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How to Survive and Increase Revenue during Covid-19

Qasim Hussain

2021-06-09 05:04:59

How to Survive and Increase Revenue during Covid-19

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Covid-19’s strike has caused a big blow on businesses and the economy. Many big, small, and medium-sized companies have suffered due to loss of sales, employers, and revenue. One of the most affected industries is the tourism market as the government closed down the borders, international or national travel got banned, similarly social, business and educational events were canceled. Due to these protocols, airlines were forced to cancel the flights. This resulted in a huge loss of revenue for tourism companies and connected organizations.


Despite these challenges, some travel agencies have kept up with the on-off travel trend by upgrading their strategies and digitizing their system. PHP Travels is one of them. It supports multiple travel agencies. So what are some ways for a travel agency to survive and increase revenue during covid? Let’s go through some strategies:


1.  Pre-Plan: 

As a crisis hits, companies should pre-plan their next move keeping in view the current global trend. How to keep up employee productivity, How to go through this period and how to return to normal functioning once it’s over. Then comes keeping customers engaged, and reserving the resources. This time can also be taken to locate your weaknesses and make plans to eradicate them. Study the rival agencies and better plan your future campaigns. PHP Travels has a competent team for market research, they pre-plan their strategies then act upon them.


2.  Proper marketing tactics:

Take this time to build brand value. Use smart marketing tactics to spread the word. PHP travels too has kept up with the trend and increased its brand awareness by keeping its website up to date with offers and current events. It has reliable marketing tactics for fellow agencies. Similarly, you should also let people know about your offers and services. Many people will be waiting for flights to open so that they can travel, whether to visit or for business. If they happen to come across your advertisement at this time, they will have time to research and may consider choosing you too.


3.  Go Digital:

With covid-19 spreading with contact, consider going digital. Set up your website and social media accounts and start managing them with a user-friendly design. Introduce an option for an online ticket booking system. It will reduce the dangers of spread and people can easily book or cancel flights keeping in view the government’s decisions from the safety of their homes. PHP Travels has specifically designed its website for online travel businesses. With its secure, multi-language, and easy-to-use website, you can get booking services for flight/cruise tickets, hotels, rental cars, etc very easily with a few clicks.


4.  Contactless payment:

One of the major causes of the spread of this virus is via the exchange of money. Whether it’s my giving or taking cash or by using an ATM. Reduce this risk by introducing an online payment method. PHP Travels offers secure billing and payment via their website using. You can also use multi-currency to pay. This interaction-free method is thus safe and reliable.


5.  Reevaluate business contacts:

As covid affects many small, large, and medium-sized hotels, restaurants, and other companies, It is time to reevaluate business contacts. Keep in touch and up to date with which business will continue when and in which region so that you can spread the word to the right customer. PHP Travels has contact with numerous such companies and they keep their clients informed regarding their offers and services. They have a dedicated tab on their website and apps for their customers to access easily.


6.  Promoting customer confidence:

During the time of no travel, promote your old customer’s confidence by keeping them up to date with your offers via email, newsletters, or blogs and keep the new ones engaged by updating reviews and travel stories. PHP travels has a dedicated newsletter and a blog along with the reviews section. You view it on their website and applications.


7.  Introduce Packages:

Everyone loves packages especially if they are cost-efficient. Engage customers by planning and giving them attractive offers. Give them a reason to choose you over others. You can check out our multiple offers at PHP Travels on our website including flight tickets, hotel reservations and renting cars, etc.


8.  Adjust Prices:

This has been a financially hard time for everyone because of covid-19 but PHP travels stands along with its travel and tourism industry by offering discounts. This is surely a great way to engage customers and business partners. This is a great tactic as more people will choose you over others if you offer reduced prices.


9.  Update social media:

Social Media is like the face of a brand. If you want people to know about you and what you offer. Focus on social media marketing. PHP Travels has a dedicated social media management team that updates and tracks the results. Consequently, they have gained many clients and thus revenue.


10.  Spread the word:

One of the most effective ways to keep your clients updated is by creating a blog and sharing your success stories through it. This method is properly executed by PHP Travels. It keeps individuals entertained as well as shares reviews and client experiences.



While traveling, choosing a dependable partner comes first. PHP Travels is a secure and reliable partner for you. With their updated technology and user-friendly website and applications. You can view their cost-effective offers and pricing of all airlines in one platform instead of going through multiple websites individually. They are also offering discounts for their partner agencies during this financially tough time. Therefore PHP Travels is your best choice.

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PHPTRAVELS Ranked Best Travel Agency Software Company of 2021


PHPTRAVELS Ranked Best Travel Agency Software Company of 2021  335

PHPTRAVELS Ranked Best Travel Agency Software Company of 2021

The company was highlighted among the most effective solutions for sales and marketing automation, a leading independent review website for small business online tools, products, and services, has announced PHPTRAVELS among the best travel agency software companies of 2021. The top solutions were selected based on core features as well as integration and reporting capabilities. PHPTRAVELS and other software solutions were expected to support a variety of essential features, such as  Itinerary creation, pricing management, and reservations management. Experts at recommend platforms with integrations for accounting, marketing, and ERP tools. The study examined systems that produce insightful reports to help travel agencies make better decisions about allocating resources.’s research team conducted a 40-hour assessment of over 105 companies from across the web. To access the complete list of best travel agency software, please visit  ABOUT PHPTRAVELSTargeting an incredible small niche, PHPTRAVELS is a script designed for travel agencies and agents that want to move their operations online, helping them setup a fully-working hotel room booking system. PHPTRAVELS lets users search hotels, check room availability, book a room, flights, tours, cars, cruises, packages and much more for their desired time period, and then pay for it, all via a simple interface, that not only looks good, but is also very manageable and customizable via a specially crafted administration panel.  ABOUT reviews and compares the best products, services, and software for running or growing a small business website or online shop. The platform collects twitter comments and uses sentiment analysis to score companies and their products. was founded in 2015 and formerly known as Review Squirrel. To learn more, visit

Qasim Hussain

2021-07-22 22:58:01

Understanding the potential of travel agency business: Future and ways to grow


Understanding the potential of travel agency business: Future and ways to grow  222

Understanding the potential of travel agency business: Future and ways to grow

It is undeniable that the tourism sector has been a major driver of economic growth in many countries. It is also true that travel agencies are one of the most important players in this industry. The travel agency business is one of the most lucrative industries in terms of revenue. It has been around for a long time and continues to grow with every passing year. Travel agencies have to be on top of everything, as they constantly strive to stay competitive and grow their business. There's no better time than now for you to read our article on understanding the potential of a travel agency business and how to start and expand your own. Short Introduction: What is a travel agency business? Travel agency business model overviewA travel agency is a business that helps and assists clients in arranging travel-related services such as flight tickets, hotels, and rental cars. A good travel agency will also help its client plan the trip cost-effectively and get the best deals on the different local travel services. Travel agencies also advise their clients on attractions and events in a particular city. Travel agencies have to be on top of all the latest deals and promotions available to stay competitive.A key factor for a travel agency's success is its ability to innovate and adapt with time. The tourism industry, on the other side, is undergoing major changes. These industries will continue to grow, and it's critical for travel agencies to be able to stay in sync with these trends. Travel agencies are also crucial to the success of many tourism destinations. It provides them with an opportunity to grow their customer base and potential profits exponentially while cutting operational costs. The growth potential of the industry: Is online travel agency profitable? Why is the travel agency industry worth investing in? The growth potential of the tourism industry has been astounding in recent years, with the sector experiencing a 10.8% growth year on year for 2016-2017 (United Nations World Tourism Organization). It is also true that Travel Agencies are at the forefront of this industry. Online travel agencies have seen an increase in revenue by $2 billion over the last two years alone, showing just how profitable this business can be if done right. The online travel agency market for Air Tickets as a category grew 25% from 2015-2016, according to Skyscanner advertising data. This rapid expansion only goes to show how lucrative this industry could potentially be. Also, there are a lot of online travel agent business opportunities as well for individuals. Prospects for the industry including new trends and opportunities that exist Nowadays, most people do everything online. This is why the growth of the internet-powered business has been phenomenal. Travel agencies are one of these businesses that have grown exponentially in recent years. The future of the travel business will inevitably include new trends and a changing landscape.The rise in online booking has been a key factor in how travel agencies have grown their customer base exponentially, but it isn't the only thing that will impact this industry.The changes in recent years are monumental, and it cannot be easy to keep track of what's going on. There are few important things to take note of so you're prepared for the future of this industry, including: - The impact of new technologies on the industry.- Trends in online travel booking and how to stay aheadThe travel industry has already started to see some major changes in recent years, and these changes will continue.It's never too late to invest in this booming industry or start your own travel agency business online today! What does it take to run a Profitable travel agency business? There are many challenges that entrepreneurs in this industry will face, such as the increased competition from large conglomerates and the rise in online booking channels. The success of a travel agency relies on which trends they can capitalize on and how efficiently they can adapt to changes in the industry. Successful travel agency businesses capitalize on trends that benefit their clients while finding profitable areas and updates to stand out from competitors. These changes include a rise in demand for hotels, customer preference towards online booking, and increased companies providing low-cost leisure airfare tickets. Excellent customer supportIt's important to help individual customers or travelers with any issues or inquiries and ensure they are served with care and professionalism. Customer service is a crucial aspect of a travel agency business and can be the difference between success and failure for many agencies.The importance of good customer support for travel agencies becomes clearer when you think about how your customer's experience is shaped. The interactions that people have with the company are crucial for how they feel about the company and what they're willing to do in the future.Consider how frustrating it would be if something went wrong with your trip and there was no way to contact anyone about it. It's also crucial to ensure you have a reliable customer support team available to help customers during the busiest times of the year. Strong Marketing StrategyToday, most people are doing everything online, which is why internet-powered businesses' growth has been phenomenal. A huge part of any travel agency business is their marketing strategy; otherwise, they won't compete with larger conglomerates. Successful travel agencies invest heavily in marketing. This includes channels like social media, email campaigns, and more to make sure their customers know about what they offer.Marketing also helps agencies attract the right employees with the experience and skills needed to succeed. They need someone who can work with current trends and future trends of this industry while still being reliable for their travel agency.Learn how to market travel agency business online (Link) Cater Customer preferencesCustomer preferences are an important part of the travel agency's business. According to some surveys on travelers, there's a shift in how people like to book their vacations. Some prefer to do it online, while others want to use the traditional method. Travelers also prefer different benefits and amenities that they want with their reservation from things like entertainment, accommodations, and meals. Travel agencies need to cater to these needs, or they'll lose their customer base.Other types of businesses make customers happy even if they don't give them what they want by offering something in return. For instance, you might enjoy going grocery shopping with your family when you're running late because you know that once you go home, you'll be able to have a nice dinner. What Does It Need to Start an Online Travel Agency business: Online travel agency business details? Travelers are always looking for new experiences on their next trip. An Online Travel Agency (OTA) is an online middleman between the traveler and vendors, connecting them with travel products offered by different vendors. OTA's typically sell airline tickets, hotel rooms, tours, or cruise line tickets as well as car rentals but sometimes include buses to shuttle travelers from place to place if necessary. OTAs play the main role in facilitating connections while also making sure both parties involved get what they want out of the transaction by providing transparency, so no one gets ripped off!1. Web user interface for travelers and travel agents.The most frustrating thing about traveling is trying to find the best deal on flights and accommodations. An online travel agency should own a Web interface that their customers can search for available flights, hotels, and other items. With just a few clicks, travelers will be able to find and filter their searches by price and location on specific dates to make the best choices possible.They'll also be provided all of the information needed when making decisions about which product or service is right for them before booking it. Supplier Back-End/interface for tourism businessesThe next thing that an online business agency may need is a user interface for suppliers. Supplier interface or Supplier Back-end helps tourism companies create and manage their accounts; they can control the inventory, organize different travel products, get payments, and manage different rates.An Online Travel Agency administers the supplier Back-End, controls all deals, and shows them to travelers through the web user interface. OTA administrators Back-EndThe most important thing is the Administrator Back-End!The platform administrators should be able to manage the accounts of tourism businesses and travelers. They also need to manage inventory, rates, availability of travel products, and payments. Connecting with Application Programming InterfaceIn addition to traditional web-based services, online travel businesses are connecting with many new technologies.Connecting with the Application Programing interface (APIs) lets travelers search and book travel from their favorite booking engines using a wide variety of ways and options.Online travel businesses can connect with their partner hotels' Central Reservation Systems, Amadeus CRS, Galileo CRS, and Sabre. They may also connect with major computer reservations systems (Global Distribution Systems - GDS) or other web applications for selling airline tickets, making hotel reservations, and booking events. Payment SystemA payment gateway allows travelers to pay for their Bookings online. It encrypts the data, gets authorization from a bank, and sends the response back to the website to complete the payment.This is where online payment gateways play an important role by providing necessary access to travelers who'll use the different payment services according to their availability.For more details, Let’s have a look at business model of online travel agency (Link) A few tips for how to start a travel agency business online? Nowadays, the demand for online travel agencies is growing since people are looking to make their trip-planning process simple. With a good marketing strategy and customer service team, one can become successful in this industry.1.    Recognize the importance of marketing and advertising your business on the internet.2.    Maintain an excellent customer service team that can provide around-the-clock support.3.    Keep in mind that trends are always changing, and it's important to keep up with them.4.    Cater to customer preferences, as this will help your customers feel like their desired requests are heard.Nowadays, the demand for online travel agencies is growing since people are looking to make their trip-planning process simple. With a good marketing strategy and customer service team, one can become successful in this industry. What is PHPTRAVELS, and How can it help my Travel agency business? PHPTRAVELS is a complete one-stop solution that helps travel agencies and agents set up their businesses to work online. It'll take you less than 20-30 minutes to set up your travel website and start making money! Travelers can search for hotels, check availability, book a room, flights, tours, and much more. They can also pay for everything they order. Similarly, suppliers can also manage their accounts, inventory, and much more.It has been designed to be simple and easy to use by anyone in the tourism industry without any programming skills being required - it's completely automated! You can customize PHPTRAVELS according to your needs while also enjoying essential packs of recommended features for all online travel agency businesses. Just have a look at the amazing features of this software package. It'll take you less than 20 minutes to set up your travel website and start making money! You can choose from many modules, drag-and-drop content with just one click, customize every aspect of design as you wish without any programming knowledge required. ConclusionTourism is one of the leading industries in the world. It's a thriving industry that has continued to grow and evolve as we enter new phases of globalization and digitalization. This has also led to many changes in how customers are traveling and what they want from their trips, which is important for travel agencies looking to stay ahead of the game.If you're thinking of starting your own travel agency business, then it's important to think about how you'll set up the business infrastructure. From marketing and advertising online to keeping an excellent customer service team around the clock, there are a few things that any successful internet-powered travel agency needs for its customers will feel like they've heard.PHPTRAVELS is a one-stop-shop for online travel agency business growth for startups. You can still get the most of their service with ZERO development understanding and knowledge. With the help of PHPTRAVELS, you can manage all of your bookings with ease while taking advantage of inbuilt modules that are tailored to match what different kinds of travelers need.

Qasim Hussain

2021-07-15 18:54:40

How travel agencies make money from online business


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How travel agencies make money from online business

Making online money nowadays has become very necessary for everybody. The world is going towards digitalization. Every business is working online to make money, likewise travel agencies. The most frequently asked question by the people who will become travel agents is; how they can make money from online business. Nowadays, travel agencies are only getting profit when they book the hotel/resort with the Airlines. Travel Agencies are working online by booking hotels, flight tickets, and cars on rent. This helps them make a total package by online booking everything and serving the travelers in the best way. The travel agencies have lost these two years economically due to this COVID pandemic. There are several methods by which travel agencies earn money from the online business vaster. Moving Towards DigitalizationIn this digital world where everything is done with a single click, travelers also know how to book flights and start their tour. To gain money from online business, travel agencies need to have an online presence on the internet. The more travel agency showcases their services in front of tourists, the more they can get the profitable online business. Social media platforms can also help travel agencies in gaining tourists. The travel agencies can give their services to make a viewer travel and explore the places all over. Airlines and Flights BookingsThe most straightforward part of making money online in this business is through booking flights for the passengers by travelers. Most people would be at ease if someone booked their flight by taking some commission. The Travel agencies should take a step in contracting with airline bookings to choose that specified agency without any hassle. In this way, both the travel agencies and airlines will gain the profit which they lost through the pandemic going through the world. This also helps and supports travel agencies to make money and get a commission through that. Nowadays, people want to give their passports and cash, and they are at ease. They are satisfying in providing some commission to travel agents to get their flight booked. Specialized PlanSome travel agencies create a specialized plan that includes group travels and corporate travels. In this, they get a good number of people, and families prefer to go with them and enjoy the vacation. Travel Agencies can provide companies with all the services when some business is going on a business tour. Vacations are another specialized plan for travel agencies to work online. People love to go on vacation with ease of mind. When they know that their travel agent does everything, they will go with peace of mind and start trusting that specific travel agency. This is where many employees have to go, so travel agencies can give more premium services and earn a profitable plan.  Online Hotel BookingsWhere there are online hotel bookings agencies, the choices are also increased. Travel Agencies can earn a good commission by booking hotel rooms and adding them with the premium package. This can be done online also, for instance, if a travel agent can book a hotel online for 50 people, the specif resort or hotel will obviously give some amount of discount or package to the travel agent In this way they can earn a good commission online and can start working on their sales part by bringing travelers who are interested in going to that place. In this way, people will be satisfied that after traveling so much. Travelers don't have to bother about the hotels. The travel agencies can create a contract with hotels will help them in gaining a profit. This can be done online by asking them to decrease the prices of their hotel services as the travel agents are bringing so many travelers with them. This is another good factor by booking hotels online can become an excellent source for travel agencies. Vacation Packages and CruisesPeople all over the globe are discouraged and frustrated with this pandemic situation. Everyone needs a vacation nowadays. Travel agencies can make a good source of income through this. Travel agencies have to work on this by building partnerships with the hotels and asking them to give the visitors full safety precautions. By providing the whole package and gaining trust in the plan, they are going to the safest place by not taking to the places where the probability ratio of COVID is high. Communicating with the airlines online and building a partnership will help travel agencies in gaining more commission. Advertising online about the place where the agency is taking will allow travelers to acquire interest and book their tickets in the specific travel agency. Including premium services like renting a car and booking the safest hotel will also help gain the travelers' trust with the travel agency.  Travel Agencies Online PresenceTravel agencies are making their online presence also helps them in increasing their revenue. Creating a website and insert all the packages in them. Travel agencies are now the digital disruptors that allow customers to travel to a different destination and booked a hotel, and a car from only one website can make a great source of income for travel agents. taking an example of a person who desires to go for a vacation and he searches it on google. The travel agencies give all the essential necessities like airline booking, hotel, and car renting services. They will go for them, obviously. Partnerships with other businessesTravel agencies can make more money online by contracting through online businesses and contracting them. When taking flights for many people, the airline booking also gives some commission. For instance, if a travel agency deals with the airline, fifty people are going to the airline and start booking online through their website. An online presence like social media has become a powerful online business tool for travel agencies to get profit and to grow their businesses. People find it more convenient to visit a travel agency website and book their favorite destinations and find everything from there. With this, travel agencies can be partnered with hotels and resorts to the places the people visit the most. If there would be more people, they will get a commission for each person. They can do this hotel and resort booking online and can earn a commission on it.  Being Responsive and easy to accessibleNowadays, a travel agent needs to have a website and a reputable online presence. Picking some important destinations where the people love to visit the most can help them increase their income. Consumers can access all the travel agencies through a click by internet. So being an online solution will help in gaining more travelers and help them achieve what they are working for. On the website, when you give premium services to the customers by adding all the necessities they need in order to go to a different place, they would definitely choose you over others as it will easy to go for them and all their essentials are completing from a single travel agency.  Promoting online businessTravel agencies which are promoted on Google and other social media platforms have high conversion rates as compared to the one who doesn't use it. Giving a specific package or discount deal on the long trips will help the travel agencies to get up to the market. Most people only see the full package, which includes airline booking, hotels, cars, and destinations where the travel agent will explore with them. The most significant way to get high commissions is to put deals on digitally in a way that travelers love to go with a specific travel agent. This offers travelers a comfortable and convenient approach to book their airlines tickets via travel agents. Online Surveys are also an essential element for travel agencies to make money online. Travel agencies can also make a marketing strategy on their social media platforms and website, such as offering an incentive, a gift card, or some percent discount will help in attracting the people's attention. A safe airline can also help in getting customers' attention, and they feel at ease while going with such travel agencies.  Summing UpTraveling is the best option for spending time with your loved ones and taking a break from your busy schedule. In this concern, travel agencies can earn a high commission if they plan and execute smartly. Online businesses help in getting profitable results for travel agents. If you are a travel agency and are not doing up to the mark, it's high time to work with online businesses and start making money. Connecting with airlines to buy tickets will help gain a huge commission; booking a resort or hotel for many people online can also support travel agencies in making a good income. The fact can not be denied that travel agencies in this pandemic have the economy affected the most. But they can make money online by using the above strategies to gain their reputation again and come to the best travel agency list.

Qasim Hussain

2021-07-01 05:53:35

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