Best Travel Agency Softwares in 2020

Best Travel Agency Softwares in 2020

Every travel agent or a travel agency business wants a secure and best online platform for their business according to their requirements. In this modern era most of the businesses are online including travel agencies and every travel agency wants a secure platform where they can easily interact with their customers and perform secure communication through these online platforms including different online payment gateway.

Here, we are going to discuss the best travel agency softwares in 2020, who are providing online platforms to travel agencies with different kinds of functionalities like online booking, payment gateways, VISA, Cab booking, Hotels, Marketing, Finance and Tours.


PHPTRAVELS is PHP and My-SQL based online travel agency software designed for the travel agencies and booking industry. This software is suitable for the owners of Travels & Tours agencies, hotels, rental cars, cruise, restaurants, villas, apartments etc.


PHPTRAVELS Key features

  1. Online Booking (Hotel, Tours, Taxi/Cab, VISA)

  2. Payment Gateways with multi currencies (VISA, Master Card, PayPal)

  3. Multi Language Support

  4. Content management (Blog)

  5. Social Connections

  6. NewsLetters

  7. Reviews/Feedback


The Bookingengine of PHPTRAVELS provides you proper reports that include billing and invoicing etc. The content management system of PHPTRAVELS allows you to edit, add, remove pages and files by using the admin panel. 

PHPTRAVELS has a full fledged newsletter management system where you can easily customize the newsletter and send unlimited newsletters and review module will help you to manage the reviews and after editing you can approve the reviews.

PHPTRAVELS offers you a one time subscription and gives you full code access so you can easily customize your software if you want any kind of change. 

PHPTRAVELS provides support through email, live chat and whatsapp including an online help desk depending upon what type of subscription select. PHPTRAVELS offers mobile apps to travel agencies according to the selected package.


Lemax software is a cloud base software, providing cloud base solution to travel agencies with different functionalities that will help the business in travel & tourism industry to manage the booking, sales, marketing and finance.

Lemax software will help you to manage the

  1. Group Travel

  2. Customers

  3. Travel Agents

  4. Service Orders

  5. Accounts

  6. Inventory

In Lemax software you can handle the

  1. Tours for clients

  2. Flight Tickets

  3. Accomodations

  4. Entrance Tickets

  5. Excursions

  6. Transfers

  7. Rental cars

Lemax software is integrated with mailchimp that will help you to send the surveys to your customers to record their feedback for further improvement in future. You can also generate different reports to track the client activity and their financial report or information.

Lemax software provides you annual base subscription and one time implementation charges. Support is offered through Email, phone, live chat and online help desk.

Rezdy Software

Rezdy software is a cloud based B2B platform that helps tour companies to sell their products on different websites. This platform helps the tour operators to integrate their system and web application with different booking engines.

This platform is works with different websites

  1. Joomla

  2. Wordpress

  3. And Drupal that helps in integration of booking form

Rezdy software helps its users that customers can easily reach to their products online. This platform also helps the distribution channels like hotel booking, online travel agencies, and marketplaces to find and access more products and deals to offer to their customers.

Rezdy platform offer different feature to their users

  1. Multi language support for booking forms

  2. Social Media Integration

  3. Industry standard SSL protection

  4. Online Payment gateways (Paypal, Eway, Square, Amazon, Rezdy Pay,

Rezdy software is configurable on mobile devices and can be used on different internet browsers

  1. FireFox

  2. Chrome

  3. Internet Explorer

  4. Safari

Rezdy software subscription is monthly. You have to pay after every month and they provide support through phone and through their online forum.

TripActions Software

TripActions software is a web base software provide different solutions for multiple industries

  1. Finance

  2. Human Resources

  3. Travel automate system (booking system, Tours booking system with reports)

  4. Expense reporting

  5. Reminder

  6. Travel Planning

Travelers can easily create and manage travel plans from the centralized platform by using the mobile devices.

By using TripActions you can easily send invitations to your guests and candidates for booking the travels and as well as you can easily manage and track your budget through the dashboard.

TripActions also provides mobile applications to their customers so they can easily manage all of their tasks through their mobile devices.


So as we know about the best travel agency softwares that will help any travel agency to boost their business online. Some of the softwares are according to the requirements of travel agencies to complete their tasks. Every platform has their own rule in terms of subscription, support and functionalities that they are providing.

Here, we can see which platforms are good for any travel agency and in above platforms PHPTRAVELS is one of the amazing platform that we provide most of the modules that are related to travel agencies including one time subscription plus they are also providing mobile apps to travel agencies to maintain or manage their business through mobile devices and other platforms are also providing many functionalities but they are limited plus subscription duration is very short. But PHPTRAVELS offers you one time subscription and provides support 24/7 whenever you need and you can also make changings in your software code according to your requirements.


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