How to Start a Travel Agency (10 Simple Steps)

How to Start a Travel Agency (10 Simple Steps)

If you’re planning to start your travel agency, but don’t know where to start from, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll teach you how to start a travel agency.

While planning your holiday, it becomes a lot difficult to buy affordable tickets, look for the perfect accommodation, and deciding about all those places which you’ll visit. Travel agencies make it easy for you. 

During this era of technology, people prefer to get information online and book their tickets rather than consulting an agent. This aspect took the businesses of travel agents quiet down. But, there are still some people who trust offline travel agencies over online ones.

Whether you’re opening a travel agency online or offline, there are some things that you need to know. 

You should always remember that anything new in the market still has more risk and more competitors. People tend to prefer and trust older agencies more because there are more scammers in the market than the actual travel agents. It will be a bit tough while starting your new travel agency, but if you make efforts and follow some basics, your business will surely succeed.

10 Steps to Start a Travel Agency

Following are the basics that will help you to start and run your business as a travel agent

Step 1 - Select Your Niche

A common mistake that travel agents make while starting their business is that they start doing the business on a larger scale from the very beginning without knowing the consequences. You first have to select your niche that what kind of services you will provide. 

There is a lot of competition in the market, so if you start doing your business without knowing about anything, you’ll be left behind. You have to target a particular segment of the market, and in this way, you can lessen the competition around you. You can conduct market research to find out what services your competitors are still not providing so you can focus on that particular service/services.

Step 2 - Make Plan for Your Business

The plan is the most important thing while starting a long term project. Your plan must not include random objectives and goals but proper thinking and strategies. These strategies will help you, in the long run, to compete with your competitors. These small steps guide you to achieve your ultimate goal.

Your business must define its clear vision and mission. You should be able to know where you will get your funds. Make sure to estimate the cost that will start your travel agency and acquire the funds according to that.

Step 3 - Fulfill All the Legal Requirements

To start your travel agency, first, you have to fulfill all the legal requirements for that. Every country has its laws and regulations, and for that, you can contact the host agency that will let you know about the registration process.

Moreover, you have to get a trademark for the business. For any business, the logo of that business is its trademark, so you have to create a logo first to obtain a brand.

Step 4 - Acquire Some Funds

If you want to set up your travel agency online, then you must be working from home. In that case, your relatives or family members might help you out in funding. But you still need some funds if you have created a website and some other person is running that, and you have to pay him/her.

If your business is offline, you need a proper location, office and employees for that, and a flow of money is significant for that. So, you can acquire a bank loan or get cash from a person whom you can trust.

Step 5 - Pick a Perfect Place

Location plays a vital role in the success of any business. Pick a place where it is easy for people to find you and where your signboard is visible to them. If your office is in the main street or road, people might read your signboard while passing by. If your location has facilities like car parking or it is not so far from the main road, it will have a great impression on your customers.

As many people don’t have many expenses at the start of a business and can’t afford an expensive location, go for the second-best convenient location. Moreover, build your office according to your plans, in case if your employees increase in the future, your office must be big enough to accommodate them all.

Step 6 - Promotion of Your Travel Agency

A quick way towards the success of any business is its promotion. As many people don’t know about the new companies, you have to advertise about them on your own. You can publish ads in the local newspapers or make brochures and keep them in your office. 

In today’s modern world, social media plays a vital role. You should do marketing on different social sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter. You may find your potential clients here. Try to make your accounts unique and stay active. Respond to people as soon as people. It will create the right brand image of your travel agency.

Step 7 - Try to Build Customer Relationship

No business can survive without paying attention or giving importance to its clients. You should train your staff so well that you don’t get any complaints from your customers. Your employees, such as drivers, tour guides, and local cooks, should know how to treat people on their holidays. 

If your clients have any complaints, you should be able to resolve it as soon as possible. Just apologize to them and make sure that it will not happen again. Conduct different surveys from time to time so that you can improve your business.

Step 8 - Make Partners

One can't run a travel agency on its own. When you offer services like selling tickets, packages, and other things to your customers, where do you get this?

Of course, you don’t sell it on your own. First, you have to contact some established travel companies and get their permission to sell their packages via your travel agency. But it will not be that easy. They first ask you some questions like what percentage of commission you will charge. So, keep in mind the interest you’ll tell them.

Moreover, keep in mind that your business is not at a stage to demand something big. You need the support of those companies; they don’t need yours. So, in the beginning, keep your demand low.

You should also be able to gain their trust and earn respect from such big companies. Once they get to know that you can sell their packages well, they might increase your commission as well.

Step 9 - Optimize Your Business

People usually search for things online first rather than going outside. Create a website for your travel agency and use the right keywords, which you might think will help you to gain more potential customers.

Step 10 - Be Practical

Some travel agents relax in their offices and wait for the customers to come on their own.

But that doesn’t work. You have to step out of your comfort zone to gain something. Advertise your business, make efforts, and reach more and more people. Success will surely be in your way.

Bottom Line!

These were the steps that will help you on how to start a travel agency. We hope this article will help you in starting your travel agency and also to make your way towards success.


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