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Understanding the potential of travel agency business: Future and ways to grow

Qasim Hussain

2021-07-15 22:54:40

Understanding the potential of travel agency business: Future and ways to grow

travel agency potential

travel agency business

travel agency future

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It is undeniable that the tourism sector has been a major driver of economic growth in many countries. It is also true that travel agencies are one of the most important players in this industry. The travel agency business is one of the most lucrative industries in terms of revenue. It has been around for a long time and continues to grow with every passing year.


Travel agencies have to be on top of everything, as they constantly strive to stay competitive and grow their business. There's no better time than now for you to read our article on understanding the potential of a travel agency business and how to start and expand your own.


Short Introduction: What is a travel agency business? Travel agency business model overview

A travel agency is a business that helps and assists clients in arranging travel-related services such as flight tickets, hotels, and rental cars. A good travel agency will also help its client plan the trip cost-effectively and get the best deals on the different local travel services.


Travel agencies also advise their clients on attractions and events in a particular city. Travel agencies have to be on top of all the latest deals and promotions available to stay competitive.

A key factor for a travel agency's success is its ability to innovate and adapt with time. The tourism industry, on the other side, is undergoing major changes. These industries will continue to grow, and it's critical for travel agencies to be able to stay in sync with these trends.


Travel agencies are also crucial to the success of many tourism destinations. It provides them with an opportunity to grow their customer base and potential profits exponentially while cutting operational costs.


The growth potential of the industry: Is online travel agency profitable? Why is the travel agency industry worth investing in?

The growth potential of the tourism industry has been astounding in recent years, with the sector experiencing a 10.8% growth year on year for 2016-2017 (United Nations World Tourism Organization). It is also true that Travel Agencies are at the forefront of this industry.

Online travel agencies have seen an increase in revenue by $2 billion over the last two years alone, showing just how profitable this business can be if done right. The online travel agency market for Air Tickets as a category grew 25% from 2015-2016, according to Skyscanner advertising data. This rapid expansion only goes to show how lucrative this industry could potentially be.


Also, there are a lot of online travel agent business opportunities as well for individuals.


Prospects for the industry including new trends and opportunities that exist


Nowadays, most people do everything online. This is why the growth of the internet-powered business has been phenomenal. Travel agencies are one of these businesses that have grown exponentially in recent years. The future of the travel business will inevitably include new trends and a changing landscape.

The rise in online booking has been a key factor in how travel agencies have grown their customer base exponentially, but it isn't the only thing that will impact this industry.

The changes in recent years are monumental, and it cannot be easy to keep track of what's going on. There are few important things to take note of so you're prepared for the future of this industry, including:


  • - The impact of new technologies on the industry.
  • - Trends in online travel booking and how to stay ahead

The travel industry has already started to see some major changes in recent years, and these changes will continue.

It's never too late to invest in this booming industry or start your own travel agency business online today!


What does it take to run a Profitable travel agency business?


There are many challenges that entrepreneurs in this industry will face, such as the increased competition from large conglomerates and the rise in online booking channels. The success of a travel agency relies on which trends they can capitalize on and how efficiently they can adapt to changes in the industry.


Successful travel agency businesses capitalize on trends that benefit their clients while finding profitable areas and updates to stand out from competitors. These changes include a rise in demand for hotels, customer preference towards online booking, and increased companies providing low-cost leisure airfare tickets.


Excellent customer support

It's important to help individual customers or travelers with any issues or inquiries and ensure they are served with care and professionalism. Customer service is a crucial aspect of a travel agency business and can be the difference between success and failure for many agencies.

The importance of good customer support for travel agencies becomes clearer when you think about how your customer's experience is shaped. The interactions that people have with the company are crucial for how they feel about the company and what they're willing to do in the future.

Consider how frustrating it would be if something went wrong with your trip and there was no way to contact anyone about it. It's also crucial to ensure you have a reliable customer support team available to help customers during the busiest times of the year.

Strong Marketing Strategy

Today, most people are doing everything online, which is why internet-powered businesses' growth has been phenomenal. A huge part of any travel agency business is their marketing strategy; otherwise, they won't compete with larger conglomerates.


Successful travel agencies invest heavily in marketing. This includes channels like social media, email campaigns, and more to make sure their customers know about what they offer.

Marketing also helps agencies attract the right employees with the experience and skills needed to succeed. They need someone who can work with current trends and future trends of this industry while still being reliable for their travel agency.

Learn how to market travel agency business online (Link)

Cater Customer preferences

Customer preferences are an important part of the travel agency's business. According to some surveys on travelers, there's a shift in how people like to book their vacations. Some prefer to do it online, while others want to use the traditional method. Travelers also prefer different benefits and amenities that they want with their reservation from things like entertainment, accommodations, and meals. Travel agencies need to cater to these needs, or they'll lose their customer base.

Other types of businesses make customers happy even if they don't give them what they want by offering something in return. For instance, you might enjoy going grocery shopping with your family when you're running late because you know that once you go home, you'll be able to have a nice dinner.


What Does It Need to Start an Online Travel Agency business: Online travel agency business details?


Travelers are always looking for new experiences on their next trip. An Online Travel Agency (OTA) is an online middleman between the traveler and vendors, connecting them with travel products offered by different vendors. OTA's typically sell airline tickets, hotel rooms, tours, or cruise line tickets as well as car rentals but sometimes include buses to shuttle travelers from place to place if necessary.


OTAs play the main role in facilitating connections while also making sure both parties involved get what they want out of the transaction by providing transparency, so no one gets ripped off!

1. Web user interface for travelers and travel agents.

The most frustrating thing about traveling is trying to find the best deal on flights and accommodations.


An online travel agency should own a Web interface that their customers can search for available flights, hotels, and other items. With just a few clicks, travelers will be able to find and filter their searches by price and location on specific dates to make the best choices possible.

They'll also be provided all of the information needed when making decisions about which product or service is right for them before booking it.


Supplier Back-End/interface for tourism businesses

The next thing that an online business agency may need is a user interface for suppliers. Supplier interface or Supplier Back-end helps tourism companies create and manage their accounts; they can control the inventory, organize different travel products, get payments, and manage different rates.

An Online Travel Agency administers the supplier Back-End, controls all deals, and shows them to travelers through the web user interface.


OTA administrators Back-End

The most important thing is the Administrator Back-End!

The platform administrators should be able to manage the accounts of tourism businesses and travelers. They also need to manage inventory, rates, availability of travel products, and payments.


Connecting with Application Programming Interface

In addition to traditional web-based services, online travel businesses are connecting with many new technologies.

Connecting with the Application Programing interface (APIs) lets travelers search and book travel from their favorite booking engines using a wide variety of ways and options.

Online travel businesses can connect with their partner hotels' Central Reservation Systems, Amadeus CRS, Galileo CRS, and Sabre. They may also connect with major computer reservations systems (Global Distribution Systems - GDS) or other web applications for selling airline tickets, making hotel reservations, and booking events.


Payment System

A payment gateway allows travelers to pay for their Bookings online. It encrypts the data, gets authorization from a bank, and sends the response back to the website to complete the payment.

This is where online payment gateways play an important role by providing necessary access to travelers who'll use the different payment services according to their availability.

For more details, Lets have a look at business model of online travel agency (Link)


A few tips for how to start a travel agency business online?


Nowadays, the demand for online travel agencies is growing since people are looking to make their trip-planning process simple. With a good marketing strategy and customer service team, one can become successful in this industry.

1.    Recognize the importance of marketing and advertising your business on the internet.

2.    Maintain an excellent customer service team that can provide around-the-clock support.

3.    Keep in mind that trends are always changing, and it's important to keep up with them.

4.    Cater to customer preferences, as this will help your customers feel like their desired requests are heard.

Nowadays, the demand for online travel agencies is growing since people are looking to make their trip-planning process simple. With a good marketing strategy and customer service team, one can become successful in this industry.


What is PHPTRAVELS, and How can it help my Travel agency business?


PHPTRAVELS is a complete one-stop solution that helps travel agencies and agents set up their businesses to work online. It'll take you less than 20-30 minutes to set up your travel website and start making money! Travelers can search for hotels, check availability, book a room, flights, tours, and much more. They can also pay for everything they order. Similarly, suppliers can also manage their accounts, inventory, and much more.

It has been designed to be simple and easy to use by anyone in the tourism industry without any programming skills being required - it's completely automated! You can customize PHPTRAVELS according to your needs while also enjoying essential packs of recommended features for all online travel agency businesses.


Just have a look at the amazing features of this software package. It'll take you less than 20 minutes to set up your travel website and start making money! You can choose from many modules, drag-and-drop content with just one click, customize every aspect of design as you wish without any programming knowledge required.



Tourism is one of the leading industries in the world. It's a thriving industry that has continued to grow and evolve as we enter new phases of globalization and digitalization. 

This has also led to many changes in how customers are traveling and what they want from their trips, which is important for travel agencies looking to stay ahead of the game.

If you're thinking of starting your own travel agency business, then it's important to think about how you'll set up the business infrastructure. From marketing and advertising online to keeping an excellent customer service team around the clock, there are a few things that any successful internet-powered travel agency needs for its customers will feel like they've heard.

PHPTRAVELS is a one-stop-shop for online travel agency business growth for startups. You can still get the most of their service with ZERO development understanding and knowledge. With the help of PHPTRAVELS, you can manage all of your bookings with ease while taking advantage of inbuilt modules that are tailored to match what different kinds of travelers need.

The Importance of Cybersecurity in the Tourism Industry


The Importance of Cybersecurity in the Tourism Industry  770

The Importance of Cybersecurity in the Tourism Industry

Booking flights and hotels for vacations or business trips is something people do as part of the normal course of their lives. What they don’t realize is that the tourism industry has some of the highest number of security breaches. Think about it: when you book that flight or reserve a room at a hotel, you use either your personal or corporate credit cards to pay for them. When buying your tickets, you put in personal information that could be stolen and used by hackers to steal your identity. The amount of sensitive, personal data that hotels and travel companies keep in their databases makes them a prime target for cyber criminals. That is why one of the areas that these companies need to focus on is protecting client’s data. Cybersecurity is something that players in the hospitality industry need in order to protect their clients.  What is cybersecurity?Cybersecurity is keeping your computer networks secure from data breaches, theft, misdirection of service, and damage to both software and hardware. Cyber criminals target industries that hold sensitive data that they could exploit for gains. Cybersecurity has several common categories:Network security. This refers to the protection of your computer networks from malicious attacks, either internal or external. One example of network security is your network firewall. This is basically a gate that stops malware and other suspicious activities and untrusted networks from breaching your network while allowing authorized users entry into your secured network.  Information security. This refers to protecting data privacy. Whether customer data or company data, information security keeps all manner of data secure and accessible only to those that have clearance to do so. Operational security. This encompasses all internal cybersecurity. From granting access to employees to data retention and destroying data all in accordance with local and international regulations, whichever applies. This includes training and educating employees on the risks of data breaches and the importance of keeping data secure.  Common types of cyberattacks in the tourism industry and how to protect your organizationPhishingThis is perhaps the most common scam of them all. Phishing emails often disguise themselves as promotional emails, news emails, sometimes even emails from your bank asking you to change your password and providing you with a link where you can change it. Cyber criminals have learned to mask these emails to make them look legit. As people become more aware of this modus operandi, the people behind them evolve their attacks. There are two general types of phishing attacks: whaling and spear phishing.  Whaling phishing. Usually targets individuals like C-level managers or the “big fish” in companies. Hence, the name: whaling. The aim is to steal money or sensitive data. Spear phishing. This targets individuals lower on the totem pole. The main idea is to breach the company by getting a particular employee to click a link that would give the criminal access to the company's systems. There may be other types of phishing, but these two are the most common in the hospitality industry.  How to protect your company:Educate your employees. Make them aware of what phishing emails could look like. Ensure that they check the sender’s email address and scrutinize it. Make employees use secure passwords that no one else has access to.  Install and update security software. This is the first line of defense against phishing attacks. Spam and web filters, antivirus software, and firewalls are all part of security software that protects your company from being breached.  Back up your data. To prevent data loss, constantly back up your data so that it can be recovered in case of emergencies. Distributed denial of service or DDoS attacksCyber criminals love using DDoS attacks to disrupt their target hotel’s servers by flooding them with a sudden heavy influx of internet traffic. This will bring the target’s server down, disrupting their system to the point of grounding all services to a halt. This is done all in the name of money.  How to protect your company:Early identification helps. You can stop a DDoS attack on its tracks if you catch it on time.  Invest in a good anti-DDoS service. You can call them in case of an attack. Or call your ISP service provider.  Have a plan ready. Don’t wait for an attack to happen. You need to have a plan in place for any type of cyberattack against your networks.  Malware and ransomwareThese are malicious software that can corrupt your computer or access data and hold it for ransom. These are used to spy or destroy data and install more infectious malware into your system.  How to protect your company:Install anti-malware. This is your first line of defense against malware and ransomware attacks. Keep systems updated. Most updates include security patches that help keep malicious software out. Ensure that flash drives are malware-free. Some companies even prohibit the use of flash drives to prevent any chances of having their systems infected with malware.  Take awayCybersecurity is an integral part of the tourism industry. There are ways to prevent cyberattacks as long as both employers and employees are educated, the right security systems are in place, and all systems are up-to-date. 

Qasim Hussain

2021-09-05 11:29:56

PHPTRAVELS v8 Rebirth Beta


PHPTRAVELS v8 Rebirth Beta  405

PHPTRAVELS v8 Rebirth Beta

We quite happy to express today that PHPTRAVELS is just very close to launch it's new version. For the past one year, we have been developing PHPTRAVELS v8 "rebirth" and today we are happy to announce it's almost near to launch. Today we have launched PHPTRAVELS v8 on our demo website please have a look. We are looking forward to improving our platform and other aspects of modules and API supplier integration program so that you will have the right products to sell and manage them all from a much better and easy-to-use platform that will also offer more features about your business.We want to say thanks to everyone who has participated and helped us to learn practically from the real market, your feedback is the best we can use to improve our services.As part of our efforts to get to know you better and provide you an excellent service, we would like to ask for your help sending us more valuable feedbacks related to travel and industry. The new PHPTRAVELS v8 “ Rebirth ” comes with tons of amazing features with blazing super fast performance.  PHPTRAVELS v8 RebirthThe new PHPTRAVELS v8 Rebirth comes with many new and amazing features such as :  01. Content aggregation featureIn the all previous versions of phptravels there was no aggregation which means you can't enable multiple modules and get their data to single page by single search but from phptravels v8 rebirth version and onwards you will be able to enable multiple modules and mixture content on any page of your choice to book the listing you want.  02. B2b Agent module system Now you can setup agents in your platform and specify them different discounts. which was never available before in our platform. agents can also have pre-defined balance which they can use and also they get better pricing for services in tern of markups. 03. Client-Side Based on APIThe entire front-end is now based on Restful Json API. which means its super faster and secure in tern of performance and loading of web pages. the first web page is cached to user browser and it saves all the required data in cache mem. the data includes modules features content default currency language and much more to show on the homepage including CMS URLs and sub-page names.  04. Entire New & Amazing ThemeEntire new theme components elements and new user experience. much lighter than ever and user easy to search filter and book the services.  05. Blazing Fast Pages LoadingFastest page loading time and better performance of all actions of web application. the web app requires only first time to call the main API to load special content such as enabled modules featured items logo and other content images. all the content is cached in browser and no more calls required to hit the main API server.  06. New Booking Status Introduced We have now 6 types of booking statuses. 3 for payment status and 3 for booking status. it can help now for admin and supplier to understand the current status of booking from payment to booking confirmation everything is updated.  07. Client Wallet System AddedNow users / clients can add balance to their wallet and use use this balance for their bookings. balance can be added only for registered clients. they need to login to their account and hit the add funds option available on left panel.  08. New Suppliers & GatewaysMany new suppliers added to platform and integration of any new API is much easier than every. any developer now can read the document of modules for flights hotels tours cars or visa and then they create same required request and response format to connect with phptravels v8.   By the way that's not all there is more to come but we need your help to improve the product. please keep us posted y our valuable suggestions and feedbacks related to our product. and we will be happy to add them with upcoming phptravels v8 production version.  TeamPHPTRAVELS 

Qasim Hussain

2021-08-24 00:35:54

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