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How To Get an Airline Approval to Travel with Your Pet?

Qasim Hussain

2021-09-28 19:58:26

How To Get an Airline Approval to Travel with Your Pet?

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For the last two years, travel restrictions have been on and off across the globe. But now, with the knots of the pandemic losing up worldwide, people have started traveling fearlessly. Air travel is a top-notch choice for travelers when traveling abroad. 

Not only do travelers prefer airways for reducing their travel time but also for the fact that they allow pets to travel along. While you can take your pets with you to the plane, it has rules, regulations, and paperwork to follow. 

In this guide, we have accumulated everything for you. Right from how to get an airline's approval to booking a flight, from the fare to paperwork, we have covered it all. 

Let's roll in! 

Let's talk about some fact-based realities first. Different airlines have a disparate set of rules and charges for bringing pets along. So before knowing the criteria of pet travel, it isn't possible to get approval from an airline. 

Below five points are more of a stepwise process to follow to get an airline approval to travel with a pet concerning recent real-life scenarios. 

1. Know the Need

Do you really think it’s necessary to carry your pet with you on the trip? Ask this question to yourself before kickstarting the process of airline approval for your pet. Why? It's hard on your pets (yes, more than you) to take the air pressure, be in loud sounds, flooding lights, zillions of heads, and changes in the cabin temperature. 

Ideally, if you are moving out permanently or going on a journey for at least two to four weeks, then only you should think of taking your pet with you. In the other scenarios, you should keep your dog at your house with a dog-sitter or ask a friend for help. 

2. What's Your Dog Size?

Almost all global airlines give you two options for carrying pets along. You can either;

  • Carry-on, or
  • Cargo

Moreover, the choice out of these two depends on your dog size. If your dog size is small, especially the one that can fit in a dog carrier, you can carry him in the cabin under the seat. In case your breed is a mammoth to fit in, airlines will transport them with other cargo. (Ouch, that hurts, isn't it?) 

Imagining your pets in cargo is a terrible thing. Not all experiences are bad, but a few horrible stories say pet cargo equals no compassion. Therefore, check on different airlines for their current carry-on and cargo policies before buying a flight ticket. 

3. Invest in The Right Pet Carrier

A Pet carrier or crate is necessary no matter which airlines you are traveling with your furry friend. The International Air Transport Association has formed guidelines for pet carriers that most airlines follow across the world. Investing in airline-approved travel dog carriers can make the process of getting pet travel approval hassle-free. 

While looking for pet carriers, you should check if the carrier is;

  • Durable
  • Leak-proof at the bottom
  • Ventilated
  • Strong handled

It's the minimum you should do for your dogs. Also, slap a label on the crate or carrier indicating there's a living creature inside. Below it, paste your name and contact details to ensure that airlines reach out to you if any incidents happen with your pets during the air travel. 


4. Get Done with Your Pet's Health Check

Knowing that your pet is fit and fine from a vet is super important these days. Many airlines demand a health certificate of pets before issuing a travel pass in their names. The thing is, pet immunizations change within 30 days. Hence, you should get done with your pet's health check and flight booking both within 30 days. 

After COVID-19, a few airlines allow health certificates no less than ten days old. If your trip is lengthy, you have to schedule a vet test during your stay to ensure trouble-free air travel for your pet while meeting health standards. 

5. Research the Airlines, Know the Rules, and Reserve the Flight  

After knowing all these factors, you should research the airlines that allow your pet breed to travel by air. Every airline has tons of rules and regulations for making pets' air travel possible. So, go through every guideline in detail and move towards reserving a flight of pet-friendly airlines. You might want to prefer non-stop flights instead of connected flights when you're with your pet. 

Plus, avoid flying during holidays as airports run busy and would compromise on taking care of your pet. Above all, stay in touch with your airlines to know everything about pet travel. Some airlines have a limited spacing for pets. So, ask them for availability before booking tickets. Keep all things in mind and act wisely. 


We can understand that the thought of leaving behind your lovely pet bums you out. But, in reality, taking them on a trip and that too by air requires many guidelines to follow and measures to take. Knowing the dog size and breed, having a perfect pet carrier, and familiarity with pet travel guidelines could get you airline approval to travel with your pet trouble-free. 

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