How to change admin username password?
After when you have logged into admin panel
01.Click ‘My profile’ from the dropdown menu at the top right of your screen
02.Replace old password with your new password
03.Click submit to save changes




My Profile.png


How to add multiple admins ?
Just follow the instructions below to add or del admin accounts:
Login to your admin panel, click ‘Accounts’ in the left sidebar and tap ‘Admins’

Here you can add or Delete accounts for admin.

How to Manage Suppliers?
01. (After when they have successfully registered) log into your admin account and find ‘Accounts’ option in the left sidebar.
02. Tap Suppliers and edit the supplier account you want to set up.
03. Change its status from Disable to Enable
04. Then look into Supplier details (E.x; Supplier for Hotel and Hotel name is Hotel Max).
05. Now add it's required Hotel/Cars/Tours option.For example it's an hotel request then we need to go into hotels option and click hotels.

06. Add a new hotel by filling in information provided by the supplier and submit.
07. Get back to accounts option and assign a hotel by editing it's account.
08. After when required hotel is created and assigned you need to give that account access,most probably you will let them just edit their hotel/cars/tours.

09. Click Hotels/Cars/Tours as required in the edit section.
10. Send verification details and submit at the end of the page, supplier would receive an email consisting username and password.
You have successfully made and supplier’s account.

Note: Graphics below show you options such as ‘Adding’ / ‘Deleting’ / ‘Editing’ suppliers account, You can also see in the small circles that accounts are active or not.

Suppliers Management.png


Customers Management
Want your registration option for your customers ? , Yes you have made right decision to choose PHP Travels as your business partner. Our Booking engine your customers can register and their accounts would be automatically approved but if you to keep check on this you can simply put a barrier by making their accounts approved by admins. You can Edit/Delete customers accounts as shown in the graphics.

Guest Management
Customers can login as guest as well, this option lets your customers save time and check your market offerings.

Guest Management.png