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How to sell hotels online?

Qasim Hussain

2021-03-15 12:06:31

How to sell hotels online?






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The hotel industry has observed tremendous extension in the past decade and most of the credit goes to the internet which has given rise to online bookings. PHP travels is unique in this required which provides an online portal to its customers for B2B and B2C businesses.

Starting from selling hotels online by a platform of PHP Travels can benefit you more productively. Such websites can help you reach maximum people. So, if you’re planning to sell hotels online then PHPTRAVELS is the best platform. It’s one of the world’s largest online travel portals, which supports people for travelling purposes.

How Can You Start a Business to sell hotels online?

You can operate an online travel agency from anywhere in the world. You can run your online business of selling hotels just by sitting at home. PHPTRAVELS equips you with a platform to sell your hotel and refer to other clients who are looking for a selling hotel. In this way, you can easily run your business with different references from PHPTRAVELS.

Some of the easiest methods to sell hotel online are as follow:

Boost direct bookings

  • Create a website

Create a website with a user-friendly interface and related content.

  • Create a good harmony with your guests

Create good harmony with your guests and make them feel special. Thank them for booking directly via email. You can offer discounts to reoccurring customers along with add-on services.

  • Offer your customers a loyalty membership program

It is a good gesture to offer your customers a loyalty membership program, reparation points stand as gifts to your regular customers. Just remember one thing that retaining a regular customer is far more convenient than procuring a new one.

  • Emulate OTAs and enable pop-up deals on your website

Emulate OTAs and enable pop-up deals on your website as this is the fastest way to grab your visitor’s attention.

  • Use an effective booking engine.

It is very important to use an effective booking engine and in this regard, PHP Travels is quite suitable to assist you. It will also benefit you to upsell your other services.

Implement a channel manager to handle bookings

Having your hotel’s presence on third-party channels like, Expedia and Agoda has become an imperative must for any hotel that is trying to sell more rooms online. Similarly, PHP Travels can also be utilized in this regard.

Every single hotel, motel, B&B, resort, or guest house, regardless of size, location, or budget requires a channel man

10 Best Travel Management Software in 2022


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10 Best Travel Management Software in 2022

Now that travel bans are being lifted, businesses in the travel industry will be wise to set up functional and time-relevant travel management systems. This will ensure they are not stuck with outdated and incompetent ones in the new year. This also extends to corporate organizations that organize business trips often and need to keep track of travel expenditure, reports, and reimbursements. In this article, we’ll take a look at ten of the best management software you should look out for in 2022 so that you can always be on top of your travel management needs. First, let’s see what a travel management software is.  What is travel management software?Travel management software is software that you can use to book trips, supervise upcoming trips, and keep track of trips that have already taken place. You can also use it to generate reports on the travel activities of employees who go on corporate trips within an organization frequently. One of the many amazing benefits of travel management software is that it automates the travel policies of a company so that employees can stay abreast of trips that are approved or not. It also creates or collects data from invoices and receipts of purchases during corporate trips to help with transparency. 10 Travel management software you need in 2022The best travel management software should help make your travel bookings easier, report generations seamless, and budget planning faster. After thorough research and reviews from real users, we have curated a list of ten of the best travel management tools below. TravelPerkSource TravelPerk is one of the most efficient travel management software you need to make business trips and customer travel bookings seamless. TravelPerk is designed to make corporate travel management faster, with a smooth booking experience for HR and employees. It offers a large inventory, allowing employees or managers to book their trips themselves, saving time and energy. It also helps to ensure that they comply with the company’s travel policies during the trip to avoid assumptions and lack of transparency.TravelPerk is not only great for booking and managing trips, but it also provides you with the tools needed to work within the stipulated budgets or finances for such travel purposes. It provides finance teams with travel expenses tracking and reporting features to help make travel management a walk in the park. It is ideal for businesses, administrators, and travelers, with different pricing categories to suit everyone’s needs.  PairsoftSource Pairsoft is a fully integrable travel management tool that is suitable for businesses of all sizes. It makes the management process simple by providing a booking engine that presents travel content for your employees or travelers looking to manage their trips. For corporations, this engine also gives employees trip options based on the company’s travel policy to ensure travel compliance across board. It integrates the company’s travel policy, authorized and negotiated airlines, hotels, or car rentals accessible to employees, and syncs all travel information on the trip with the tool’s expense solution. Its sleek UI and competent booking engine make it one of the most-loved travel software for businesses and travelers everywhere; it also has a mobile app for an improved user experience. EgenciaSource Egencia is another leading travel management software that prioritizes expense tracking and cost-saving policy compliance. Egencia is a well-known brand in up to 60 countries worldwide, and many companies of different sizes use it. It is a world-class business travel platform that ensures employees comply with the organization’s travel policies while also keeping track of the travel-related spending that occurs during the trip. Egencia is well-optimized to manage your business’ travel program to ensure that you maximize return on investment (ROI) and reduce risks. It features expense reporting tools, a mobile application for ease, admin access, client invoicing, and so much more. Rydoo SourceIf you’re looking for a fast-tracked travel management solution, Rydoo is your go-to. It is optimized for quick responses and allows users to simply snap and manage expenses from anywhere in the world in real-time. Rydoo makes tracking travel management expenses simple and straightforward, reducing the long-winding process it usually takes. All employees need to do is to take a picture of their receipt and submit them for approval with one click. Rydoo works well with other accounting software, including Oracle, Xero, Quickbooks, and many others. It starts at $7 for beginners and enterprises can request a quote that is tailored to the size of the business.  FlightslogicSource This is one of the best travel management that’s suitable for travel agencies. It provides an end-to-end solution with its booking engine, customized to automate the entire travel and hotel booking experience. Flightslogic practically curates all travel data under one roof, so that management or administrators have access to it without hassle. This helps to efficiently organize, track, and manage all travel information and compliance to policies for different employees. Flightslogic works wonders in booking hotel and travel reservations, managing travel schedules for both teams and individuals, and providing the necessary travel documents for the journey.Flightslogic has up to five different pricing levels from basic to enterprise, so you can choose one that suits your business’ size and needs.  TripActionsSource This is a good tool for medium and large enterprises. It is a travel and expense management tool that works best for corporate travelers, giving management access to data that will help them make reservations and bookings at good rates.It is an intuitive machine learning software that makes recommendations based on your choices, so you have a huge amount of well-tailored options that fit your requirements. It is also available on desktop and mobile and controls costs without compromising quality.There are different price packages available for different company sizes, contact TripActions to find out the one tailored for yours. SalestripSource If you’re looking for a travel management tool that combines travel management with expense management, then we have a winner. This tool helps companies keep track and regulate their travel expenditures, so that you don’t lose revenue, but are still able to meet your travel needs. It is a power tool, driven by an AI interface. This gives employees and regular travelers so many options to choose from in terms of flight inventory, accommodations and rentals. It’s the number one companion for a seamless, stress-free trip that helps you keep an eye on everything, from the travel budget, to where you will sleep.It also helps to automate receipt management, bulk approvals for corporate trips, and easy allocation of travel funds. Salestrip costs between $9 - $15 per user every month. ExpensifySource Sometimes, companies or regular travelers require a travel management tool that is more about efficient expense management than bookings or reservations. Expensify is one such tool. Expensify helps to take care of the expense management worries, “because you weren’t born to do expenses.” It takes the pressure off, so you can enjoy your trip to the fullest, while management has an easy compilation of all travel-related expenses right from their screen. With the mobile app version, employees can simply take a picture of their receipt and it extracts the necessary information and compiles it into useful data. What’s more? Expensify now offers the opportunity to input credit card information, so employees can have digital receipts for most purchases. As for pricing, Expensify is free to use. Zoho ExpenseSource Having small business travel management worries? Not anymore with Zoho Expense. It’s the number one travel management tool for small businesses that relieves the stress of tracking travel expenditure from accounting teams. With Zoho Expense, employees have a broad option of flights to choose from, and then can also upload their receipts and record expenses to help the accounting department keep track of expenses wherever they are, and in real-time. Zoho Expense has a wide range of features that you can access on any device; iPad, Mac, Android or iPhone, so there’s no restriction. Zoho Expense is anywhere you are. It is also super affordable with a free option for small businesses, and as little as $8 per month for every user in large enterprises.  TravelsuitSource No matter your business’ size, TravelSuit has something to suit your needs. This travel management software gives you a tool with one of the best UI that makes the trip tracking easy and straightforward. The tool is suitable for anyone to use, even if you’re not a tech guru, so every employee can use it easily.TravelSuit helps managers and administrators select the best prices and fares for flights and reservations, so the employees get the best deals throughout the trip. This ensures that they are able to meet the travel budget by controlling expenses on a trip. It’s also useful for generating travel reports and auto-complying with travel policies. TravelSuit starts at $45 for the basic plan, and up to $171 per 25 trips every month.  ConclusionTravel management has become easier and less time-consuming with tools like the ones listed above. They are suitable for corporate organizations, allowing managers, finance and accounting teams, and employees to keep track of expenses and reservations before, during, and after the trip. If you’re looking to boost your team’s productivity and improve ROI in 2022, these are the tools you need. For regular traveling individuals, these tools will help you manage your time and resources well, while you enjoy a seamless travel time. Author Bio:Lydia Iseh is a writer with years of experience in writing SEO content that provides value to the reader. As someone who believes in the power of SEO to transform businesses, she enjoys being part of the process that helps websites rank high on search engines.

Qasim Hussain

2021-10-20 22:41:41

Why Should Travel Agencies Hire SEO Expert?


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Why Should Travel Agencies Hire SEO Expert?

Today, online reputation is essential for any business. The highly competitive travel industry needs it more as digital-savvy customers seek info on the internet. The target audience often needs details like the best hotels under their budget, new food items to try, shopping centers to visit, best transportation mode, etc. The clients for travel agencies have diverse backgrounds, and through websites and apps, you can provide content relevant to each of them.Nothing can match the high-quality videos and live reviews of fellow travelers directly from the vacation spot. Thus, web portals are the first place of interaction for prospective clients. The website needs to be appealing and meeting the audience's requirements to appear on the first page of the search engine. It is worthy to hire SEO experts to reap the benefits of being at the top of the result page. Below, we discuss the advantages in detail. Get The Benefits Of Organic Lead GenerationThe search engines provide the best business option to the customers. Thus, to be among the top 10 on the search engine result pages is an indicator of excellent service. It implies you deliver what you promise. Therefore, SEO is a must for building trust and reputation. People come to the website on their own, and you need not force them or attract them. They have faith in your service and consider the pricing to be fairer.Hiring an SEO agency with sufficient experience and name can help you increase exposure. SEO experts with vast experience can help you get high-quality white label backlinks. They have connections with clients in the allied industries. Transparent and genuine backlinks from high-profile companies can attract new customers. Help In Understanding And Better Serving The CustomerAn SEO expert can help you reach and understand the target audience. They come up with the right keywords that can be location-specific and business-specific. So, the customers know what you do and get the required information too. Seo services study user browsing patterns and ensure that the desired messages and info reach the users at the right time. After experiencing the promptness and responsiveness, the users start to trust your services. Moreover, SEO agencies also take care of your social media engagements. Thus, hiring SEO services aid in attracting a new audience and making them loyal.  A Cost-effective Way To Increase ExposureWith SEO, a business can increase the traffic to the website. One gets qualified leads who are already in search of a similar product or service. Thus, the conversion rate is higher. Moreover, it is possible to measure the marketing metrics at a granular level. In the globalized world, occupying top positions on the search engine results page lets you reach a larger audience worldwide. Thus, people sitting in an Asian country can consult a foreign travel agency in the USA and get localized information. SEO helps you to reach genuinely interested customers. It saves your time and marketing efforts. You can conduct email campaigns, offer discounts to the niche group. Even for offline marketing, one need not waste resources as you already know the buyer personas.   Make Regular Web AuditsAn SEO expert knows that attracting customers alone is not sufficient. One has to engage and convince the visitor. And, these are feasible when the SEO experts conduct regular web audits. They determine the usability factor for the site. SEO companies ensure that the right content with appropriate visuals is available on the right page. They take care of all the details like font size, background color, video play options, etc. Navigability and adaptability in both mobile and desktop are absolute for modern tourists. You cannot afford to have a broken link or refer links to unrelated sites.  Enhance Your CompetitivenessToday, we have travel bloggers who give their personal travel experiences in detail. They can be present in various media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Then there are websites and channels dedicated to tourism. With different options for traveling, lodging, etc., the consumer gets confused too. Thus to gain customers' attention is an uphill task. SEO is a slow and steady process to bring genuine leads to the site. It requires a navigable site having fast loading speed and great content. The search engines also look for user reviews and social media engagements. Also, it is necessary to give up-to-date information. Wrong info can lead to penalization by the search engines. Thus, efforts for SEO are equivalent to enhancing your company and lead to business growth.  Final ThoughtsToday, the first step in building a travel agency is to have an SEO expert in the team. A new venture can start bang on with the right online presence. Those running the business in the traditional offline way have to up their digital ground. And hiring an SEO expert is the right way to do the same. They help you put the business in front of people looking for the services that you offer.      

Qasim Hussain

2021-10-12 09:27:55

How To Get an Airline Approval to Travel with Your Pet?


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How To Get an Airline Approval to Travel with Your Pet?

For the last two years, travel restrictions have been on and off across the globe. But now, with the knots of the pandemic losing up worldwide, people have started traveling fearlessly. Air travel is a top-notch choice for travelers when traveling abroad. Not only do travelers prefer airways for reducing their travel time but also for the fact that they allow pets to travel along. While you can take your pets with you to the plane, it has rules, regulations, and paperwork to follow. In this guide, we have accumulated everything for you. Right from how to get an airline's approval to booking a flight, from the fare to paperwork, we have covered it all.  Let's roll in! Let's talk about some fact-based realities first. Different airlines have a disparate set of rules and charges for bringing pets along. So before knowing the criteria of pet travel, it isn't possible to get approval from an airline. Below five points are more of a stepwise process to follow to get an airline approval to travel with a pet concerning recent real-life scenarios.  1. Know the NeedDo you really think it’s necessary to carry your pet with you on the trip? Ask this question to yourself before kickstarting the process of airline approval for your pet. Why? It's hard on your pets (yes, more than you) to take the air pressure, be in loud sounds, flooding lights, zillions of heads, and changes in the cabin temperature. Ideally, if you are moving out permanently or going on a journey for at least two to four weeks, then only you should think of taking your pet with you. In the other scenarios, you should keep your dog at your house with a dog-sitter or ask a friend for help.  2. What's Your Dog Size?Almost all global airlines give you two options for carrying pets along. You can either;Carry-on, orCargoMoreover, the choice out of these two depends on your dog size. If your dog size is small, especially the one that can fit in a dog carrier, you can carry him in the cabin under the seat. In case your breed is a mammoth to fit in, airlines will transport them with other cargo. (Ouch, that hurts, isn't it?) Imagining your pets in cargo is a terrible thing. Not all experiences are bad, but a few horrible stories say pet cargo equals no compassion. Therefore, check on different airlines for their current carry-on and cargo policies before buying a flight ticket.  3. Invest in The Right Pet CarrierA Pet carrier or crate is necessary no matter which airlines you are traveling with your furry friend. The International Air Transport Association has formed guidelines for pet carriers that most airlines follow across the world. Investing in airline-approved travel dog carriers can make the process of getting pet travel approval hassle-free. While looking for pet carriers, you should check if the carrier is;DurableLeak-proof at the bottomVentilatedStrong handledIt's the minimum you should do for your dogs. Also, slap a label on the crate or carrier indicating there's a living creature inside. Below it, paste your name and contact details to ensure that airlines reach out to you if any incidents happen with your pets during the air travel.  4. Get Done with Your Pet's Health CheckKnowing that your pet is fit and fine from a vet is super important these days. Many airlines demand a health certificate of pets before issuing a travel pass in their names. The thing is, pet immunizations change within 30 days. Hence, you should get done with your pet's health check and flight booking both within 30 days. After COVID-19, a few airlines allow health certificates no less than ten days old. If your trip is lengthy, you have to schedule a vet test during your stay to ensure trouble-free air travel for your pet while meeting health standards.  5. Research the Airlines, Know the Rules, and Reserve the Flight  After knowing all these factors, you should research the airlines that allow your pet breed to travel by air. Every airline has tons of rules and regulations for making pets' air travel possible. So, go through every guideline in detail and move towards reserving a flight of pet-friendly airlines. You might want to prefer non-stop flights instead of connected flights when you're with your pet.  Plus, avoid flying during holidays as airports run busy and would compromise on taking care of your pet. Above all, stay in touch with your airlines to know everything about pet travel. Some airlines have a limited spacing for pets. So, ask them for availability before booking tickets. Keep all things in mind and act wisely.  RecapWe can understand that the thought of leaving behind your lovely pet bums you out. But, in reality, taking them on a trip and that too by air requires many guidelines to follow and measures to take. Knowing the dog size and breed, having a perfect pet carrier, and familiarity with pet travel guidelines could get you airline approval to travel with your pet trouble-free. 

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2021-09-28 19:58:26

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