrong expectations is what many travel agents do. We highly recommend that you don’t do anything to become successful. Remember that short-cuts are never a way to reach the heights of success. You have to work hard, develop new ideas, and think out of box. Too much expectation from a startup travel agency would lead you nowhere. Building a successful travel business is a massive undertaking. You would not be able to do that while traveling the world or while doing a fulltime job. So, spare some time for evolving better business ideas.

  1. Not accepting suggestions

Talk to some successful entrepreneurs and travel agents of the town who have done something remarkable to achieve their goals. These people can be your inspiration. No matter if your travel agency is new or you are into business for years, until the traveling packages you offer are superb you will automatically get many clients in queue.

  1. Spending much time in thinking and doing nothing

If you have been spending more than extra time in thinking and planning, and doing nothing then you are at the wrong track. Once you have decided your budget and planned the rest of things, then the next step is to take action. Your ratio of thinking-to-doing should not be less than 80%, otherwise you will suffer to loss many valued customers who might be looking for a travel agency around.

  1. Planning everything alone

Those who think that they can get their aims alone are doing wrong to themselves. We cannot neglect the fact that a travel agency includes a lot of people who are to work together as a team so that they can make it a brand customers would rely on. Planning and trying to do everything alone would lead you nowhere. You have to take help of other professionals of this field at every step if you are really serious to get the target in short time. Keep in mind that you need people to make the travely agency work effectively.

  1. Waiting too long to launch the agency

When you start developing plans, it’s easy to get stuck on a lot of things. But this does not mean you are free to wait too long to launch the agency. Do not be one of those who keep on waiting for magics and waste much precious time. Also, you should not act like those who talk to themselves about developing a successful travel agency but are afraid to take risks.

  1. Not solving unimportant problems

During the running of a business, everyone has to be ready to solve both important and unimportant problems so that the work goes on smoothly. Have you ever tried to be one of them? Travel agencies fail at times when the owners do not solve the minor problems. In such a situation, if you will put your services out there no customer will show any interest.

  1. Not paying attention to complaints

Listen to your customers and try to resolve their complaints timely. Providing validation to them should be one of your core duties. Listen to everyone and then act as per the policies of your agencies. You cannot pay lip services to the tourists. Without them, your company is nothing so resolving their issues is your duty.

  1. Using repeated ideas

Are you using repeated business ideas? If it is the case, then let me tell you that your business would not run so long. A travel agency should be an incredible place where tourists can come and get ideas of best destinations of the world. Connect with more and more audience through social media websites and let the world know about your existance.


It’s so easy to get worried about the mistakes, but dealing with them and resolving all issues should be your mission. You have to make sure that you have taken guts and intelligence to deal with variety of customers of this industry. One of the best ways to ensure that your travel agency would succeed you have to take risks of all types that guarantee that your travel agency would become a full-fledge brand.

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