Whats new in the PHPTRAVELS v8

Last month in October 2021 we released PHPTRAVELS version 8 Rebirth Why do we call it rebirth? Because the platform has been changed dramatically from database design to backend and from front-end theme to all new features and improvements. Everything has been updated and now every new version of PHPTRAVELS will come-up with a new name as we have now PHPTRAVELS v8 Rebirth. 

PHPTRAVELS v8 Rebirth is one of the most brilliant version so far produced by our team. This version is not only best because of its performance or the features but it has enabled our team to learn about the latest technology stacks and more about how to produce enterprise level products. And we are happy to announce that PHPTRAVELS is working on micro-services which means we have built every component in different departments and space. 

The new structure of version 8 Rebirth is now divided into 3 folders on main root as you can see the image below : 

The platform structure now is divided into 3 main folders 

folder we have all the backend, database and API endpoints

folder we have complete frontend themes views and user accounts 

folder we have software installation files 

Then we have some other important files such as : 

help us to ignore unnecessary files for github repo

helping our server to redirect and read URLS properly

containing database connection + API server URL authorized access by key

will be helping our auto pull code from github in term of development

main file to be read on server when browser hit the web server 

allowing additional permissions required by software to be enabled on server


helping search engines and web crawlers to unders the content on site


required by windows based web servers to react as htaccess functions

The API folder contains the main backend which has all the database administrator panel supplier panel and all the backend related structure and files which contain some of the previous version base structure but rest of all the frontend is entirely developed from scratch keeping in mind the performance of the project. 

In the previous website we were getting data directly from the database and there was no middle-ware such as API’s concept, add authorization layer and pull or push data but now we have a completely modern structure which is based on micro web services. 

With this new structure you can now host your admin panel entirely on a different server and publish your website’s front-end on another web server. It will not add another layer of security to your project but also the performance will react better and faster. All you have to do is to configure your config.php  file located on the root of your server for both projects separately. 

Meanwhile if you have got your 7 days free trial with license do not forget to watch the YouTube video to install PHPTRAVELS v8 Rebirth on your localhost  Video link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AD3gX-VQxt4

Now let’s talk about some new awesome features offered by new version of PHPTRAVELS v8 Rebirth. 

Aggregation of multiple Modules

If you are PHPTRAVELS previous client you might know we had one of the serious issues about the modules aggregation. In previous versions you could enable only one module service for each section. 

Let’s say you want to enable a manual database hotels module with expedia or hotelbeds and this was not allowed before but thanks to our development team who take this problem seriously and build the entire module’s structure from scratch to make this happen. Now you can enable multiple modules for each service / section as you can see below the image showing aggregated data result from database of hotels and below is the rezlive hotels API data for hotels listing page.

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