Best B2B Hotel Suppliers

Best B2B Hotel Suppliers

Best B2B Hotel Suppliers

Finding the best hotels with reasonable prices is really a tough task. People are mostly concerned about bookings, room prices, and always looking for discounts. So, if you love travelling and want to make online reservations or if you’re a travel agent and want to make online bookings for your clients then congratulations! You’re at the right place.

PHPTRAVELS provides a platform to travel companies all around the globe to make hotel bookings on behalf of their clients. It helps travel agencies to expand their business and get more customers from all over the world. They help businesses to connect with other organizations on the international level and make a profit with each other. It also allows people to make direct bookings for any hotel they want.

Here we’re listing the best hotel suppliers, which not only offer B2B services but also B2C services as well. However, there are so many online platforms and it’s very hard to choose one. So, we’re elaborating on the top hotel suppliers for your ease.


PHPTRAVELS is an online reservation system with multiple features for travel agents and common users all around the world. You can use it for both B2B and B2C purposes. It has an online hotel module system to book rooms and pay the bills through its website. PHPTRAVELS allows travelers to book any hotel, which is most suitable to their requirements. People can directly make reservations from PHPTRAVELS or else the travel agents can also book the hotel rooms on their behalf.

Furthermore, PHPTRAVELS is the most reliable platform, which gives you complete information about the hotels. You can check out the room details, hotel facilities, rates, packages, and payment methods through its website. It also facilitates you to see the rates according to rooms such as there are different prices for the single, couple, and a double room with extra beds. You can see all details before making the online reservations.

Features of PHPTRAVELS

  • It is a cost-effective platform for online bookings
  • Easy to operate the website
  • Gives ultimate solutions for online reservations
  • Flexible and quick booking services to any hotel from PHPTAVELS
  • User-friendly and can be customized
  • Get all the details about the international hotel just with one click

It is one of the useful websites for hotel bookings and online reservations. It assists the brands and travel agencies to market their business online and grab more audience. offers hotel reservations at cheaper rates and offers many coupons. It’s easy to manage and also gives credits on your bookings. Furthermore, it has an easily accessible search engine where you can find all the hotels and their detailed information. It also allows you to make changes in your booking or even customize it according to the requirements.

  1. Expedia Group

Expedia Group is an American online organization for travel businesses of all sizes. It makes an association between companies and consumers. Expedia Group helps the guest to get connected with the hotels and book their room. You will need a trustworthy website to make bookings whether you’re travelling for business or going on vacation.

Expedia Group has different kinds of policies, which include the hotel booking policy, payment policy, and cancellation policy. You can make reservations at any time but in case you want to cancel or rearrange the booking so, you have to do it in a certain period. Your money can be wasted if you don’t cancel your booking in a limited time as Expedia Group doesn’t refund. So, make sure you do everything on time.

  1. Travellanda

Travellanda is an online B2B seller, which provides hotel-booking solutions to consumers and travel agencies. It is a developing and fast-growing website with highly competitive net rates. It’s officially located in London and has its local offices in Bangkok and Istanbul.

Moreover, Travellanda allows you to make bookings over 300,000 hotels in the world. It also offers discounted rates and different packages for online reservations. It has a password-protected reservation system to keep your data safe and secure.

  1. Priceline

Priceline is an online portal to provide travel-related discount offers for hotel bookings. It is associated with a million hotels to provide reservations to consumers and other travel organizations. This hotel supplier is serving humanity since 1997. You can also download its mobile application to make quick reservations for hotel rooms. These reservations can be cancelled at any time without any restriction or time limit. Moreover, it has the best customer service to guide you with the booking procedure.


There are many hotel suppliers, which are providing online hotel reservation services. You can choose any of them according to your needs. However, we would recommend you to go with PHPTRAVELS that has all the travel solutions and hotel booking services. The customer operation team of PHPTRAVELS also guides its clients to make a quick booking to any hotel in the world. So, don’t wait anymore and contact PHPTRAVELS to get all the information

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