How to Start a Travel Blog as an Agent

How to Start a Travel Blog as an Agent

How to Start a Travel Blog as an Agent

How to start travel blog as an agent? Are you looking to get the answer of this question? If so then you are at the right page.

Travel blogging is what takes you around the world. For independent travel agents, it is mandatory that they start blogging immediately. This is due to the reason that they need to showcase their portfolio and capabilities to the world. A blog or a website is the platform with which you can make your voice heard. But here let me tell you that this is not going to be so easy. Sharing lots of articles along with quality images is the key to success. Besides this, you need to do SEO. So, let us share the tips for travel agents for starting their blog.

Choose a Good Name

The very first thing you need to do is to choose a suitable name. Make sure the domain you select is as per the travel niche. There are many. The selection of name/domain should be on the basis of most demanding keywords. Try to make the name short and memorable. It should not be long enough that becomes irritating for people. Your travel blog domain should clearly describe what you are going to write! Brainstorm some fantastic ideas or get inspiration from the internet. While choosing a domain name, you need to avoid hyphens and numbers. Also, you should avoid overused words such as the words that talk about a particular company etc.

Hosting For Your Blog

Once the name has been chosen, the next step is to get hosting for your blog. You can Google about the best web hosting companies. Choose the one which offers cheap, quality, and reliable packages. Get subscribed for a year or at least six months, after which your hosting has to be renewed.

Install WordPress and Choose Theme

On third, you have to install WordPress. This software will be supported by the hosting company you have chosen. Once WordPress is installed, the next step is to choose a professional theme. In this software, there are several free themes. In order to give your travel blog stunning look, we highly recommend that you select a paid theme which comes with extra features and great options.

Add Some Plugins

Add plugins of your choice. Some of the must-have plugins for any blog or website are Akismet, WordPress SEO, Social Share Buttons, Wptouch, and others. All these plugins perform their partuclar jobs and are essential for a successful and authentic-looking blog.

Embrace Social Media

I am sure you know how important social media networks are. Embrace social media especially Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and YouTube. Using these networks, you can generate quality traffic for your blog thus you make enough money from AdSense.

Write Quality Blog Posts

It is very important that you write quality articles, and create amazing content for your travel blog. Publish new articles everyday until or unless you have gained enough visitors. Write posts about the topics that users are most interested in.

It will definitely take some time to build audience, but once you have done that you can enjoy earning revenues from your travel blog.

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