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Category : Versions

PHPTRAVELS launching v8 in 2021

we have listen our customers and we found we really need to change some base strcuture of the platform which can enable tons of new...

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PHPTRAVELS v7.4 Released

You might have heard us talking about how we’re changing at PHPTRAVELS. Well today we’re proud to unveil our new version. It’s more...

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PHPTRAVELS Android Native v2 APP Released

Good news! today we are releasing PHPTRAVELS mobile android app v2 which has new design better performance and much more including...

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PHPTRAVELS v7.3 Released

phptravels new version, php travels newscript, phptravels v7.3, php travels 7.3

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PHPTRAVELS v7.2 Alpha Released

PHPTRAVELS released v7.2 Alpha version with many optimizations new theme and code improvements.

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PHPTRAVELS V7.1 Released

PHPTRAVELS Version 7.1 released today with many optimizations and new features. if you have not downloaded your copy until yet then...

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