5 best social media marketing platform for travel agencies

5 best social media marketing platform for travel agencies

Social Media Marketing platforms are one of the best online marketing platforms that will help many businesses to get online user engagement and reach to boost their business online. The first thing that you need is to come up with a unique social media marketing startegy that will help you to engage the users or customers online.

Here are some points that you need to consider before implementing or starting the Social Media Marketing of your business.

  1. How many Social Media Platforms accounts you have for your business including time and money to run?

  2. What kind of audience you have or what kind of audience you are going to target and which social media platforms you are going to choose?

  3. How will you schedule the posts or do you need tools to schedule the posts?

  4. How will you manage all the social media platforms and your website?

  5. How important Social media management for your travel agency and which tools you are going to use for social media management?

Here, we are going to discuss top Social Media Platforms that will help you to boost your travel agency.

  1. Facebook

  2. Instagram

  3. Pinterest

  4. Twitter

  5. Linkedin

Facebook for travel Agencies

In Social Media Marketing Travel agencies should start from Facebook. Facebook is such a type of social media marketing platform where you can share & advertise different types of data like Photos, text, Links and Videos to engage and reach the potential audience plus you can also create different offers including events that you can share with your audience organically or through paid advertisement. You can easily manage the user queries and answer their queries.

Here is an example of travel agents who are using Facebook that will help the travel agencies to grow in Social Media Marketing.

5 best social media marketing platform for travel agencies

TUI is one of the world’s largest travel & tourism agencies. Here, we will discuss how they are doing an amazing job on Facebook.

TUI uses Videos, Photos and links ad,s on Facebook in Paid and Organic Advertisement resulting in a 55x return on ad spend. Facebook recognized the TUI is one of the best travel agencies on the facebook network.

Instagram and Pinterest

Instagram and Pinterest is one of the best and famous social media pictures sharing social media websites. An account on any one of these websites is very important because travel agencies are photogenic and these two platforms are one of the best social media platforms for travel agencies. Because there is a unique connection between the travelers and these websites.

For Example, according to the study of Schofields insurance company 40% millennials choose vacation destinations based on Instagram posts.

Here is an example of a travel agency on instagram marketing.

TheSmartflyer has more than 19k followers and they know how to take an amazing picture. Having a strong and authentic Instagram following is good for a business because 80% of instagram accounts will follow the business and 30% of them will buy something.

According to the study, 120 million visited the website, called, emailed and got direction plus direct message during the paid advertisement.

Here is an Example of a travel agency on Pinterest.

5 best social media marketing platform for travel agencies in 2020


Expedia is one of the best earning travel agency on pinterest having 50,000 followers and 41 boards. 

Their boards range from destinations like Europe, Asia, Australia to travel topics like honeymoons, food diaries, and visits etc.

A good thing about pinterest is that pinterest is an aspiration planning Social Media website. But instagram is opposite where people just bookmark their pictures how they want to live, how they want to dress and what they want to eat plus where they want to travel. That's why Pinterest social media marketing is good for the travel agents because here people are  sharing pictures of their lives.


Twitter is one of the greatest platforms for travel agency social media marketing providing dedicated customers and communication with all of your followers. If you are using Facebook and other platforms for social media marketing then it's still a good idea to have a twitter account for your business.

Use your business twitter account to stay updated about your industry, new updates, and new trends in your industry and try to follow the influencers to promote the content of your travel agency. Be sure to join the conversations by using the trending hashtags and add the short links in your twitter content.

Here is an example of travel agency Orbitz using a twitter account.

5 best social media marketing platform for travel agencies



Linkedin is a professional social media platform where people create professional profiles and pages for their companies and start campaigns to hire the professionals for their companies. But these people and companies also go for trips with their employees also for their company trips. So, linkedin platform is best for the travel agencies to publish and advertise their content on this platform to get potential customers for their travel agencies.

Here, you can share your pictures, video and content with the links of your travel agencies to promote your business.

Here is an example of a travel agency using linkedin to promote their services.


These are the following above social media platforms that will help you to boost your travel agency business and reach more potential customers by promoting your services. You can also use more Social media Platforms to boost your business or services like youtube which are totally different platforms in our next article we will discuss about How youtube will help the travel agencies to boost their business.

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