Following these simple steps you can start your partnership with CarTrawler
Register at cartrawler partner prgrame :

02. They will take 3 - 5 business days (Maximum) to review your application / website / business

03. If they approve your request, you will receive an email including your client ID

04. Copy your Client ID and login to your admin panel

05. Go to integrations and enable Cartrawler module

05. Once you Enabled the Cartrawler module click on settings

06. Paste your Client ID to Client ID inputbox and submit the page

07. You can also change currency, page title, icon etc

08. Now your integration with cartrawler is ready you may check it on front-end 

09. To manage your cars menu on front-end simply go to ( CMS -> Menu ) and drag the cartrawler menu to best position

Note: Your commisions and payment system is the matter between you and your api provider (e.x CarTrawler)