Start-up Software Tools for Online Travel Agencies

Start-up Software Tools for Online Travel Agencies

The travel industry has shown a rapid progression over the past decade, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down any sooner. If your travel agency is still relying on outdated spreadsheets and obsolete tools in this era, it’s high time you need to upgrade. 

If you want your online travel agency to make the best out of the revolutionary trends, you have to switch towards a more rationalized approach. Modernize your website and focus on your core aptitudes. 

There exists an excess of excellent tech tools in the market that can help you streamline operations, enhance your agency’s productivity, and improve your customer experience. This article covers all the essential tech tools for your online travel agency, so you can efficiently manage different operations of your business. Best Tech Tools for Online Travel Agencies

From the management of tasks and operations, supervising expenses to the successful transfer of clients’ data into systems, a high-profile travel agency tends to have the most organized workflows. The efficiency of task management is what makes a travel agency gain success. So, let’s get started with the essential tech tools that every online travel agency should use.

  1. Online Booking Services

The current pandemic has made people more conscious and most clients are now inclined towards the online booking. Therefore, it is now essential for OTAs to provide online booking services by investing in an efficient online booking engine so the clients can book directly on your website.  So, here is our recommendation for the best online booking engine you can choose for your agency. 

PHPTRAVELS have stepped forward to support their partners from the travel industry by offering budget-friendly services. With the majority of the countries resuming their flight operations in the pandemic situation, many customers now prefer online booking.  

PHPtravels booking engine enables the agencies to retail their live inventory to B2C clients and B2B agents. It’s the most suitable booking engine for OTAs that have their private inventory, as it permits you to assimilate your third-party XML providers to offer aggregated packages for flights, ground transportation, activities, and hotels on your webpage. It also allows you to sell your custom-made contracts including hotels, transport, activities, and tours on the same platform.

It contains a potent back-office module so you can manage expenses, distributions, promotions, client data, shortlist agents, and get thorough business reports. PHPTravels supports multiple currencies and languages.

  1. White Label Solutions

If your travel agency doesn’t own its inventory of flights, hotels, or other facilities, you can opt for a white label solution to trade your services to B2C customers online. A con of going for white labels is that the client is redirected to the white label provider’s webpage for reservation, and you lose control over the pricing and other features. The coupons and tickets don’t advertise or carry your brand name. So, here is what we recommend for white label solutions:


Small-business agencies that do not have the amenity of hotel inventory through APIs or direct contracts can link themselves with this Hotel Affiliate Package to retail hotel suites and rooms on their webpage.

Assimilating this platform’s search widget into your webpage, allows you to enable your clients to pick from more than 2.5 million properties, and in return, you can earn a handsome commission on every booking through your website. 

  • Travelpayouts

This is another suitable choice for small travel agencies seeking the retail of flights and hotels via their website. You can assimilate Travelpayout’s widget into your website. This enables the clients to search live inventory on your site before being redirected for booking.

Keep in mind that every online travel agency needs different integration. To know which integration technology suite your OTA the most, you can get connected with PHPTravels which is one of the best white label affiliate software providers we found out there. 

  1. CRM Tools

If you have this misconception that the sole purpose of a CRM is to keep a record of the clients’ date of birth, you might need to reconsider. CRM is an important tool that allows   you to customize your services and makes it fairly easy to organize your inquiries, leads, and clients in one place. Here is what we suggest in the CRM category:

  • Zoho CRM

  • HubSpot CRM

  1. Digital Marketing Tools

Managing your online line travel portal is what plays the key role. You need to invest in good digital marketing to gain a notable digital presence. This helps your business gain increased traffic, leads, and potential clients. Here is our recommendation for your digital marketing strategy:

  • SEMRush

Managing an online travel agency is like an arena, and it’s important to keep observation on your key competitors in the market to make sure you stay ahead of them in your marketing strategies. SEMrush is one of the most useful and suitable tools for this purpose. It offers a detailed observation of your business rival’s digital presence, including their insights, and the ratio of organic versus paid traffic. It also tells you the target keywords of your competitor, their best backlinks, and more about their marketing techniques. 

  1. Accounting Tools

Accounting tools are essential for all small-scale and big online travel agencies. It’s time you move ahead of spreadsheets and other outdated means to manage your business finances. For this purpose, we recommend: 

  • Quickbooks

Quickbooks is specifically designed keeping in view the needs of small and mid-sized businesses. It is a completely web-based accounting tool that enables you to manage and organize all your agency’s investments and expenses in one place.

It helps you get rid of complex spreadsheets and helps you manage all your accounts, payments, billing, expense tracking, and every other financial task easily.

The web-based operation makes it fairly user-friendly as you can manage it on your mobile as well. 

What to Look For in a Travel Agency Software?

To run a successful online travel agency, you need to invest in the best Travel Agency Software that comes with multiple tools.  An efficient tool like PHPTravels covers the majority of your travel technology needs. It provides online booking of hotels, cabs, and taxis. It also supports multi-lingual dealing and multiple currencies along with the provision of lifetime updates. We found it as one of the most efficient travel tech software available in the market.

Summing it up

The travel industry is changing its trends rapidly with the progression of internet technology. With the cut-throat competition out there, you need to keep your online travel agency updated with the recent developments and keep a modernized approach. All the above-mentioned tools are a must-have to run a successful traveling business these days. PHPtravels covers all your travel technology needs with their effective and affordable services. We hope you found the list useful.

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