Things Every Travel Agent Should Do

Things Every Travel Agent Should Do

Things Every Travel Agent Should Do

In the last few years, the experts of tourism industry have reported that more consumers are now inclined to use a good travel agent, reversing a downward trend.

With the passage of time, the traveling industry has continued to be a challenge. The travel agents these days make good annual incomes. At the same time, they get the chance to maintain their repute, and this is only possible when they perform their jobs better than the rest.

Here we have shared the list of things every travel agent should do.


It is good to pick a few destinations or activities. The travel agents should not try to cover each and everything, because this is not possible for them. Consumers nowadays have more access to travel-related information and the competition among world’s travel agents is very tough. This is why, you should specialize in a particular niche. Check the internet to find out which niches of travel are in high demand. Based on the information collected, you can plan appropriate travel packages for the customers.


Learn to differentiate yourself from other travel agents. Give the clients highly personalized services, recommendations, nice accomodations, and chances to visit top destination of their favorite cities/towns/countries.

Develop a repertoire of unique experiences and special access

It is all the name of selling best experiences. The more unique and value-added services you offer, the higher are your chances to get approached by the clients. Develop the repertoire of unique experiences and provide the clients special access to your unique offers.

Be complex

It is very easy for the clients to book simple trips themselves, through the internet. Ask yourself this question that where do you stand in such circumstances? Well, you definitely have to be little complex so that the clients get easily attracted towards your travel-related deals. Put all your enegy and knowledge on the designing of complex tourism packages, such as you can offer point-to-point trips like Seattle to Las Vegas, as well as romantic cruise trips etc.

Go upmarket

The market can be segmented into two types: the first is of persons who make more money than time, and the second is of those individuals who make less money than time. If you are confused about this concept then let me tell you that your inputs and efforts will decide how much money you can make. Travel agents with more money than time are certainly offering some extraordinary travel packages to the customers.

Work with net rates rather than take commission

Yes, you are recommended to work with net rates rather than taking commission. It is good for long-term survival in the tourism industry. Focus less on making huge money from the commission and be flexible you’re your clients to as much extent as possible.

Develop a trusted reputation/brand

Last but not the least you should develop a trusted brand/reputation. Approach the clients for writing you endorsements on LinkedIn. Build your brand on Facebook and Twitter like platforms. Also, offer the clients referral-based discounts so that more and more people get to know about your travel agency.

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