This page will show all updates related to our software you can download and replace them anytime you like.

Build Description Type Date Action
4191 initial v6.2 update Update 14 Sep, 2017
initial v6.2 update
4190 Recommended Update Bug 26 May, 2017
- Resolved a bug of supplier section edit booking.
4189 Recommended Update Bug 04 May, 2017
- Fixed the blog html tags bug. - Added a missing variable in home page.
4188 Improvements update Update 25 Apr, 2017
this update will improve your homepage search design UI and fix some design issues
4187 Recommended Update Update 17 Apr, 2017
- Some security update
- PayU payment gateway integrated.
4186 some improvements Update 16 Apr, 2017
in this update we have improved admin modules section
homepage website slider improved according to customer's suggestion
footer tripadvisors position fixed
4185 Imprvement update Bug 11 Apr, 2017
this update will fix CMS menu bug
4184 Recommended Update Bug 10 Apr, 2017
Fixing Hotels url not found issue
4183 Some fixes and improvements Update 08 Apr, 2017
it will fixes some EAN and standard hotels module issues like 404 page redirection and ean url we have also added supplier registration button in footer so everyone can see and sign up it now contact page improved in this update and also we have fixed header for mobile and responsive devices
4182 Recommended Update Bug 05 Apr, 2017
Few updates in the script for solving different bugs.
4181 Recommended Update Update 31 Mar, 2017
Default theme design updated
4180 Recommended Update Update 28 Mar, 2017
TravelPayouts integrated
4179 Recommended Update Bug 31 Jan, 2017
Few bugs are resolved in this update within supplier section.
4178 Recommended Update Bug 27 Jan, 2017
This update will resolve few bugs reported by different clients.
4177 Recommended Update Update 23 Jan, 2017
- This update will resolve few bugs and issues.
- This update will add new locations to the database so please do update the locations when you install this update as there might be duplicated locations after this update.
4176 Homepage improvement and theme fixations Update 04 Jan, 2017
this update will improve your homepage design to better UI/UX and improve many design issues
4175 Recommended Update Bug 04 Jan, 2017
This update will resolve some RTL issues in the theme and some of the bugs in default application.
4174 Recommended Update Bug 19 Dec, 2016
- This update will fix some of the bugs and design issues in v6
4173 v6 design bugs and improvements Bug 14 Dec, 2016
this update includes some design UI/UX improvements and some safari icons issues with expedia and other modules which has been fixed
4172 Recommended only for v6 - First Update for v6 Bug 14 Dec, 2016
- This update will resolve some minor issues reported by customers
4171 Recommended Update Bug 13 Oct, 2016
- This will resolve featured unfeatured when click on star icon on admin panel hotels, tours and cars listing page when moving to next page or click on pagination.
4170 Recommended Update Bug 07 Oct, 2016
- This update will resolve the url slug of modules in wishlist section of users account.
4169 Recommended Update Bug 29 Sep, 2016
- Fixed expedia search bug
4168 Recommended Update Bug 26 Sep, 2016
- TripAdvisor reviews and local reviews issue resolved on hotel details page.
- Offers page footer issue resolved.
4167 Design fix for Internet Explorer Edge Bug 25 Sep, 2016
the page of supplier registration design fixed in this update
4166 Recommended Update Bug 19 Sep, 2016
- Resolved the Tours default adults count now you can update it from constants.php file to make the default adults count of your own choice, currently it has been set to 1.
- Tour details page date picker issue resolved.
- Slider optional text not showing on other language has been resolved.
4165 Recommended Update Update 07 Sep, 2016
- Contact Page Imroved
- TripAdvisor Implemented to the latest requirements.
- Various Bugs resolved.
4164 Recommended Update - Resolving 4163 update issue Bug 31 Aug, 2016
- This update will resolve issues occured because of update: 4163
4163 Recommended Update Bug 30 Aug, 2016
- Email subject text utf-8 encoding fixed
4162 Recommended Update Bug 22 Aug, 2016
- Few minor bugs resolved.
4161 Recommended Update Bug 09 Aug, 2016
- Modules enable disable option resolved on accounts page.
4160 Recommended Update Bug 29 Jul, 2016
- Blog page pagination for categories wise posts resolved.
4159 Recommended Update Bug 22 Jul, 2016
- Tours maps issue has been resolved.
- Please be advised that you are using valid API key for maps in application settings page.
4158 Recommended Update Bug 20 Jul, 2016
- Expedia Updated
4157 Recommended Update Bug 18 Jul, 2016
- Google maps API key function included in application
- Please visit https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/get-api-key to create key and then use that key in settings page Google Map API input, currently provided API key may become invalid in future so please provide your own API key
- Update button not working on hotel details page has been fixed.
4156 Recommended Update Bug 30 Jun, 2016
- Fixed few design bugs
- Updated search for hotels, tours now hotels tours can be searched by name or location
- Updated the invoice page Design
- Expedia Updated
- Minor tweaks done
4155 Recommended Update Bug 20 Jun, 2016
- This update will resolve issue with home page slider
- Room title has been removed as Room title and room type was confusing clients so only room type will be used as room title
- Price range search bug removed when using side search for searching module use to cause no results because of price range selection, which is fixed now.
- Other minor bugs are resolved.
4154 Recommended Update Bug 17 Jun, 2016
- This update will resolve some of the bugs reported in v5.3
4153 Tours homepage bug Bug 14 Jun, 2016
this update will fix the homepage tours title click bug it was redirecting to hotel page now this will fix it.
4152 Recommended Update Bug 14 Jun, 2016
- This update will fix some issues reported by different clients
4151 Some improvements Bug 12 Jun, 2016
this update will fix some bugs in current theme install of this update is very necessary
4150 Improvements Update Update 09 Jun, 2016
This update will improve the theme to better look and smart feel with additional some code optimizations and language modification. this update is marked one of the best update till date please install and make your website awesome and don't forget to send your feedback's.
4149 Recommended Update Bug 08 Jun, 2016
- Sitemap xml fixed for car urls
4148 Recommended Update Bug 08 Jun, 2016
This update will resolve the issue of incorrect booking link which redirected to hotels/tours/cars listing page.
This update will also resolve issue with map shown for tour details page.
4147 Recommended Update Bug 07 Jun, 2016
- This update will resolve the issue of hotels price when more than 3 digits.
4146 Recommended Update Bug 07 Jun, 2016
This update will resolve few design issues and other minor bugs.
4144 Security Update Update 13 May, 2016
- This is an important Security update
4143 Recommended Update Update 11 May, 2016
This update will resolve issues with updates for different version of application from now on.
4142 Recomended Update Bug 09 May, 2016
This update will resolve the bug in conversion of hotel price shown on top of hotel details page in multi currency mode.
4141 Recommended Update Bug 06 May, 2016
This update will resolve the rounding off issues in calculation on booking pages of hotels, tours and cars module.
4140 Recommended Update Bug 04 May, 2016
This update will resolve the missing booking.php file for expedia and also update mobile api for expedia.
4139 Recommended Update Bug 04 May, 2016
This update will fix the issue with signup issue for customer when website is restricted from admin panel.
4138 Recommended Update Bug 27 Apr, 2016
- This update will resolve bug for child count reset on hotels search page and hotel details page.
4137 Optimization for style and some changes Bug 19 Apr, 2016
This update will change the design of listing page for hotels cars tours image hover style including homepage special offers hover and main logo made more responsive.
4136 Recommended Update Update 04 Apr, 2016
Updated the map for car details page.
4135 Recommended Update for Paypal Express Checkout Bug 31 Mar, 2016
This is update for fixing of PayPal Express Checkout bug for update invoice after payment.
4134 Improvements for currency and language Update 30 Mar, 2016
this update will change the design of currency and language selection it will bring the language and currency selection options on the top header navbar.
4133 Recommended Update Bug 28 Mar, 2016
This update will resolve the backup error which was not supported by mysqli by default.
4132 Recommended Update Bug 21 Mar, 2016
Expedia Pricing bug for currency other than USD is resolved.
4131 Recommended Update Bug 16 Mar, 2016
- RTL issue fixed for datepicker
4130 Recommended Update Update 11 Mar, 2016
- Account Page turning blank bug resolved.
- Expedia module updated, launch requirements implemented and booking cancellation feature added for users.
4129 Recommended Update Bug 08 Mar, 2016
- Widgets upload image in content bug resolved.
- Tours types in tours listing bug resolved.
4128 Recommended Update Bug 01 Mar, 2016
- Mobile App signup email bug resolved.
4127 Recommended Update Update 26 Feb, 2016
- Application version is updated to v5.1.
- Expedia is updated in this update.
- More details : phptravels.com/change-log/#v5.1
4126 Recommended Update Bug 22 Feb, 2016
- Contact page email link resolved.
4125 Recommended Update Bug 17 Feb, 2016
- Rooms allotment bug has been resolved.
4124 Recommended Update Bug 10 Feb, 2016
- Some translation bugs resolved like on offers page and room per night text on rooms listings.
4123 Recommended Update Bug 08 Feb, 2016
- This will resolve admin dashboard last 90 days bookings count.
- Rooms initial list count has been updated to 100.
4122 Recommended Update Bug 08 Feb, 2016
- This update will fix all the issues due to last update 4121
4121 Recommended Update Update 05 Feb, 2016
- Canonical URL check resolved. To make it more better in SEO solving url with www and without www
depending on the site url given in the admin panel settings page.
4120 Recommended Update Bug 03 Feb, 2016
- Sitemap bug resolved.
4119 Recommended Update Bug 03 Feb, 2016
- Link to all tours in tour detail page with related tours has been fixed,
4118 Recommended Update Update 02 Feb, 2016
- Watermark Image option added to application settings.
- Sitemap has been updated according to google latest policy.
4117 Recommended Update Bug 29 Jan, 2016
- Stripe Payment Gateway added
- Tours search pagination fixed
- Few Minor tweaks
4116 Some fixes and improvements Update 28 Jan, 2016
RTL Languages selected fixed
RTL email footer position fixed
Homepage slider auto slider feature Added
Responsive invoice and better load time in mobile and small screen size
4115 Recommended Update Bug 28 Jan, 2016
- Hotels, Tours and Cars making featured and un featured bug resolved.
Please update all your hotels, tours and cars featured status after installing this update if they were featured before.
4114 Recommended Update Bug 27 Jan, 2016
- Add to wish list bug resolved for tour details page.
4113 Recommended Update Update 26 Jan, 2016
- Added select all feature to the modules listings page on admin panel
- Supplier access to different modules when the web application is restricted to only registered users, bug is resolved.
- Different type of other small issues resolved.
4112 Recommend Updated Bug 21 Jan, 2016
will fix footer contact number and removes + sign so you can add it from backend on contact tab
will fix hotels booking page if you select booking without registration
will fix on hotel single page to show payments accepted options
4111 Recommend Updated Bug 20 Jan, 2016
this update will fix contact us page bug which is effective only on firefox.
4110 Recommend Updated Update 19 Jan, 2016
this update will fix some small screen issues and homepage featured listings locations long character issue and homepage main slider firefiox sliding issues.
4109 Recommended Update Bug 18 Jan, 2016
- Meta Description and Keywords issue resolved for homepage.
4108 Recommended Update Bug 14 Jan, 2016
- Supplier Registration issue resolved for new theme.
- Force SSL bug resolved.
- Email encoding resolved.
4107 Recommended Update Bug 05 Jan, 2016
- This update will solve a bug in admin sidebar for updates count
- Fixed english language file
4106 Update For upgrading to v5 Update 04 Jan, 2016
Please install this update only if you are going to upgrade to v5 otherwise this update may cause issues with your current website.
Please install this update behalf on your own risk. there will be no free support for this upgrade.
Thank you.
4105 Recommended Update Update 29 Dec, 2015
Final update for version v4.9
4104 Recommended Update Bug 18 Dec, 2015
- Supplier panel hotels, tours and cars gallery links bugs resolved.
4103 Security Patch Update 17 Dec, 2015
- This update will remove and fix some security issues and make the application more secure
4102 Recommended Update Bug 17 Dec, 2015
- Wishlist Removal Bug has been resolved.
4101 Recommended Update Update 11 Dec, 2015
- Expedia Updated for Requirements.
4100 Recommended Update Update 09 Dec, 2015
- Expedia updated for launch requirements.
4099 Recommended Update Update 07 Dec, 2015
- Expedia Updated for more Launch Requirments
4098 Recommended Update Bug 05 Dec, 2015
- Maps library updated. According to latest version of google maps.
- Tour map issue resolved.
- Other minor bugs reported are resolved.
4097 Recommended Update Update 03 Dec, 2015
- Expedia updated for Launch requirements
4096 Recommended Update Update 02 Dec, 2015
- Expedia Updated
4095 Recommended Update Update 27 Nov, 2015
- Signature pro authentication added for Expedia Module.
4094 Recommended Update Bug 27 Nov, 2015
- Bug resolved for room count on booking the room to settle the availability.
4093 Recommended Update Bug 25 Nov, 2015
- Added a default language option for expedia in expedia settings panel.
- Customer logout conflict with language session is resolved.
4092 Recommend Updated Update 24 Nov, 2015
Fix for CMS Page Contents.
4091 Recommend Updated Bug 24 Nov, 2015
this update will fix expedia rooms design for firefox browser
and also the RTL header bug is fixed under this update.
4090 Recommend Updated Bug 18 Nov, 2015
this admin will improve your admin panel login pages design for admin and supplier
4089 Recommended Update Update 18 Nov, 2015
- Expedia Launch Requirements implemented in this update.
4088 Recommended Update Bug 16 Nov, 2015
- Hotels pagination bug while searching is resloved.
- Dohop flights module search auto suggestion bug is resolved.
- Locations with same latitude and longitude cannot be added again.
4087 Recommend Updated Bug 15 Nov, 2015
This update will fix datepicker z-index issue on cars listing page for search filter
4086 Recommended Update New 15 Nov, 2015
This update will install the CarTrawler Iterations module to your website
for further details how to use it please checkout here : http://goo.gl/jqslwi
4085 Recommended Update Update 15 Nov, 2015
- Update System updated for application
4084 Recommend Updated Update 15 Nov, 2015
this will update the customer account design section where he can see his bookings personal account information and wishlist. this update will improve the design and performance of the my account page.
4083 Recommended Update Update 12 Nov, 2015
- Locations System is updated. Now Super admin can assign for managing locations to sub admins and suppliers individually.
4082 Recomemded Updates Bug 12 Nov, 2015
this update will improve the design performance color changes and homepage changes
please upload your logo again after your install this update as this is going to replace your logo
4081 Recommended Update Bug 12 Nov, 2015
- Sub Admin login Redirect Loop bug is resolved.
4080 Recommended Update Update 05 Nov, 2015
- Supplier Delete bug resolved.
- Hotels, Tours, Cars and booking limit raised to 50 on listing page in admin panel.
4079 Recommended Update Update 05 Nov, 2015
- Special offers price was limited to 5 digits price, now it has been updated now price can be added over 5 digits.
4078 Recommended Update Bug 04 Nov, 2015
- Paypal Currency bug resolved.
4077 Recommended Update Bug 03 Nov, 2015
- Redirecting bug on invoice when checking from mobile has be resolved.
4076 Recommended Update Bug 03 Nov, 2015
- Extras price bug resolved.
4075 Recommended Update Update 02 Nov, 2015
- Please update the locations of the tours you already assigned as this update mainly depends on it and to avoid any mishaps. - Multiple Locations can be assigned to a tour.
4074 Recommended Update Update 30 Oct, 2015
- Supplier permission removed to update some fields in hotels, tours and cars.
4073 Recommended Update Update 30 Oct, 2015
- Passport info for guest added for tours on booking page and also shown on invoice page.
- Booking cancel bug resolved when booking is cancelled it was shown as paid.
4072 Recommended Update Bug 29 Oct, 2015
- Booking update bug resolved.
4071 Recommended Update Bug 28 Oct, 2015
- update booking info when changed status to paid emails were not going through, which is now resloved.
4070 Recommended Update Bug 28 Oct, 2015
- Expedia Multiple locations found bug is resolved.
4069 Recommended Update Bug 28 Oct, 2015
- Room per night price bug on invoice page has been resolved.
- Add review button not showing for new hotel and tour, bug is resolved.
- payment options showing on page even if disabled from backend, bug is resolved.
4068 Recommended Update Bug 27 Oct, 2015
- Supplier assigning extras bug has been resolved.
- Coupon code functionality applied to mobile api
4067 Recommended Update New 26 Oct, 2015
Coupons Module Implemented.
4066 Recommended Update Update 22 Oct, 2015
- Cars booking email to supplier bug fixed.
- Cars front end date picker bug fixed.
- Added new feature for mobile redirection option provided at application settings page.
4065 Recommended Update New 21 Oct, 2015
- New feature added to application, now admin can restrict access to his/her application to only to registered users.
- Option is given in admin settings page so admin can restrict website to registered users only.
It can be changed back anytime.
4064 Recommended Update Bug 21 Oct, 2015
- Cars were not being assigned to supplier when updating supplier details. It has been resolved in this bug.
4063 Recommended Update Bug 21 Oct, 2015
- Few translation bugs resolved.
4062 Recommended Update Update 19 Oct, 2015
- Api update for cars
- suppliers can control extras now.
4061 Recommend Updated Update 19 Oct, 2015
this update includes childtheme feature thanks to Mr. Hannes
will fix some homepage design to better for hotels tours and cars
fixed some language grammar
4060 Recommended Update Bug 16 Oct, 2015
- SEO bug resolved for meta keywords and meta description
- Adult price for tours addtion has been made mandatory.
4059 Recommended Update Bug 16 Oct, 2015
- Tour Settings page was missing the tabs of Inclusions and Exclusions, which is resolved now.
- Delete function for different modules listings page in admin panel has been resolved for firefox bug.
4058 Recommended Update Update 13 Oct, 2015
- Improved Supplier Registration process.
- Resolved assigning bug with hotels, cars and tours.
4057 Recommended Update Bug 13 Oct, 2015
- Tours, Hotels and Cars search turning to white when language is other than english, bug is resolved now.
- Tours settings page bug for tour types tab bug resolved.
4056 Recommend Updated Bug 11 Oct, 2015
this update will fix on the listings page for hotels tours and cars. the new added listing was not showing properly. after installing this update it will be fixed.
4055 Recommend Updated Update 11 Oct, 2015
Small text fixes and version update
4054 Minor fix on cars page rename the related cars Update 08 Oct, 2015
this update will fix the text on cars page where it says " Related tours " to " Related Cars"
4053 Recommended Update Update 08 Oct, 2015
- Cars Module Added in this Update.
4052 Recommended Update Bug 08 Oct, 2015
- Default currency not selected bug has been resolved.
- Supplier Register page turning blank when form submitted if language selected is other than english.
4051 Recommended Update Bug 07 Oct, 2015
- Locations management link bug resolved, now that link can only be shown to admin.
- Extra beds charges prices shown in dropdown on hotel details page with each room has been resolved.
- Search min/max price on settings page has been which previous was not able to add price more than 32k+
- There was a bug when supplier updated its profile then the supplier permissions to different modules was reset, which has been resolved now.
4050 Recommended Update Update 06 Oct, 2015
Turing page white when tried to login, or book with a language selected other than english has been resolved.
Review submit button missing from tour page has been added.
Enhanced feature of add to wish list, now user can add to wish list not only from specific page but also from listing page too.
4049 Recommended Update Bug 05 Oct, 2015
Bug is bookings emails have been resolved. Quick booking turning back has been resolved.
4048 Recommend Updated Update 05 Oct, 2015
this update will add date selector for tours single page as we had in previous version
it will fix the tours and hotels map marker icon on tour and hotel single page
also some fixes for tours listing page
4047 Recommended Update Bug 05 Oct, 2015
Some fixes in few database tables,
Avg per night text removed from tours listing page which was shown with each price of tour.
4046 Recommended Update Bug 02 Oct, 2015
Translation of few words has been fixed.
4045 Recommended Update Bug 01 Oct, 2015
Few bugs are resolved in this update after the release of version 4.4
4044 Recommended Update Update 28 Sep, 2015
Email template for supplier order has been added.
4043 Homepage slider re-designed and optimized New 22 Sep, 2015
in this update you will be getting the slider image if you are using the phptravels default slider image. otherwise it will be showing your homepage slider. to test this new slider and main search bar design optimization please visit our demo website located at : http://www.phptravels.net
4042 Recommend Updated New 22 Sep, 2015
some design improvements and optimized style
4041 Important Update Update 22 Sep, 2015
This is an important update which every client should install. We have been getting reports about application
not working after updating, reason was that clients usually update the latest first then the oldest which
overwrites all the old files in previous update. To avoid such issues we are releasing this update in which client will not be allowed to install newest update as far as not installed the previous update.
Now older updates will be shown at top while newest at the bottom.
4040 Recommended Update Update 22 Sep, 2015
Pay on arrival message is now being added from translation file. Respective message can now be shown to customer on selecting pay on arrival option for payment on invoice, it is translated in translation files.
4039 Related Tours Price bug resolved. Bug 22 Sep, 2015
There was a static price shown with each of related tour on tour details page, which is now resolved in this update.
4038 Recommend Updated Update 19 Sep, 2015
this update will optimize the flights main page to better level install only if you installed the previous updates.
4037 Recommended Update Update 18 Sep, 2015
Dohop Flight Module Added.
Homepage special offers featured design optimized.
4036 Recommended update Update 16 Sep, 2015
There has been few bug fixes in supplier section. Added feature on invoice page that if admin selects any
payment method for client then it is already selected from given option. Adults count search for hotels has been fixed.
4035 recommended update version v4.3.3 Update 16 Sep, 2015
homepage slider were not adjusting for large screens it has been fixed in this update
some front-end and back-end design optimizations and improvements included
4034 Admin Dashboard Design improved and some minor fixes Update 15 Sep, 2015
Admin Dashboard design has been improved and also reports section is implemented. Some minor fixes
also been done.
4033 Update for version v4.3.3 only to fix some bugs and improve the performance Bug 14 Sep, 2015
mobile redirection fixed
button colors design has been improved
homepage view more tours broken url fixed
expedia final step booking process redirection bug fixed.
4032 Some design fixes for tours and hotels Bug 06 Sep, 2015
Designed fixes for hotels and tours listing page and single page for amenities, inclusions and exclusions
4031 fix for firefox and IE for hotels and tours listing page images blank issue Bug 04 Sep, 2015
this update will fix your firefox and IE images blank background issue.
4030 Customer registration Approval added. New 03 Sep, 2015
In application settings section there is an option added for admin so that customer can be verified after registration.
4029 Sub admin access to blog section bug is resolved. Bug 03 Sep, 2015
1. The blog section is only accessible to super admin, there was bug that sub admin was also able to access it which is resolved now.
2. Additional notes fetched at time of booking was not being shown on invoice page which is now being shown.
4028 Hotels and Tours listing page verticle image heigh bug fixed. Bug 02 Sep, 2015
this update will fix the listings pages height issue for hotels and tours page.
4027 Few Minor bugs resolved in booking system. Bug 31 Aug, 2015
There were few bugs reported in booking process which are resolved.
4026 Booking issue when currency symbol is not given is resolved. Bug 31 Aug, 2015
When currency symbol from currency settings page was given for any currency that is currently in use of application , then after doing booking the details were not being saved because of empty currency symbol. This issue is resolved in this update. We have made currency symbol optional.
4025 listing page fix design for hotels and tours of overlay Bug 30 Aug, 2015
it was happening if you did not select any amenity for hotel or tour so that design was not working well. now if you even do not select any amenity for hotel or tour the design will display fine for both hotels and tours.
4022 Force ssl issue resolved. Bug 20 Aug, 2015
Force SSL value was not being stored in database which is now resolved.
4021 front-end main aligned and backend sidebar newsletter & bookings location changed Update 17 Aug, 2015
front-end main navigation aligned and backend sidebar newsletter & bookings location changed
4020 don't install this update if you have customized your theme it's only for front-end improments Update 15 Aug, 2015
reviews view has been changed for hotel single page now all reviews will be showing below overview tab
cms page re-designed to show better view
hotels listings pages sliver for price from and to fixed the price range
4019 Adding Count for popular hotels on home page Update 13 Aug, 2015
Popular hotels were having a fixed static count of 3, now we have added an option in hotels settings page to set the count according to your need.
4018 Improvement for front-end main search bar Update 12 Aug, 2015
this update includes only frontend main homepage improvements for search bar. after installing this your will see your search box is more responsive and better in small screen devices.
4017 Maximum adults/child bug resolved. Few minor updates for quickbooking section. Bug 10 August, 2015
1. Maximum Adults/Children of rooms were not being shown correct according to the advance price settings defined for room. It was always shown as the default maximum entered on rooms details page.
2. Check in / Check out dates were not functioning well when date format was changed.
3. Print option for listings page have been fixed.
4016 This update will show you applications version on your admin login. Update 8 August, 2016
This update will show current version of your application so that you get informed always on your admin login page. it will show correct version above v4.2 please make sure if it is showing you another version then the one you are using so just ignore it. because this feature has been implemented after v4.2
4015 Advance Prices of rooms deletion fixed. Bug 7 August, 2015
Bug in the deletion of rooms prices has been removed.
4014 Few minor bugs resolved. Bug 4 August, 2015
1. Loading spin added on clicking pay button.
2. language names were not shown on translation pages,it has been fixed.
4013 Few minor bugs resolved. Paypal Express Checkout is added as payment gateway Bug and Update 31 July, 2015
1. Rooms availability calendar alignment is resolved for Mac.
2. Hotels and rooms translation tab was not showing language name so that is fixed.
3. Minor changes in default theme.
4012 Improved Hotels and Rooms Delete Function. Update 30 July, 2015
Hotels and Rooms Delete function has been improved.
4011 Room Default image missing has been fixed. Update 29 July, 2015
When there was no image assigned to room then the default image is used to show that was missing which has been fixed.
4010 Minor Footer changes in default theme. Update 29 July, 2015
Footer changes in the default theme.
4009 Please reload this page manually after installing this update. Update 29 July, 2015
Backend user wants to go to url but due to being logged out can't access it, so after login now user will be redirected to that specific url.
4008 Wrongly placed link bug is resolved. Booking permissions feature added. Bug and Update 28 July, 2015
1. Sub Admins edit link was wrongly placed.
2. Booking permission feature added so that admin can decide who can add/edit/delete bookings.
3. Minor design tweaks for MAC users.
4. Updates count shown in sidebar is resolved.
4007 Missing pagination on hotels search page is resolved. Bug 28 July, 2015
While searching hotels on search page the pagination was missing which is resolved now.
4006 Bugs resolved regarding special offers searching and other minor issues. Bug 27 July, 2015
1. There was a bug in special offers searching which has been resolved.
2. Social connection links added from admin but were not shown on frontend is resolved.
3. Error in supplier panel when clicked on bookings is resolved.
4. Amenities count of each hotel on hotels listing page have been limited to 12 to avoid messy look on hotels listing page.
4005 Bugs resolved regarding hotels search related issues. Bug 23 July, 2015
The sidebar search filter on search page was not returning the results that is now resolved.
4004 Room availability and other minor bugs are resolved. Bug 22 July, 2015
1. Rooms were still being shown even if room is not available in specified dates.
2. Some extra characters were shown on invoice page after booking is reserved via pay on arrival.
4003 Different types of bugs and design issues have been resolved. Click Details for more details. Bug 21 July, 2015
1. Widgets module enable/disable has been resolved.
2. Phone number display in footer of default theme will not show if not given in backend.
3. Map will not show on contact page if address is not given.
4. Rooms availability calendar design issue and availability issue resolved.
5. Minor design fixes in default theme.