The legendary trans-siberian railway journey

The legendary trans-siberian railway journey

In the extremely crowded market of travel and tourism to win new clients and sustain the older ones you need to come up with something different. You can’t just offer same countries throughout because ultimately you will loose clients. Like, a family who has been through with you to all the destinations you offered so far what are you going to offer them this summer??? Do you have something NEW exciting in the bucket for them? Something that the market isn’t offering and you are? If so, then sit back and relax because you are all geared up to sustain but if not then you are in trouble, as all your clients will ultimately one by one go to other travel agents. YOU DONT WANT THAT. Right?

Your clients expect new destinations from you, that is why they come to you. People consider travel agents as one point of contact for intimate knowledge about destinations. They expect from you to be ready to assist them throughout and provide them with specifics in advance. In short they want their peace of mind by relying on you. So for all this what you need to do is to be GEARED UP totally and have all detailed information about what you offer them and everything else.

If you are offering turkey, Thailand, Europe tour, etc you are simple NOT offering something different as that is what everybody else is offering too. You should always have at least one such unique option that is like cherry on the top. With constant research you should be changing and replacing it with another new exciting thing. All this will not just bring you new clients but also keep your very sincere ones stick to you and always look up to you whenever they want to plan a vacation. One such super exciting and life time journey that you can offer, which not many, in fact maybe just very few are offering is “Trans-Siberian Railroad journey“. ofcourse for the first time with it, it will require you lots of preparation and research but once done you wll be pro at it. This journey can defintly bring new more than dozen of new clients.!

Lets us take you on this jounrey – a detailed ride below!


Classic route:

Moscow, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Lake Baikal, Ulan Bator, Beijing.
It offers the reverse route as well but this one is recommended mostly.


This grand private train journey from Moscow to Beijing via Lake Baikal and Mongolia is your chance to fulfil the dream of a lifetime. The legendary route on the Trans-Siberian Railroad is one of the most eye-opening private train journeys. The adventure begins in Russia, unforgettable visit to the largest freshwater lake in the world – Lake Baikal; continues through Mongolia, “Land of Eternal Blue Skies”; culminates in Beijing, China. A sophisticated on-board program complements a comprehensive excursion and sightseeing package to make your journey truly memorable. Take advantage of the extensive array of services offered and experience one of the great travel adventures.


Tsar’s Gold journey is filled with unforgettable destinations and attractions: the great wall of China, the vast Gobi desert, pristine Lake Baikal, amazing St. Petersburg and stunning Moscow. Enjoy the preview below but remember ---- nothing compares to the real thing!

Welcome at the train station

Russia Soltoi bridge


Siberia Wooden House

Moscow Skyscrapers

Moscow Kremlin



Mongolia Musical performance

Mongolia Gers Ponchy Fotolia

Mongolia Ger camp

Lake Baikal Olchon Fotolia

Kazan Khul Sharif Mosque

Irkutsk Wooden House

Folklore performance at train station

Beijing: Tiananmen

Beijing: Great Wall of China

Beijing: Great Wall of China

At the platform



The Tsar’s Gold private train is like no other in the world and is the classic way to travel the famous Trans-Siberian Railroad. Enjoy friendly staff, impeccable service, well-appointed dining cars, and spacious sleeping compartments. As your home away from home on the TransSiberian, the train itself is an experience to remember!

There cant be anything as memorable as this to offer your clients!
To know more about this jounery, detailed plan and have a sneak peek from the train itself, stay tuned for part 2 of this articles!

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