Marketing tips for Small & Medium Consulting Firms

Marketing tips for Small & Medium Consulting Firms

Marketing tips for Small & Medium Consulting Firms

According to a study by Queensland University of Technology researcher, there is strong need to maintain the relationship of client-consultant; but at the same time it is strongly needed to manage the time. In order to deal with some very critical challenges, one has to manage things. The role of marketing in this regard is mandatory. Here we are going to share some fabulous marketing tips for small and medium consulting firms.

Develop Marketing Goals & Objectives

First of all, you are to develop marketing goals and objectives. The purpose of doing so is that you need to be clear with what you want to achieve and what the future outcomes are! Think carefully about “When”, “Why”, and “How”. The marketing objectives will be providing answers of most of your questions. Avoid plans to increase brand awareness, to increase sales, and to generate more referrals.

Develop Buyer Personas

Here it is strongly needed that you develop buyer personas. Just like other travel agency owners, you are to find out the ways of how to develop strong buyer persona so that your goals can be achieved in a better way. You also should know the answers of questions like:

  • What the clients care about?
  • What type of solution/s they are giving preference to?
  • Which place they are most likely to visit or stay at?
  • How would the clients like to get communicated with?

One has to replace the 4Ps of marketing (Product, Price, Place & Promotion) with 4Cs (Client solution, Client cost, Convenience, and Communication).

Differentiate Your Agency

Without any doubt, there are countless travel agencies out there; you have to think yourself of how to differentiate your agency from the others. For this, you can develop a differentiable customer value preposition. Use the tools which are helpful for you in this regard. Use resources on the basis of your organizational resources. Be assured that the clients are being convinced more effectively because this is the only way you can stay in the market for long.

Choose Best Marketing Platforms

The selection of best and most appropriate marketing platforms is the need of the time. Some of the offline marketing activities include brand promotion, membership in consultancy association and others. This will give your firm a brand-new and excellent look. Make wise use of resources like web pages, landing pages, emails, social networking websites, blogs and others to let the world know about your travel agency. The most favorite mediums of marketers are:


Platform                  Percentage
LinkedIn                        82%
Twitter                        81%
Facebook                        80%
YouTube                        60%
Google+                        38%







Keeping the above in mind, you can choose the platform you trust the most.

Fix budget & responsibility

Fix the budget of the organization as well as share responsibilities. At this point you are to be clear with the answers of the following questions:

  • How much you want to spend?
  • How will you win the project?
  • In how much time you can come up with the expected results?

By getting the answer, you can plan something extraordinary for your company. Here do not forget ot measure the success of all marketing plans, and of course stop underestimating the significance of the project champion.

Review performance, fix the errors and move fast

Review your performance every now and then. In case you find some errors, fix them as early as possible so that you can move on faster. This will eventually lead you to success. Performing these four corrective measures for achieving success is mandatory at this stage:

  • Change the marketing medium
  • Change your team members, if essential
  • Revise the marketing performance targets
  • Revise marketing strategies and tectics

If you plan strong marketing plan for your travel agency, you will be able to run it generaton after generation, and you can have great sales growth.

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