How to buy booking engine

How to buy booking engine

If you want to start your travel business and still don’t know how to pick the perfect booking engine, then this article is for you. To build a long-term relationship with your customers, you need to provide them a great booking experience. Booking processes have become simpler, faster and more efficient. Guests can now book directly from your website, which allows you to take an organized approach to provide the best guest experience. Here, we will discuss about how to buy a booking engine for your travel agency in 2020 according to your requirements.

First thing first, what is a booking engine?

A booking engine is a software application that secures online reservations. To offer your customers the best service, you need to pick a booking engine which is user-friendly and professional. Below are some features you should care about when buying a booking engine.

Integration with your Channel Manager

Remember your website is only one of your digital channels. What important is that your booking engine integrates with your channel manager to avoid unavailable rooms being booked by oblivious and soon-to-be irked guests. This is a way to make sure that your room inventory across all of your online channels is updated constantly and that everyone is on the same page.

PHPTRAVELS works with all major channel managers and provides integrations with a number of channel managers and PMS systems.

Compatible with mobile and social media sites

According to researches, mobile now occupies the highest percentage of 60% of total website traffic across all clients. Mobile bookings are becoming more and more important in today's landscape. It is vital that your booking engine is compatible with different kinds of mobile so that your customers can do their bookings easily. This requires a responsive booking engine along with mobile reports and strategies.

Flexible to your hotel’s demands

One of the most important things is that your booking engine should meet your hotel's demands. To find out what exactly those demands are, think about what your guests need. First thing first, consider where your guests come from. Make sure the booking engine covers all the languages that they speak and currency that they pay with. Then consider if the booking engine provides online voucher sales. Just think about those needs carefully before picking a booking engine to make sure it gives your hotel the features it needs.

Data collection

Your booking engine should give you clear, in-depth insights into your hotel's performance. These insights should contain direct conversion rates, bookings via desktop and mobile, the average length of stay and profit from packages and promotions. Your booking engine should allow you to find interest and booking patterns that will help you increase your income and improve your marketing strategies. Moreover, a booking engine supplier will provide expert advice and improvement based on this data and best practices.

Features that help you build guests relationship

The more your guests know about you, the more chances that they choose you again in the future. Personal relationships are important in motivating direct bookings and your booking engine should help you create and build these with e-mail communications. For example, your booking engine should allow you to send automated pre-stay emails with information about the guest's stay a few days before arrival. Another thing you should care about is that post-stay emails should be available and contain an invitation for guests to give feedback on their stay.

Reasonable price

Just like other things, when it comes to the booking engines, you should also set aside a certain budget. The fee you pay should contain many features such as integration with a PMS or a Channel Manager, mobile-responsiveness, connecting to payment providers, merchant services and so on. You need to find a platform that allows you to customize according to your specific demands and strategy. PHPTRAVELS can meet all your demands at affordable prices. They also offer many PHPTRAVELS coupon codes to help you save more money. Couponupto is proudly a partner of PHPTRAVELS with the purpose of bringing you the best deals, coupons, and promos of all time.

Good with Packages, Add-ons, Discounts & Promotions

A good booking engine should make it easy for you to add promotions, deals, and extras. With these features, you can increase the website's profit potential. A booking engine should allow you to publish holiday-related or time-sensitive promotions. Strikethrough pricing options are also necessary, and let your potential customers know how much they’re saving.


In short, you should follow the list above to make sure you pick the perfect booking engine for your business. Look for the features that you think are most important to you. A good booking engine is what leads you to success.

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