PHPTRAVELS launching v8 in 2021

PHPTRAVELS launching v8 in 2021

we have listen our customers and we found we really need to change some base structure of the platform which can enable tons of new features and today we are announcing about phptravels v8 which is about to release in 2021 with some of below main features.


Aggregation feature 

Aggregation feature what it does and how it can be more beneficial for current existing platform. the aggregation feature will allow us to enable multiple suppliers at the same time and we can also mix the coming data with each other on listing page


Entirely new theme 

Entire new theme will be more optimised better in terms of performance and of course responsive as usual but with better foot prints and last but not the least the user-friendly feature for operational perspective.


B2B Agents panel 


B2B Agents panel. it has been very hard to for to decide to launch b2b panel as it works very differently for each region. for example in west b2b works with commission in middle east there is a topup or credit module but in some other regions it works on cash or pay later feature so we decided to at least start with minimum features and later on we will keep adding more as possible for b2b. but of course the hardest part in b2b is reporting and financial managements which is going to take more time in term of development. but since we already worked with some major b2b groups the approach of idea is very clear now to start with.

there is no exact or expected date for phptravels v8 but we are working very hard to make release the beta as soon as possible hopefully it will be available before end of jan 2021. 

if you think there should be more in the feature list we are always open to collaborate and listen more about the feedback. 

please take 5 minutes and write us at [email protected]



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