Language Management

Languages Folder
All languages files are stored in the ( Application/language/ ) sub-folders.

Default Languages
We have added some default languages which comes with the software when you install and they can be edited / modified.

Adding a New Language

You can easily create your own language for your website using this script, just follow these steps below:

  1. After when you have logged into your hosting cpanel, Go to 'File manager' and click 'Public_html'
  2. Click 'application' and find 'language' option
  3. After getting into 'language' option create a new folder (from the top left) containing your language name [ use country code instead of full name e.x ( English ) should be like ( en ) ]
  4. Now go to default 'en' english language folder and  Copy these two files to your newly created folder 1. ( front_lang.php ) and 2. ( name.txt )
  5. Go to your newly created folder and edit these 2 copied files ( front_lang.php ) and  ( name.txt )
  6. Replace all english words with your language words in file 1. front_lang.php , and edit file 2. name.txt  now if your language supports RTL then change LTR to RTL final results of the file should be like ( EN,LTR ) seperated by coma
  7. Optional : if your theme supports flag icon then follow these instructions below: 
    Copy your flag icon to path ( uploads/images/language/en.png ) Note : the icon image name should be same as your language name like ( en.png )