Things successful travel agents do everyday

Things successful travel agents do everyday

If you are a travel agent and belonging to the travel industry then you are in a continuous challenging environment. With many travel businesses doing too good there are still always few who perform much better than the rest. We should always have eye on the top performers in our industry and see what they are doing so you can figure out what you are lacking as a business.

Below is the list based on ideas about all the things that successful travel agents are doing around you – what every travel agent can do – what every travel agent should do – in order to adapt to the challenging environment and thrive in today’s environment where the travelers are so aware and very demanding with what they want.

A personal touch:

In the market don’t be just another travel agent but differentiate yourself from the rest. Give your customers highly personalized services and recommendations etc just so that they get the special feel. Right from your first interaction with them whether it is on phone, over an email or in person just give that “you are special and exclusive feel”. More than that “be available” to your clients. When people are planning a trip they just want to have this surety that they have someone they can contact in case of questions or if any issue arises. Your connectivity with your clients is really important anytime and anywhere you are. If you are travelling, your phone should have roaming. Your response to new queries as well as to the queries of current clients should be prompt. Improving communication skills, especially writing skills can improve the quality of the experience an agent can deliver to a client. Give your clients the confidence that their needs will be handled adequately.

Have smart presence on social media:

Social media presence, on various platforms is highly recommended. Not merely the presence but also using it efficiently. Your clients can be your immediate fans and followers. You should not hesitate to ask them to leave a review on your page. Review section is really important because nowadays people straight away go and check it out before trying out any service. Have interactive posts so that your clients and fans feel the connection with you. Engage them with insights and tips. Here is a smart for facebook pages, facebook pages are best used when they are more for engaging with clients/fans, instead of selling platform. On your page be helpful for your clients/fans with your knowledge.

Constant research:

People who contact travel agents expect from them to know all. It is not merely booking up a flight or doing reservations and simply flying out. There is so much more to that. Clients want to get information from you about anything to everything. They expect from you to offer them something different in a very common destination or maybe a very unique destination. To gear up with all this a travel agent must conduct extensive research on different travel destinations. A successful travel agent is the one who has information on variety of destinations that are unique to people. That means that travel agents provide details of the places where clients want to go immediately to allow them to make informed travel decisions.


As per current market trends sitting behind same boring office desk and telling your clients about life adventures or exotice places looks so boring and less appealing. It is 21st century and by being mobile you can do more in more spaces, why to confine yourself to four walls. If your client wants to eat you at some café or coffee shop and discuss travel plans over there, then why not! There is no harm in it since you have internet availability everywhere,, you can do all the booking through your Smartphone or tablet.

This flexibility in your style of work makes your life easier as a travel agent. You are not limited to any business hours, you can work with them at hours that suit both of you, if they can’t get to your office address because of any reason you can get to meet them at any location that is easy in access to them. This willingness to flexibility is something that defines future of successful travel agents.

Be technologically equipped:

Technology is the basic tool that helps travel agents to become successful by managing everything efficiently. So it is something that you being a travel agent should not over look. With good travel based software you can do so much of your work in just a click. For example: booking up flights, signing contracts, sending many requests together – all this and much more in just a click. Good software can also help you with your cost effective planning by doing al the research for you and offering you things in best rates and offers. Some software’s can even offer you to analyze market demand and supplier pricing, hence allowing you to identify the best location, dates and suppliers for your next group tour or event. 

Think out of the box:

To be a successful travel agent you must not limit your thought process and function in certain set robotic manner. To stay in the limelight and win the hearts of current as well as new clients you have to think out of the box. The travel industry has changed tremendously over very short period of time and its still accelerating at same pace. You should focus on your potential clients and what they are looking for. For example you will be surprised to see how much of the time your potential client is spending online searching and researching about a destination wedding forum or best gateway for a bachelorette party. Do a deep research into various avenues where potential clients can be found and see who you can serve best with your available options.

Choose the best options - follow them and take steps towards great success in your continued business endeavors.

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