Why every travel agent needs to attend arabian travel market (ATM)

Why every travel agent needs to attend arabian travel market (ATM)

If you are a “smart travel business” you must not miss the ARABIAN TRAVEL MARKET (ATM).

Every year in April Dubai has the most specialized fair on travel and tourism that uncovers a large number of beneficial options that can ultimately make you win in the market whether you travel agent, tour leader, airline company, social media influencer, software company or in any other way related to the travel industry. I believe among all the platforms that support and uplift travel and tourism in different ways ARABIAN TRAVEL MARKET (ATM) is the most encouraging trade gathering. For me it’s the perfect combination of education and networking. There’s no doubt that Middle East is taking the travel industry bull by the horns.

In very simple words ARABIAN TRAVEL MARKET (ATM) is a HUGE travel exhibition and the organizers of ARABIAN TRAVEL MARKET (ATM) start planning it at least 12 months in advance because there’s so much happening in the four days show and it requires a significant amount of work that goes into it. At the ARABIAN TRAVEL MARKET (ATM) various leading travel industry trends as well various exhibits are showcased across 12 halls at Dubai World Trade Centre. There are more than 2,500 exhibiting companies from around 75 countries.

Witnessing the Arabian travel market for four days is not only informative and beneficial but also very enjoyable experience. There are many interactive exhibits as well. At the end of four day session there is no doubt that every single person goes back with lot and lot of new ideas for their respective businesses and much wider vision that brings them success. 

Majority of exhibitors and visitors at ARABIAN TRAVEL MARKET (ATM) primarily focuses on conducting business with people they would not usually get the opportunity to meet and develop beneficial connections for their company. So if you be part of ARABIAN TRAVEL MARKET (ATM)  2020 don’t forget the prime focus and pull out the maximum benefit from it because no matter how beneficial or informative any platform is for any company its ultimately you to bring it to the right use.

If you are Travel Agents then the benefits for you are much more in so many ways than a general visitor or some other travel professional. Being a travel agent if you rightly use the available resources at the ARABIAN TRAVEL MARKET (ATM), I assure you that at the end of the four days event you will be having confirm business deals and a long list of useful RELIABLE connections from around the world that you can work with in future. It doesn’t just end here – there’s something EXCLUSIVE for travel agents at the ARABIAN TRAVEL MARKET (ATM). and that is The Travel Agents' Academy. Travel Agents’ Academy is a series of two half day programmes of free training and networking specifically designed for the Travel Agents attending ARABIAN TRAVEL MARKET (ATM). The important sessions in these two half day series equips the travel agents with skills that they need to thrive in years ahead to survive in the market. World top travel professionals are there to brief on the most pressing issues for the travel agents and how to tackle them. There is three hours training programme in which the travel agents get training for free on subjects like – importance of research for travel agents, itinerary planning and writing, sales training and destination briefings, working on new destinations and tips on adding something unique into your itinerary for well-travelled clients. The travel agents get networking breaks during the training and briefing sessions in which they can interact with other co travel agents from around the world, share ideas, make connections and learn so much from each other. NOT TO MISS - All Delegates Get A Course Completion Certificate Too! All this and so much more makes me encourage all the Travel Agents to attend ARABIAN TRAVEL MARKET (ATM). in years ahead to get the free trainings, have the meaningful and engaged conversation, establish new contacts and explore potential collaboration. It is fantastic opportunity to meet key industry players!

Sadly in Pakistan we do not have any proper platforms that guides, trains or give awareness about global travel and tourism trends and innovations thus we are far behind from many countries in that way. ARABIAN TRAVEL MARKET (ATM) is an opportunity to expand our knowledge & keep us up-to-date with the latest travel trends. It is a complete package that offers everything under on roof in course of four days. Whether you are buyer, seller or travel professional ARABIAN TRAVEL MARKET (ATM) caters all in the best possible way that helps them achieve their business goals, in uniquely focused and enjoyable experience.

By visiting ARABIAN TRAVEL MARKET (ATM) you will witness that there is so much going around in world in the field of travel and tourism and how dedicated people are. All this definitely motivates a person. Interacting with people from around the world who share the same profession with you will definitely make you learn certain things from each-other. For example; maybe they learn from you how to build credibility and connection with clients or you learn from someone how to identify and offer solutions to clients; negotiation and management techniques. From the top speakers you might learn how to manage the transformation from sale to client relationship and lot more important in things, all in just four days!

Getting into ARABIAN TRAVEL MARKET (ATM).is quite easy. You can simply go to their website (https://arabiantravelmarket.wtm.com/) and get yourself registered (travel professional if you are a travel agent), however the website is very user friendly and at each step in registration it guides you so clearly. You will get a verification email and in a weeks time they will send you your badge number on the same email address. Pre-registration is free, and they usually send an invite a few months before the event. So if you are planning to go next year, don’t forget to mark your calendars. Oh yeah! There is a metro station near to the ATM venue that will lead you straight to the exhibition hall. The exhibition is divided into two halls in each hall continents are divided in specific order so the visitors do not miss out on any exhibit and can reach to their required destinations easily. ARABIAN TRAVEL MARKET (ATM) is big show and every year it gets bigger and better!

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