PHPTRAVELS stand with the Black community

PHPTRAVELS stand with the Black community

PHPTRAVELS is committed to social justice and equality. We believe that diversity of people and perspectives makes our world a better place and creates better technology. With recent events sitting heavy in our hearts, we have the responsibility and opportunity to do more in our own efforts as a company and within the communities we serve.

Helping to influence change

Influencing positive social change is essential to our broader mission. This page will be an ongoing and continually updated source for education and information about what we’re doing, where to learn more, and what you can do to help others. We want to keep the focus on the Black community right now, but we plan for the inclusion of all communities in need of social justice and equality as we move forward in our own journey of doing better at PHPTRAVELS.

What are we doing?

  • Free infrastructure for any social organization that promotes justice and equality programs.
  • Employee charitable donation matching.
  • Paid time off for community service.
  • Paid time off for voting.

These things only represent the beginning of our duties. As an organization, we're committed to upholding the principles of diversity, inclusion, and equality. And we understand this involves taking a long, hard look at what we can do to better uphold those principles, both internally and externally.

We don't have all the answers, but if you're an organization that believes we can help in your efforts to fight for social justice and equality—or if you have suggestions for things that we can do to help in these fights—please reach out to us.

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