10 Best Ways To Survive In 2021 As A Travel Agency

10 Best Ways To Survive In 2021 As A Travel Agency

10 Best Ways To Survive In 2021 As A Travel Agency

With ever-changing business models, there’s been a drastic change not only in large businesses but also in small and midsize businesses. Most of these businesses are opting for software that allows them to manage different departments easily and effectively.

In the same way, the travel industry has grown rapidly and many more changes are yet to be seen. With ever-changing dynamics in the globe, the old practices have faded and new practices of running a travel agency are coming forward.


PHP Travels

PHP Travel is one of the organizations that is providing solutions to travel agencies related to their business model.  It sustains and supports the digitized reign of online travel ventures. Operating from Lahore, Pakistan,

You can visit their website for more details.  https://phptravels.com

Some other competitors in the market are

  • Booking.com
  • travelcarma.com



  • It is specifically designed for the online travel business.
  • It has been meticulously designed for hotels, tours, vacations, car rental, cruises, travel agencies, restaurants, apartments, villas.
  • It provides the feature of CMS  i.e. content management system. It is used to manage the creation and modification of digital content.
  • Flight reservation module. Dedicated flights module with multiple features and functionalities.
  • Tours module. The solution manages all reservations including air, car, hotels, activities, insurance and packages, Etc.
  • Hotels module. It includes features such as adding hotels, rooms, images, text, and map locations along with managing a full calendar from the admin and supplier backend.

In this article, we have tried to sum up all the essential tools that are required by your travel agency.


Online booking services

An online booking system is software that allows a potential customer to book and pay for an activity or service directly through your website. Currently, due to the pandemic situation, people have become more conscious of their traveling needs. Most people now prefer to book the hotel, flights, and tickets beforehand to avoid any inconvenience.

PHP Travel is one of the leading software programs providing online booking services. It deals not only for B2C but also for B2B clients. It offers aggregated packages for flights, transportation, and hotels on your webpage. It also allows you to sell your custom-made contracts including hotels, transport, activities, and tours on the same platform.


Accounting tools

Any business that has to do something with sales, employs a very complex accounting system, and separate functions are not comprehensive enough for the travel business.

PHP Travel is one of the leading software that allows its users to maintains its account as well. The software features:

  • Web-based Sales and Care such as ticketing Services (issue and deliver client ticket electronically)
  • E-Billing options for Processing, Billing, Account Inquiries
  • Manage employee incentive/commission programs


CRM Tools

PHPTRAVEL Cloud Travel Agency CRM software for travel agents delivers integrated and synchronized performance across all travel network channels.

They provide

  • Increase Up-sell and Cross-sell opportunities
  • Refined targeting of highly personalized content
  • Compensate for the traveler’s price sensitivity with added value from improved and varied services
  • Handling the consumer traveler, the business traveler, and their employer company, indistinct, personalized ways

Different design options.

PHP travels offer its customer the required design as per there feasibility. They have three basic custom designs as per the customer's requirement.


These are: Basic Template

If you only need to update our default template with your brand’s logo, color schemes and text, this option will let you do this effortlessly.


Advanced Template

Take this route if you’d like to keep the default template yet revamp it deeply with new features and design.


API Implementation

Those looking for a completely custom design can opt for original booking portals connected to the B2C module via an API. This option also allows you to build native mobile apps on top.


 Operations Solutions.

Travel Operations provides technological solutions for travel agencies that are uniquely tailored to the specific needs of the travel industry.

PHP travels aim to provide the best operations solution within their software. Some key features are:

  • Efficient contact management, so agents can capture and handle hundreds of inquiries per day
  • Sophisticated, multi-channel Campaign Management specially geared to the Travel Industry
  • Customize and Partner on Loyalty Programs

Just like a tool’s workflow should be familiar to your agents, its user experience must use the same familiar language they do.


Data Analysis and management.

Data analysis allows you to extract practical knowledge. Knowing where the customer wants to go next, what budget they have, the experience they prefer can be achieved by strategic data analysis.

PHP Travels values its customer therefore focus on providing all in one solution. Their software also caters to data analysis and management.  

Some major features are.

  • High volume booking engine to
  • Manage flight information
  • Manage reservations
  • Integrated with databases, call centers, and fulfillment systems (i.e. Partners)
  • Share updates instantly with partners and customers

Our customer comes first.

As a travel agent looking for a softer, their main target is to benefit the customer.

PHP Travel makes sure that as a travel agency, the automated tools that allow them to follow up will end up with having happier, more satisfied customers, more repeat business, and more referrals and leads.

Mobile-friendly user interface.

PHP Travels offer B2C  websites that are user friendly. You can easily access the mobile users and help them book across any device.


Continuous Improvement

With ever-increasing changes in the software industry, PHT Travels aims to provide its customers with the best user interface and that is done by the improvement bought about in their software.

Regulatory Compliance

PHPTRAVEL software can integrate protocols for members of the Travel Industry to meet evolving protocols from a variety of regulatory agencies. These may include Insurance, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and advisory services so costly mistakes can be avoided.

In the above-mentioned article, we have tried to sum up all the basic tools that are required for your company.

As a travel agency, the main focus is to have user-friendly software that provides all one solution, and PHP Travels does provide such software.

It's simple, efficient, secure, and reliable software for your business.   

For more information, you can visit our website https://phptravels.com

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