Travelpayouts is a scam company do not work with them

This is very sad news for us because the company we have been promoting for many years finally scammed as well as they scammed many other people too in the near past. 

We have been in the industry from 2014 almost 8 years with the passion to promote and help travel agencies, agents and corporates to achieve and serve online travel business and in the last 8 years we had many ups and downs. 

But today this is very unfortunate for us to publish such news as we are highly afraid about the people who trust us. To be infected by any of the suppliers which we promote over our platforms. Since we do not provide any travel service directly, our business model is dependent on travel services suppliers therefore we have to promote these travel suppliers from airlines, hotels, tour operators, car rentals and more. 

We have added travelpayouts in our platform from the very beginning and we have been very optimistic about their business model. We have sent tons of traffic to them without having any return from them. 

We also build website to see how their revenue model works and we monetized some funds as well which can you view below this screenshot 

Here is the detailed proof for all the bookings which we provided them 

The amount is 157.19 $ which we never able to widthraw  according to their scamming strategy. but we never wanted to make money from them we always wanted to promote their business to people who want to make money and connect them both using our platform. 

But what happened in last few weeks is very unfortunate. they kept blackmailing us to change the way we work in our platform so they can drive more business and build more revenue. 

First they asked us to change our documents to upgrade to latest API integration and we updated their API based on requirements.  After that they asked us to change the documentation of our website and they started threatening us 

When we asked them what you need us to change we do not understand please lets have online meeting so we can understand. they denied and forced us to just do what they want without even understanding the process. 

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