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PHPTRAVELS v8 first look

Qasim Hussain

2021-04-27 04:44:51

PHPTRAVELS v8 first look

PHPTRAVELS about to release its finest version 8 soon in coming months. we have decided to realese some glimpse of the software.

the new version comes with many new features options and optimizations.
it has been completed seperated in 2 parts. 1 the API part and the other is cllient side part which was build from strach with core PHP without any framework and we believe the performance is now outstandaing. more secure and better then ever from previous versions. it comes also with aggreated APIs now you can enable multiple suppliers on same page and render their data and the view is same for all suppliers. the phptravels structure is now got alot better plus adding new payment gateway is now job of minutes. you can simple add your params and payment gateway from admin panel and then install your SDK in client app and then connect your params in view file of payment gateway. and thats not all there are alot more new feaures such B2B B2E client wallter and so on.

Please have a look on our youtube channel and let us know what do you think about it.

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