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PHPTRAVELS v8 Rebirth Beta

Qasim Hussain

2021-08-24 00:35:54

PHPTRAVELS v8 Rebirth Beta

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We quite happy to express today that PHPTRAVELS is just very close to launch it's new version. For the past one year, we have been developing PHPTRAVELS v8 "rebirth" and today we are happy to announce it's almost near to launch. 

Today we have launched PHPTRAVELS v8 on our demo website please have a look. 

We are looking forward to improving our platform and other aspects of modules and API supplier integration program so that you will have the right products to sell and manage them all from a much better and easy-to-use platform that will also offer more features about your business.

We want to say thanks to everyone who has participated and helped us to learn practically from the real market, your feedback is the best we can use to improve our services.

As part of our efforts to get to know you better and provide you an excellent service, we would like to ask for your help sending us more valuable feedbacks related to travel and industry. 

The new PHPTRAVELS v8 “ Rebirth ” comes with tons of amazing features with blazing super fast performance. 



The new PHPTRAVELS v8 Rebirth comes with many new and amazing features such as : 

01. Content aggregation feature

In the all previous versions of phptravels there was no aggregation which means you can't enable multiple modules and get their data to single page by single search but from phptravels v8 rebirth version and onwards you will be able to enable multiple modules and mixture content on any page of your choice to book the listing you want. 


02. B2b Agent module system 

Now you can setup agents in your platform and specify them different discounts. which was never available before in our platform. agents can also have pre-defined balance which they can use and also they get better pricing for services in tern of markups.


03. Client-Side Based on API

The entire front-end is now based on Restful Json API. which means its super faster and secure in tern of performance and loading of web pages. the first web page is cached to user browser and it saves all the required data in cache mem. the data includes modules features content default currency language and much more to show on the homepage including CMS URLs and sub-page names. 


04. Entire New & Amazing Theme