How to sell hotels online?

How to sell hotels online?

The hotel industry has observed tremendous extension in the past decade and most of the credit goes to the internet which has given rise to online bookings. PHP travels is unique in this required which provides an online portal to its customers for B2B and B2C businesses.

Starting from selling hotels online by a platform of PHP Travels can benefit you more productively. Such websites can help you reach maximum people. So, if you’re planning to sell hotels online then PHPTRAVELS is the best platform. It’s one of the world’s largest online travel portals, which supports people for travelling purposes.

How Can You Start a Business to sell hotels online?

You can operate an online travel agency from anywhere in the world. You can run your online business of selling hotels just by sitting at home. PHPTRAVELS equips you with a platform to sell your hotel and refer to other clients who are looking for a selling hotel. In this way, you can easily run your business with different references from PHPTRAVELS.

Some of the easiest methods to sell hotel online are as follow:

Boost direct bookings

  • Create a website

Create a website with a user-friendly interface and related content.

  • Create a good harmony with your guests

Create good harmony with your guests and make them feel special. Thank them for booking directly via email. You can offer discounts to reoccurring customers along with add-on services.

  • Offer your customers a loyalty membership program

It is a good gesture to offer your customers a loyalty membership program, reparation points stand as gifts to your regular customers. Just remember one thing that retaining a regular customer is far more convenient than procuring a new one.

  • Emulate OTAs and enable pop-up deals on your website

Emulate OTAs and enable pop-up deals on your website as this is the fastest way to grab your visitor’s attention.

  • Use an effective booking engine.

It is very important to use an effective booking engine and in this regard, PHP Travels is quite suitable to assist you. It will also benefit you to upsell your other services.

Implement a channel manager to handle bookings

Having your hotel’s presence on third-party channels like, Expedia and Agoda has become an imperative must for any hotel that is trying to sell more rooms online. Similarly, PHP Travels can also be utilized in this regard.

Every single hotel, motel, B&B, resort, or guest house, regardless of size, location, or budget requires a channel manager. Channel managers play a crucial role in managing your inventory and rates all around the globe. He also possesses efficient skills to allow you to manage, control, and monitor your rates and availability in real-time across all the booking channels. One thing that you have to look after is the fact that maintain real-time updating with efficiency to make sure that you sell the hotel at the right price. This increases your chances to maximize your room inventory and protects you from the burden of overbooking. Along with the usage of this inventory as a channel manager, you will not have to bear the brunt of bookings being cancelled as you would be carefree from the cancellations as your inventory will be automatically updated in real-time. You can efficiently use a channel manager by interfacing this with a hotel management system. In this way, you can magnify online exposure, expand revenue, and more significantly minimize the time it takes to upgrade your room inventory and prices.

Global Distribution System

Your hotel’s presence on the Global Distribution System like Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre, Worldspan will help you to magnify your property’s visibility and sales. A Global Distribution System (GDS) encompasses more than 600,000 online travel agents logged day in and day out to book flights, hotels, car rentals, and other travel-related activities. This Global Distribution System acts as a middle man between travel agents and the hotels. It also increases bookings and revenues by magnifying your geographical reach. You would be able to present on as many channels as possible that are available in the market today.

You need to make yourself sure of a mere fact that to make your place globally and to entice people towards your hotels, you need to make sure that you are available on every online platform.


So, we’ve elaborated everything about in what ways you can sell your hotel online through online platforms. All you need is to decide the portal through where you want to create and start this online business. We would recommend you to join PHPTRAVELS, which provides you with a great opportunity for your startup but also refers your business to other people in this business and are interested to buy your hotel. PHPTRAVELS wants to make lives easier for its clients

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