How To Create A Travel Blog

Have you ever thought about writing a travel blog? 

They’re a great way to document your travels, and share ideas and tips about traveling to others online. If you’re passionate about travel and love to write, then travel blogging will be right for you. Here’s how to create your blog. 

Write Your Blogs On A Safe Platform

The very first thing to decide is where you’ll write your blogs. You’ll be tempted to write them directly into your blogging platform of choice, but instead you’re better off using an online word editor like Google Docs. This is because the platform backs up everything you write automatically, so there’s never any worry about losing your work. 

Also, using Google Docs means that you can write on any device that you have handy, and the work will be saved across all platforms as long as you have an internet connection. Good to know if your laptop gives up the ghost if you’re in the middle of an article. 

Do Keyword Research

You’ll want people to find the blogs that you’re writing, so you need to do keyword research. “This is when you look into what your intended audience is looking for online” says travel writer Gina Farrow at Boom Essays and Essay Writing Services. “There are tools online that can help you do this quite easily.”

Using a free online tool works well if you put a potential blog post title into it. You’ll get an idea of related keywords, search engine keyword suggestions, and you’ll see the volume of people searching for these keywords too. 

Come Up With Some Ideas

It’s always best to blog on a regular schedule, so you’ll want to have a good list of ideas that you can draw from and create a backlog of blogs that you can put up on time. As you’re writing a travel blog, you’ll be looking to write posts about the places you’ve visited, with a structured focus on where to visit, how to budget, what to bring with you, and so on. 

Once you have these ideas, put them into a spreadsheet and save it. Then, you can go back to this list when you’re ready to write new blogs, so there’s always something to draw on. 

Structure Your Posts

When you’re writing your blogs, remember the advice that you were given in English class. Every blog needs to have an introduction and a conclusion. The content in between needs to be structured, in order to make it easier to read. Using sub headings to separate out the content makes this easier on the reader. 

Some bloggers find it easier to write the subheadings first, and then go back and write the blog section by section. When you have the structure first, it’s easy to fill in the blanks. 

Write For The Reader

When you did your keyword research, you’ll have got a good idea of what the reader is looking for. “Your goal is to get eyes on your blog, so you’ll need to create content that will grab their attention” says Jeremy Cole, a blogger at Ox Essays and Paper Fellows. “Make sure you’re providing what they want.”

There are lots of bloggers that fall into the trap of creating full diaries of what they got up to on their travels, but that isn’t interesting for the reader. Be precise in what you write, and give the reader what they want. 

Proofread Your Work

Before you put your writing online, it’s crucial that you proofread it. It’s so easy to make mistakes in your writing, even if you thought you got it all right. That’s why it’s always best to leave a day or so in between writing and proofreading. When you come back to the blog, you can look at it with fresh eyes. 

Also, remember that your readers will be put off if you make mistakes in your work. Checking it over first will ensure that they keep coming back. 

Writing a travel blog will take time and dedication, but if you follow these steps it will pay off. Keep at it, and you’ll be able to grow that readership every time you hit ‘publish’. 

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