7 Advantages of having an online Booking engine

7 Advantages of having an online Booking engine

In this modern era, the internet is available all around the world and every business starts their online work by developing websites and by using social media platforms to promote their business. These platforms are active business platforms where your business is active 24/7 and you don't need to work in the office all the time.

The best thing about the online platforms is that there is no politics and distinction between small and medium level business. You can easily promote your business and services by using these online platforms and no one can stop your or interfere in your business.

If your business is related to travel and tourism services & your services are bookable, whether they are visa services, booking of hotel rooms or rental car service they can easily distribute through a Booking Engine. If you think about why so many travel agencies want an online booking engine for their business on websites, here are some advantages of having an online booking engine.


24/7 Service

Most of the audience use the internet during office hours or after office from different time zones globally to confirm their online booking or postpone their bookings related to tours, hotel booking etc.

Different insights show that most of the bookings are done during the night time or during the office time. In this modern era every person has an internet connection at their home, so they will prefer to book their trips or travel online.



An online booking engine or system will help you to get leads or conversions online 24/7.

That's why an online booking engine will help you to boost your business due to their all the time available service.

 Zero Commission

If you have your own online booking system without any third party then after an online booking or by getting customers you don't need to pay any kind of commission to any third party and all profit is yours and if you are using third party services for your online bookings then you have to pay a small part from your income to the third parties.

So, there is zero commission if you have your own online booking engine in your travel & tourism website.



Good Customer Services

When we are talking about an online booking engine, we are not talking about the contact form. A contact form will not enable your customer to clearly view your products, services, availability of products, or search of products plus make their bookings and direct payment including confirmation of payment and booking.

But an online booking engine provides everything that includes product view, search including and booking and payment confirmation to the customers which is called a good customer service.

Minimize your Workload

If you're managing your business or agency manually then you should move yourself to an online booking engine that will help you to automate your all tasks like.

  1. Booking should be shown to the customer when they are available.

  2. Keep your inventories uptodate

  3. Obtain and save all the information during the booking process and save customer time.

  4. Send auto booking confirmation email to the customer

  5. Send payment receipt to customer when they pay online

  6. Auto Update when booking is processed

An online booking engine or system must perform the following functionalities




Not only large companies or travel agencies are entitled to this possibility, this also includes small and medium size travel companies. When a customer book an online travel or tourism product, it's very common to offer them an extra option to complement their online purchase.

For example a basic welcome purchase for apartment or flat rentals,or GPS system for Car rental companies.



Your booking engine should allow you to easily add the complementary products to propose to your customers to differentiate your services and a good service to your customers. This will help you in upselling your services or products.

Discount Promo Codes

Discount codes or promo codes are the best way to promote and boost your business, for example if there is a season of low travel booking services , or there are a few allotments to be sold. Make sure your booking engine has the option of accepting discount or promo codes. This will help us and our customers to enter the promo or discount codes in booking engine and avail discount on travel service.

Online Secure Payment gateways

To avoid different problems, the system or booking engine integrate with a multi currency automated system if you are working internationally. This will help you to reduce the manual work to handle the payments but an automated online payment system will help you for secure payment plus customers also feel secure during online payment because their data is safe and secure.


Here are the advantages of having an online booking engine, this will help you to boost your business by converting your visitors into potential customers that will help you to generate the profit. Whenever you are going to start your own travel agency business try to develop or get an online booking engine that will you to boost your online travel agency.


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