Traits of Highly Sensitive Travel Agents

Traits of Highly Sensitive Travel Agents

Traits of Highly Sensitive Travel Agents

Mostly the sensitive individuals get bad rap. Researches suggest that there are particular genes responsible for the 15-20% of people to become “highly sensitive”. Certainly such individuals are in every field, in travel industry too. Below we have mentioned the traits of highly sensitive agents.

Sensitivity and Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is one of their core abilities. This is the name of recognizing and understanding the emotions of others, and creating awareness to manage the behavior and relationships. The good thing is the travel agents with this characteristic are better able to understand what their customers want. Their focus is much on providing the people with the desired services, because for them the satisfaction of customers is first priority.

Experience the things more intensely

The sensitive people have ability to experience the things more intensely. As a travel agent, such an individual can easily identify the moods of the clients. This helps him to better communicate because he does not need words to know what is going on in their mind. The ‘highly sensitive’ travel agents can even catch on to subtleties in gesture and tone.

They think deeply

If you are a person with high level of sensitivity then you can think deeply about the things. When life throws you a curveball, you begin retreating deep into the shell and think through all aspects to make things possible. This trait is even present in travel agents with ‘high sensitivty’. They get to know what type of services should be provided to the clients by digging deep the multiple things. They also can handle big issues and even help others to get out of the problems.


If you are ‘highly sensitive’ then there are chances that you become detail-oriented. You become sensitive to the feelings, felt and unfelt. In order to get rid of the mess, you evaluate the possibilities that could make you become successful in the professional life.

Take longer to reach decisions

Taking decisions is not so easy for those who are very sensitive. In case of travel agents, such individuals do not compromise on the quality of their services. They prefer quality over quantity, and are never ready to let the customers suffer. For this, they sometimes start offering a few tour packages but all are of excellent quality and high caliber.

They are emotionally reactive

When left to devices, the sensitive people have a knee-jerk reaction to the feelings. They are emotionally reactive. When the emotions are strong, they take any risk to get the destination of desire. The hard part is changing the feelings and producing the unwanted behavior.

They take criticism harshly

Your strong feelings and intense emotional reactions are able to make criticism tough to accept. For any ‘highly sensitive’ person, it is next to impossible to welcome criticism. This might keep them away from getting improved. On the other hand, if they take criticism seriously and try to improve, then there are chances that they will achieve the desired results.

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