10 best travel affiliate websites to work with.

10 best travel affiliate websites to work with.

10 best travel affiliate websites to work with.

Travelling has become a norm and modern style all around the world for people to escape from the stress and monotonous routines, for adventure, having fun, and to have new experiences. The desire for travelling originates from the people wanting to see the beauties of this world. All countries are earning from tourism and the travel industry is continuously progressing. From the traditional style of guides, maps, and travel ticket booking, travel websites are generating content that includes information about tickets, routes, hotel booking, visiting sites, etc. Rather than going to the place and taking information from locals for visiting sites, people prefer to gain as much information as possible for their convenience and magnificent experience. The most profit-generating travel websites are being funded through travel affiliate websites that assist them. PHPTravels offers higher conversion rates, profitable earning from the commission, and regular support for their affiliated programs.

Here are the Top 10 travel affiliate websites:

  1. Booking.com:

Booking.com is one of the top hotel-booking-websites relied upon by around 12500 travel websites. This site has a user-centric approach for providing the best available hotels, pricing, booking details, sites to visit, etc. for the convenience of travellers. The more referrals a travel website sends to booking.com, it gives commission after the visitor has paid for the stay. The lowest commission from booking.com is 25%, however, for more than 500 confirmed referrals, the commission is up to 40%.

  1. TripAdvisor.com:

This is another travel affiliate website that offers a 50% commission on each click by a user. Additionally, it pays the travel websites for a set number of referrals sent to them each month. From hotel booking, it provides ticket booking, visiting sites, and various other facilities for users. This website is updated with more content, provides regular reporting, and contains links for up to 5 lac sites and hotel pages.

  1. Agoda:

Agoda contains links from 925 thousand pages of hotels, visiting sites, etc, with a tiered commissioning process. The lowest tier provides 35% commission, whereas, for 1000 referrals per month, commission top-ups t0 more than 60%. This provides hotel booking as well as information about non-rentals. It supports 38 languages and is highly user-friendly.

  1. Amazon Associates:

Amazon offers a range of assistance for different websites that provide travelling information or travel accessories. This website is a well-known affiliate website all over the world, that provides commission for a variety of resources. For indoor products such as bags, apparel, etc., the commission is 7%, whereas the commission is 5.5% for hiking and camping assisting websites.  The website is famous for its unique niche providing other travel resources than traditional booking and hotel websites.

  1. Cruise Direct:

Cruise Direct is a travel affiliate website that recommends cruise travel. They include links from global cruise offering websites. This website provides a 3% commission per referral, considering the high prices of the cruise. Additionally, it offers a 45 day tracking period that facilitates the commission per day during that time. 

  1. Open Loop:

Open Loop is based in New York, that offers travel in NYC from $39-$192, and operations through CJ Affiliate. The website offers a 15% commission for each referral.

  1. Sandals Resorts:

Sandals Resorts are luxurious vacation resorts for families and couples. They offer a 4% commission per referral which is good considering the high prices of these resorts. They have greater earnings on each click, 60-day cookies, and dedicated managers. Whether a referral makes a booking for a stay or just an activity, provides a commission to the travel website.

  1. Expedia:

Expedia is a travel affiliate website that offers hotels, flight booking, rental cars, and many other services. Enabling user-friendly services, it provides a 6% commission per referral.

  1. Priceline.com

Priceline.com offers car rentals, flights, hotels, and vacation packages at 3% commission per referral. Priceline.com provides 24/7 services and managers for each affiliated travel website.

  1. Airbnb:

Airbnb facilitates affiliation programs for both Host and Guest, by letting the travel websites showcase or utilize any of the opportunities provided by Airbnb into your website or blog. Thus, both users and hosts get commission per referral forming larger profits. 

Choosing an Affiliate Website for your company:

Travel websites should consider some important things to benefit more from travel affiliate websites and generate profits. Some of the considerations are discussed below:

  1. Commission: The travel affiliate websites providing higher commission per referral generate more income and profit for the organization.
  2. Cookie Length: A cookie length of 30 days or more is profitable as it allows the conversion of more visitors. Whether a user makes a purchase immediately or after the time specified by the cookie period, the travel website will generate profit through the affiliate link.
  3. Support: The affiliated website must provide regular support for any queries during the affiliate program.
  4. Approval Rate: Higher the approval rate brought about by advertisers, the more will be the profit for travel organizations.
  5. Less Payment: Lesser the payment of the affiliate program, the more profit you will gain to invest in your business improvement.

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