Role played by Instagram to help a travel agency acquire new customers

Role played by Instagram to help a travel agency acquire new customers

We are currently living in a world that is constantly offering us new opportunities. Not only the opportunities, connecting with other people in today's era is a very easy thing to do. With the internet and multiple social media platforms available, we can easily connect with others and share our lives with them without much hassle. Not only on a personal level, but this has helped businesses to expand and reach out to new people as well.

Instagram is a platform that is currently playing a major role in different business sectors. When we talk about a travel agency, Instagram can play a major role in helping to explore new customers and reach out to the untapped markets. The first and the most important thing that a travel agency must do is create an Instagram profile and make sure that it is public so that it is easy for people to visit that profile. Another thing that should be kept in mind is that people are only going to know more about your travel agency if you keep posting about it so it is essential to keep the masses updated. If we compare Instagram to other social media platforms, a very different feature of Instagram is that as we increase the number of hashtags under the posts, it is most likely to appear more often on other peoples’ profiles – that is a very effective technique that can be used to attract new client towards your travel agency.

It is important to make sure that your Instagram profile is visually attractive so it is essential to post attractive pictures of different travel destinations to inspire people to travel more and hence, use the services provided by your travel agency. To make the pictures even more attractive and visually appealing, Instagram provides a wide range of filters that can be used to enhance the colors and the overall aesthetic of the picture. Along with uploading attractive pictures, it is important to write a good caption under it. The caption can include details of the location along with some interesting facts about its history and culture. This helps the reader to explore different perspectives of traveling. Moreover, it can also prove to be beneficial to add different locations on the posts, that way a company can make its position on the map.

At the end of the day, all the effort that is being put into these posts will go into waste if there is no engagement from the client. People, these days, are always very excited to share their life updates with their loved ones through social media and people, generally, tend to post more when they are on vacation so a good way of seeking customer attention can be to hold a ‘best picture competition’. The followers of your account will upload different pictures and tag you under their posts. The person with the best image of a unique travel destination can be offered something as a reward. This will help to increase the level of participation and engagement of the people. The travel agency can also ask their clients to use hashtags under their posts and tag them.

We are living in a world in which everything is digitized so it is important to keep up with the latest trends and do the marketing of your products or services through digital means. This can be done through the building and designing of digital brochures and pamphlets. People usually find bright colors and bold fonts to be very attractive and eye-catching so they can be used to make your digital advertisement visually attractive.

The young generation of today is very well aware of all the digital platforms that are available to them. In fact, a study showed that 53 percent of our population of ages between 18 to 29 have their own Instagram accounts. So, it can prove to be beneficial for a travel agency to target today's’ youth and reach out to them. Not only because they have their own personal Instagram accounts, but today's’ youth is also very interested in traveling and exploring new places on Earth so targeting them specifically and marketing your product/service to them can prove to be extremely beneficial. It can also result in positive word of mouth of your company.

There is a large number of bloggers and influencers on Instagram whom people trust. Travel agencies can also reach out to them for paid or unpaid collaborations. Usually, bloggers with a large number of following don’t collaborate with brands unless they are paid but bloggers with a small following don’t mind unpaid collaborations as they believe that they are still growing and any collaboration can help them in their journey of growth. Travel agencies can ask bloggers to post pictures of different tourist attractions and tag them under these posts. This can prove to be beneficial for the travel agency because people find it much easier to relate to the bloggers on a personal level and trust them rather than being convinced by the organization that is advertising its products/services itself. If a travel agency does not have enough budget for collaboration, then they can follow back their followers from their official Instagram account and share the pictures of their followers on their Instagram stories to show appreciation and recognition.

Despite such a positive role being played by Instagram to capture more clients, there is however a big barrier to this social media platform that can cause problems for travel agencies. That is, Instagram prioritizes only those posts which a person seems to be interested in and stops showing the posts that are not of the users’ interest. A good way to overcome is this problem can be to share all your posts on Facebook, as it is the parent company of Instagram, to increase the viewership of your content.

Considering the wide variety of social media platforms available, Instagram can prove to be the most efficient way of communicating and attracting new customers. That is because Instagram usage has drastically increased over the years as compared to other social media platforms, such as Facebook, which has made it even easier to approach the masses.

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