Beware buying PHPTRVELS from frauds websites.

Beware buying PHPTRVELS from frauds websites.

We have recently became to know there are some fraud websites selling our products in cheap price and most of them may hack your cards your personal information or get you into legal troubles sooner or later. 

Therefore we highly recommend you to report these websites on our livechat at or you may directly report the name or url of website to [email protected] or whatsapp : +923311442244 

Find us fraud people and website and we will not only appriciate you but we also award you with $100 USD Dollars
which you can use for your next purchase from phptravels. 

below are listing some of the top fraud websites please beware buying any product or paying them using your card they might get you into serious troubles. 

List of top ten highest fraud websites existing online selling phptravels script and code without legal permission. 

01. 1dscript
02. otaengine
03. heberdomaine
04. rapidnull
05. bizz-manage
06. filetheme
07. daviruzsystems
08. freescript
09. for-cms
10. nulledscript

We have already complained against these fake websites and soon most of them will be waiving off from the internet. 

If you are involved any of these other other websites please highly recommend you to stay out from this. 
if you have purchased any thing from these websites you may disclose to us and we will offer you 80% discount 
if you purchased the code from them and yet using it please be informed your site will be down soon and legal action will be taken against your business too. 

this is humble request to all our clients to stay alert and do not buy or use your cards specially visiting these sites they may harm your card lead you to digital criminal activities. 

further please stay in touch with us and keep us updated if you found anyone selling exchanging or trading our products. 
thank you. 

Security Department 

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